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Charlie Sheen -- Two and a Half Abs

4/6/2011 7:00 PM PDT BY Johnny Lopez

On the third night of his tour in Cleveland last night, Charlie Sheen once again went shirtless and proved his 45-year-old physique was in better shape than you would think.

What's his secret?


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Cocaine? Really guys? How about HGH? Has anyone thought of that?

1192 days ago


Hey liberals, still glad you voted for the big O? Obama: 'I Remember What It Was Like To Pump Gas'...
Get used to high prices...

He sure does care about the American people...NOT!

1192 days ago


His body is hot but those jail house lookin' tats need to be removed. They are hideous.

1192 days ago


!!!!!! SHOCKER !!!!!!

KELLY PRESTON, ex wife of been shot into the arm fame, defending Sheen:
"He's such a good person underneath all of it, he really is."

PLUS: all other ladies being sweet on him. Including Paris Hilton and Miley Cyrus.


Posted at 5:48 AM on Apr 7, 2011 by Raymond


Yeah, isn't he a horrible women abuser? LMFAO!!!

As for his possible apology to WB and Lorre...Didn't he say that he is such a good actor that he would make it CONVINCING? LOL!!!
I seriously doubt that he is ever gonna apologize. He did apologize for certain things, like calling Lorre by the Hebrew version fo his name or not keeping the word given to Les Moonves, and that's about it. They turned their back and walked away. I say: screw them.

1192 days ago


What is he trying to cover up with that sleeve on his arm?

1192 days ago


Gee, I wonder why he's wearing a sleeve right over the area on his right arm where one might inject themselves...

1192 days ago


Well, the AM Columbus reviews are in and they are interesting. Looks like the MaSheen is starting to run out of gas. Mixed reviews from the audience seems to be the order of the day now.

Charlies seems to polarize audiences. It’s a love him or hate him scenario. The mindlessness of the Sheen lovers is becoming steadily more apparent to others. But, at least he has finally dropped the hate Detroit schtick. Seems that his tour manager is keeping him in line and on the tracks a bit.

Excerpts from the Columbus Dispatch review below – the entire article is a good read.


The Columbus Dispatch

Sheen more than met low expectations

Thursday, April 7, 2011 12:01 AM

The Violent Torpedo of Truth must have taken a wrong turn on the way in from Cleveland.

In his fourth stop on a 22-city tour, Charlie Sheen last night comfortably settled into a talk-show-style groove, interspersing bland, fuzzy anecdotes with his one-size-fits-all catchphrases that had reached water-cooler saturation long before the actor's Palace Theatre debut.

The manic motormouth seen in recent interviews had slowed to a gravelly growl - a laid-back persona that was almost likable, if the man had something to say.

There was little audience participation (mostly cheers for Sheen's every buzzword tossed out like fish food and constant barbs from hecklers, including one intoxicated woman who was dragged away kicking and screaming by police).

"You're either a rock star, a movie star or a porn star," Sheen said, a reminder to devotees who had shelled out as much as $100 apiece that the "Vatican assassin" will always grasp a higher perch.

That was the attitude that made things so frustrating.

A nation of underdogs has mindlessly championed Sheen since his meltdowns and dismissal from a multimillion-dollar contract as star of the TV comedy Two and a Half Men.

They feel that they get him, that his pain is theirs. It isn't.

But the patrons who snaked a line clamoring for $20 glossy programs and $100 jerseys - those who bellowed excitedly at every mention of "tiger blood," "Adonis DNA" or the "7-gram rocks" of cocaine Sheen reportedly smoked - seemingly didn't mind the disconnect.

"Do me a favor," Sheen said, after a night of nothing. "Go buy a T-shirt. I don't have an (expletive) job."

Set the bar low and winning is easy.

Performing in the heart of Buckeye country, the self-declared “rock star from Mars” apparently didn’t recite his D-inspired hate poem or threaten to sentence any hecklers in the crowd to doing time in the Motor City.

There was plenty of Twitter activity, too. @CaryWhitt wrote: “In case you’re just joining us. Charlie Sheen bombed in Columbus, got heckled but didn't blame the city like he did in Detroit.”

@MichaelShonk1 wrote: “just saw Charlie sheen Columbus. Complete waste of money. The show is terrible.”

@Salluscledus wrote: “Charlie sheen Rocks in last night in Columbus it was worth every penny.”

1192 days ago


God, you people just won't be happy until you see him die of OD, will you?

1192 days ago


You think he looks great? Schwarzenegger in his prime looked great. Charlie Sheen looks as azindn wrote "like a raw uncooked chicken -- white, boney with little skinny arms."

He looks rancid.

Posted at 12:02 AM on Apr 7, 2011 by PRO US


Yep, and you know what's said about the camera adding 10 lbs - imagine what he looks like in person. Reviewers have described him as "skeletal" (see below).

By all accounts, it was certainly an improvement from his Saturday kickoff in Detroit, where the skeletal star was booed off the stage following a freestyle show (the Sheen camp instantly retooled, pairing him with a moderator - manager/ tour producer Joey Scoleri - to feed him softball questions and keep the train on track).

1192 days ago


Weren't you supposed to stop posting, RR? LMAO! Your words, not mine.
And in case you haven't noticed, MIXED reviews have been the case since the tour started. DUH.

1192 days ago


He's got the worn out look of a drug addict. See nothing appealing here. Pretty sad for a once handsome guy.

1192 days ago


Note the question mark in the title.

Charlie Sheen Apologizes to Warner Brothers?


April 07, 2011

Charlie Sheen's "My Violent Torpedo of Truth" tour hit Columbus, Ohio on Wednesday and Charlie had a few surprises up his sleeve.

When asked if he would return to "Two and a Half Men," the actor admitted that he would return to the show if it weren't for one "wrinkle" - his bosses want him to apologize for his behavior.

Charlie started reading his "apology" letter on stage, saying, "Dear Warner Brothers, listen you evil, liar-mouth jerk sucks... Wait, that won't work."

1192 days ago


He looks skinny and gross. ewww

1192 days ago


Charlie's Angels: the Women Supporting Charlie Sheen
Who Are the Female Fans Behind Charlie Sheen's 'My Violent Torpedo of Truth' Tour?

If Sheen is grateful for the women supporting him despite his pockmarked past with the fairer sex, he hasn't shown it onstage. In Detroit, he called Sarah Palin a "whore" for no apparent reason. According to The Hollywood Reporter, in Cleveland on Tuesday he compared his feelings about his ex-wives to how Cleveland residents feel about LeBron James, the pro baskeball star who famously ditched the city to join the Miami Heat last year.

As long as he puts on a show, his cheerleaders don't seem to care.

"I'm not coming out to support Charlie Sheen the family man, the husband, the father," Clark said in a telephone interview Wednesday. "I'm supporting Charlie Sheen the celebrity, that's who I'm a fan of."

1192 days ago


Ewwww and what does it matter? He's still butt ugly......!

1192 days ago
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