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Richard Hatch -- I Need $300,000 STAT!!!

4/5/2011 7:52 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Former "Survivor" champ Richard Hatch says he DESPERATELY needs someone to loan him $300,000 by April 10 -- so he can pay off his tax debt, avoid prison and then SUE THE BEJESUS out of CBS.

Hatch -- who's currently in the custody of the U.S. Marshals while he waits to serve his sentence for not paying taxes on his $1 million prize -- has fired off an open letter to the public ... saying, "I can prove my innocence if someone will loan me three hundred thousand dollars."

He explains, "I have until April 10, 2011 to pay the Malaysian government the tax they are due for the work I did on Survivor ten years ago, taxes the producer's of Survivor and CBS Television were legally required to pay to the Malaysian Revenue Board."

Hatch says if he makes the payment, his tax problems will be over for good -- and he can focus on filing a lawsuit against CBS, "Survivor" creator Mark Burnett and others related with the show for the "years of torment and financial devastation I have incurred as a result of their improper actions."

Hatch also believes he's being used by the IRS as a "poster child" for what can happen if you don't pay your taxes ... stating, "The government has very effectively exploited my notoriety to their ends and I have been powerless to stop them. "

Hatch is set to begin a 9-month prison sentence -- though he still insists he's an innocent man.


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Bud Simpson    

All incarcerated criminals are poster children demonstrating what can happen if you commit a crime, ... stupid!

1260 days ago

mildly insane    

I have until April 10, 2011 to pay the Malaysian government the tax they are due
So the irs is now the external revenue service?

1260 days ago


For Jeff no: 14: actually, in Canada, you will all your money and don't pay taxes on it, it's not considered income. So if you win a million, you keep a million. Had he won his winnings here, this whole tax thing would have never been an issue, unless he didn't pay taxes during any employment.

1260 days ago


Ooohhhhh, he's going to be VERY popular in prison. Those guys are going to ride him like a $10 whore. And he deserves to be treated like the little beotch that he is.

1260 days ago

Big Jim Slade    

I couldn't give a rat's a$$ about Hatch, however, this is why the final votes are now tallied in the USA. Foreign governments don't get a piece of the action.

1260 days ago


Why doesn't he ask Donald T.......that's chump change to him i'm sure.

1260 days ago


I find it funny that if someone loans you 300 thousand you can prove your innocent, yet you weren't able to do it at prior. Hmmm? I have to see a picture of the idiot who gives you the money.

1260 days ago


If anyone watched Hatch on Celebrity Apprentice it is apparent the guy has very little contact with reality. They way he treated Cassidy and Jose C. was an incredible showing of his arrogance and self delusion. He probably actually believes the things he says, that he is somehow a victim of others. Perhaps he thinks if he says the lies often enough others will believe him the way he seems to. Jose C. Called him a double talking politician, but unlike a lot of politicians Hatch is very easy to make as a lier and a cheat, as Cassidy did straight away. Good luck in Prison Mr. Hatch finding someone smaller than you to pick on and bully! Good luck with getting a loan!
Oh I could use about $100,000 myself anyone willing? I mean, I pay my taxes and everything.

1260 days ago


I like how the idiot says "tax they are due for the work I did on Survivor"
WORK... You know how many people would love to go on Survivor and happily pay the taxes off a million dollars!!

I hate people who are given a blessing and then blame everybody else when they screw it up!

And I agree with the poster who says "give 300,000 to a guy who obviously doesn't pay money her owes?"

And if anyone does they are a fool and deserve to loose that 300,000

And if Trump does bails him out I am not going to vote for him for president if he runs! Seriously!

1260 days ago


Did he also promise you'd get a big share of the lawsuit $$$ if you pay up??? Sounds like one of those *****ian e-mail scams...

1260 days ago


By the way, that was N-i-g-e-r-i-a-n e-mail scams - the country, not the racist term - the comment was edited

1260 days ago


Richard, I will loan you the money... I just need 100,000 down payment first and then I will be able to send you a bank transfer for 300,000.

Trust me.


1260 days ago


Hatch is a Hack!!

1260 days ago


You just want someone to pony up 300K....did you miss your meds?? All I can think of when I see this douchebag is fat, naked and broke....oh yea and getting a$$ raped in prison. Dude go fall in a hole...please!!!!!

1260 days ago


What does malaysia have to do with IRS??? nothing. this freak is delusional. He failed to pay US income taxes and blames everyone but himself.
what an ass.

1260 days ago
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