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Richard Hatch -- I Need $300,000 STAT!!!

4/5/2011 7:52 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Former "Survivor" champ Richard Hatch says he DESPERATELY needs someone to loan him $300,000 by April 10 -- so he can pay off his tax debt, avoid prison and then SUE THE BEJESUS out of CBS.

Hatch -- who's currently in the custody of the U.S. Marshals while he waits to serve his sentence for not paying taxes on his $1 million prize -- has fired off an open letter to the public ... saying, "I can prove my innocence if someone will loan me three hundred thousand dollars."

He explains, "I have until April 10, 2011 to pay the Malaysian government the tax they are due for the work I did on Survivor ten years ago, taxes the producer's of Survivor and CBS Television were legally required to pay to the Malaysian Revenue Board."

Hatch says if he makes the payment, his tax problems will be over for good -- and he can focus on filing a lawsuit against CBS, "Survivor" creator Mark Burnett and others related with the show for the "years of torment and financial devastation I have incurred as a result of their improper actions."

Hatch also believes he's being used by the IRS as a "poster child" for what can happen if you don't pay your taxes ... stating, "The government has very effectively exploited my notoriety to their ends and I have been powerless to stop them. "

Hatch is set to begin a 9-month prison sentence -- though he still insists he's an innocent man.


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terry j vey    

It is funny he is the "ONLY" person on this show that has had trouble.The other ones were all smart enough to pay their taxes.

1262 days ago

Helen S    

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1261 days ago


Everyone here is bashing a man but I don't think they see the bigger picture. He is not going to jail for not pay taxes in this country he is going for not paying taxes in another country. We don't know the terms of the contract of shooting a television show in another country. I don't see any mention of that here except that CBS may be responsible for paying the overseas tax. This money was earned in the US like lotto, power ball, or hitting it big at the casino, so who knows except the lawyers if he is in the right. I would think however that if he had a case the lawyers would pay with a price on the end of the whole thing if he wins a case over CBS.

1261 days ago


I think what he`s saying is that CBS was supposed to take the taxes out of the million and send it to the IRS. Too bad he didn`t notice the extra $300,000 in his payout, it could happen to anybody. Shut up and do your time and stop crying now the money`s gone.

1261 days ago


If there was anyway this guy was innocent Gloria Alred would be all over this. Quilty dude deal with it.

1236 days ago

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