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Lil Jon's

Farewell Song for

Amanda Bynes' Dog

4/6/2011 9:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Get your lighters out, because Lil Jon sang a touching farewell tune for Amanda Bynes' dog Little Angel ... who sadly passed away yesterday. Here's to you, dawg ... 040611_TV_bynes_v2_still

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Patent Application    

Her beloved pet was a much loved 4-month-old teacup Pomeranian, named Little Angel. Unfortunately, the operative word here is ‘was’.

Bynes first took to her Twitter account on Tuesday, and wrote: “Everyone: I have the worst news to tell you…little angel got out of my house somehow and is LOST,”

1293 days ago


Hard to believe this guy's a musician. He sounds tone deaf.

1293 days ago


i'm not particularly offended by the song. i don't think lil jon has ever been accused having much talent to speak of. what i find upsetting is the fact that someone at tmz decided that readers of this site might be entertained by this post. it's absolutely, the most ridiculous waste of time and effort that i have ever witnessed by adults who are (presumably) sober. you have no respect for your readers and so i'm done here for good. tmz and perez hilton are equally useless. good bye, worst of luck.

1293 days ago


Lil Jon is a thug. This is very wrong.

And then there is this: What happened here? Amanda seems to have done something terribly wrong as in not protect a TINY puppy. They don't "get out and lost" if you watch them.

I am disgusted by what has taken place here. And the dog took the hit for this human's stupidity.

RIP Angel. Perhaps next time you will get a better mommy to look after you and protect you.

1293 days ago


Hmm!!...I am not an a lover and neither i have ever had of Amanda, but I can imagine how it feels to lose something you love.

1293 days ago


You guys really suck. One less viewer for TMZ. Calling for boycott, who's with me?

1293 days ago


Typical Hollywood self indulgence. People by the thousands have just lost their lives in Japan, American are losing their lives in foreign wars, and millions are out of work. And we are supposed to feel sorry for some two bit starlet losing her precious dog. This makes me want to puke.

1293 days ago

Bobo Frog    

Yeah, this wasn't cool.

The general rule about risky comedy: You can sometimes get away with it if it's funny. But this wasn't funny and just seemed cruel.

1293 days ago


TMZ you are s***.

1293 days ago


I can't believe TMZ would put this type of garbage on it's web site.
I just lost my dog recently, after having her almost 12 years.
Your story is disgusting.

1293 days ago


Niles, you make EVERYONE want to puke with your attitude. Hopefully, when someone/something you love dies, everyone has the same attitude as you.

1293 days ago


WOW!!!REALLY??? Amanda I hope you don't read this crap, how ignorant can TMZ be?? A pet is part of your life, your heart, and to mock this kind of tragedy is just sad for all involved. It's just sad to see and hear such meanness is just bad!!!

RIP Little Angel

1293 days ago


I bet he's buddies with Michael Vick.
What disgusting human beings.

1293 days ago

Bobo Frog    

I don't blame little John, though. I'm not convinced this was his idea. I think one of the people holding the keys to TMZ while Harvey was out decided to make the most of having a performing artist hosting the show while Levin was out, and came up with this. The responsibility lies wholly on TMZ.

1293 days ago


that was just stupid

1293 days ago
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