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Rock Legend -- Sentenced to Jail After Heroin Bust

4/7/2011 8:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Former "Social Distortion" drummer Casey Royer was sentenced to 90 days in jail yesterday ... TMZ has learned -- after the punk legend allegedly OD'd on heroin in front of his 12-year-old son.

Royer pled guilty in Orange County Superior Court to one count of being under the influence of a controlled substance. Prosecutors dismissed the child abuse and endangerment charge.

In addition to jail time, Royer -- who's currently released on bond -- was placed on formal probation for three years.

So far, a date hasn't been set for Royer to begin his sentence.

UPDATE: A rep for Royer released a statement saying, "Casey Royer, front man of the punk band DI has entered a rehab facility and is working in accordance with the courts wishes."


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To alot of us here in the Los Angeles area as well as people who actually listen to real music instead of Justin Beiber or any other American Idol inspired crap, he is a legend.

1298 days ago


Who is caring for the 12 year old child? Poor kid, watching his dad o.d. and living in a filthy home...please follow up, TMZ.

1298 days ago


I know him more for D.I. than for Social Distortion.
Seen him a couple times when they've opened up for The Adicts...

1298 days ago

Dandy Dan    

ROCK LEGEND? WTF? TMZ seriously? Do you realize how stupid you all are?

1298 days ago


I mean come on guys!!! Where do you come up with this stuff??? Rock Legend!!!!! Dear Cheesus & Smothered On Cod... what are you talkin' about children??? Oh... he was big in the Cali scene... that's what it is, huh??? Damn, y'all are self important little skeezers. Ya know, when the word legend comes up I always think Paul McCa.... no Mick Ja... no Jimmy Pag.... no, what am I thinkin'.... Casey Royer!!!

1298 days ago


Please find something to write about other than Charlie Sheen or Lindsay Lohan...

1295 days ago


me boom boom long time

1289 days ago

Buddy Sizemore    

I placed a comment here about me taking a photo of Nick Cage on April 15th while his film crew/director was shooting Nick and a girl actor who is portraying his daughter in his new movie "Medallion on location near Jackson Square in New Orleans. It was a "sensitive goodbye scene" and the director got on his megaphone and asked the crowd not to take photos. There were many police , sheriff deputies and film crew making sure no one clicked there shutters, but I did take a great photo and was admonished by one of the crew. When I returned home the next day I contacted asking TMZ photo dept. if they would like to purchase the photo of Nick and 6 other photos pertaining to the filming of the movie. TMZ rep. Diana asked if they could check out my material. i sent all seven photos via email. TMZ has not replied as yet as to if they are interested in buying the photos. I'm wondering now, are the photos showing Nick the afternoon before his arrest deemed gossipy enough or are they too goody goody showing him in a more acceptable vein rather than drunk in a mug shot. As I mentioned before, Nick was very gracious after the scene and walked into the crowd shaking my hand and many other fans. He looked super sharp with big smiles, genuinely himself. The NOLA cops have a very bad reputation, read the news folks, you'll read about murders and corruption at it's worst when it come to New Orleans. Of course there are indeed some of the worst criminals there in the city as well. Nick is not one of them. I'm wondering if I will hear from TMZ at this point. What do you folks think?

1285 days ago


Who's parenting this kid a heroin addict. What is thinking besides himself. What is he teaching this poor child who didnt asked to be a child of this drug addict. What is this kid going to do now thay daddy's in jail. Its time to grow up rock star and be a daddy.

1284 days ago


Casey's got a problem and he's out of control.

1283 days ago


I have tip toed thru that valley of death for over 20 yrs and I came out smelling like rose, 20 yrs of extreme heroin addiction, near death more times than I can remember but I have been clean for over 20 yrs. I would tell all the young people that addiction is subtle, it sneaks up on you, it engulfs your life, it never takes a holiday, makes you steal and cheat from all those you know, employers, family, friends, I am lucky to be alive and well today

1283 days ago


I have also suffered the grip, I wouldnt call us losers though, And not only because we managed to break free, Social Distortion were popular in the hardcore/punk scene in the 80's, not really a legend , but i dont think its hat big a deal calling him that,
H is bad, Ill never touch it again

1282 days ago


Wow you people sure are stupid. Social distortion are a great and respected punk band, jut because they dont sell themselves out like all these untalented people always on the covers of magazines. Listen to some TALENTED UNDERGROUND MUSIC, half of these wanna be musicians suck and will do anything for a dollar and fame

1280 days ago

D Chas    

Legend is a bit strong

1279 days ago


rock legend? I guess that's a title they hand out pretty easily. who in the hell is he anyway

1279 days ago
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