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DROPS Kirstie Alley on 'Dancing'

4/5/2011 9:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Yep ... it happened.

Kirstie Alley had to pick herself up off the ground last night after Maksim Chmerkovskiy suffered a "charlie horse" type pain that made his leg give out.

Kirstie eventually forgave Maksim -- tweeting after the show, "I salute u... U r a gladiator .... A champion... I'm honored to be your partner."


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I just watch the video. I like that they continue on o the end. People are so mean. I rather have so meat on my bones then look like a "Starving Marvin"! Go Kristie Alley...Job well done.

1295 days ago


"Kirstie eventually forgave Maksim..." Really? How about she never in any way hinted that she was mad and was a great sport about it from the beginning??

1295 days ago


HAHAHA, Poor guy!!! Should had trained better at the gym by bench pressing around 500 lb several times before taking on this walking tripple whopper!! HAHAHA

1295 days ago


Is was fine with this. But, when they gave them 3 7s I thought to myself....mmmmm...Then they gave Ralph and Karina the same...I thought to myself....mmmmm...the fix is in, that's for sure.

1295 days ago


hubba blubba

1295 days ago


It's not a hate crime to point out when someone is fat. Fat is fact. She's fat. I'm not a bad person because I have eyes and can see. Stop defending fat people. It's not ok to be fat. It's a health risk and it drives up the healthcare costs for all of us, even the ones that aren't fat. It also doesn't mean I don't love fat people. My mother is fat, I wish it weren't so, but she is and I still love her. Again, quit defending fat people, it is not ok to be fat.

1295 days ago


Ultimately, as the professional, he is responsible for the routine, so, in a real sense, it WAS his fault. That said, having watched the dance a few times now, she was clearly hanging on him too much. While the idea is to make it "look like" he is gliding her across the floor, she needs to use her muscles as well, not rely on him for full support of her weight. A woman of 110 pounds with no resistence may very well have caused his leg to give out as well! Still, his powerful leg muscles may have been able to push back less weight in a lighter female. No disrespect to Kirstie. She's lovely and doing a great job. It's just physics, that's all....

1295 days ago


@tmzgossip: i'd like to see what you look like. probably not very attactive. you are so hateful it comes thru in your comments! you most likely have a small penis also and that is why you are so angry and need to pick on people.

1295 days ago


I hope they win and I think it's great that she is doing this but she is overweight, that's not being mean, it's stating a fact. They need to take that into consideration when they plan the routines. He's like the size of one of her legs. How is he supposed to hold her weight?

1295 days ago


poor toasty is gonna get fired as Kristie's PR rep

1295 days ago


How many people does this woman have to send to the hospital before they stop this madness?!

1295 days ago


A fat joke about Kirstie Alley, oh man, that's GENIUS! So clever and original...hahaha! How has SNL or the Daily Show not snapped you up? I mean, you are like Paulie Shore good dude, seriously.

1295 days ago


a very poor attempt at humor tmzgossip. not even worth a smirk. not only do you have a small penis, you have no sense of humor.

1295 days ago


Ha ha yea I don't get it either.. Mormons? Where did that come from? Maybe you are talking about the people that have compassion?? You don't have to be a Mormon to be nice..but it doesn't hurt.

1295 days ago


@truthsayer You know, it also isn't hate speech to point out when someone is a giant douche.

1295 days ago
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