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Charlie Sheen -- Two and a Half Abs

4/6/2011 7:00 PM PDT BY Johnny Lopez

On the third night of his tour in Cleveland last night, Charlie Sheen once again went shirtless and proved his 45-year-old physique was in better shape than you would think.

What's his secret?


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Tila Rose    

#Winning!...#Duh. Looks like Charlie Sheen is a "Lean Machine."
He's So Hot..I want to Smoke Him...NOW. Right Now. Yestday Even!!

I'd Like A #HOT #SHOT Of #CharlieSheen!!!!

1235 days ago

Barry Limbaugh    

sheen looks pretty good for a 65 y/o crackhead. Those 'tats' look like they were put on by a crackhead too. He better go over to Kat Von D's place and get those fixed up.

1235 days ago


#109...You're the only one......he is sooooo gross his face looks 55 and his body is also gross....mostly cuz it's hooked to his head

1235 days ago


Chuckles has a new gig waiting for him in Hollywood!

"The Porn Whisperer"

1235 days ago


the guy is still a looooooser!! What is up with snoop dog and all these dopers like Sheen doing using illegal drugs and not getting busted, the cops have to know! Just watch them the way you would any body else and bust them. Duh loosing... :-)

1235 days ago


Looks like he is working up a good set of prison tats -

Especially like the Charlie Brown and "Dork From Above" Tats - the hookers must laugh!


And no Emmy!

Went to Jon Cryer, TYVM!

1235 days ago


Thought he was a Sheenius!

Just a Puny Peenius!

1235 days ago





1235 days ago


"I'm a bit puzzled... anyone can look pretty much like this minus bodyfat. He's not particularly muscular - just lean from having little fat.

Some people are out of shape being fat. Some are out of shape being bean poles. Charlie does cocaine... so....

Posted at 4:41 PM on Apr 6, 2011 by Booger McGee"


If you watch the home interview he gave, i forget which one, they follow him though his early AM workout with his trainer. He was pushing himself like a mofo and looked ripped to me. My first thought was no way he came back to that level of strenth after all these years without some juice to help him along. He even said something about what, you think i'm busting my ass like this for TAHM?

He's getting into shape for Major League 3. He may look 58 but he can probably kick the ass of most fat ass Americans deriding him here, no matter their age. Charlie's in the best shape he's been in years, well assuming whatever he's taking to pile on the lean body muscle so fast at 45 yrs old isn't killing him... lol

After watching that interview my second thought after he using steroids was, no wonder he's sounding so crazy lately, he's coming off crack AND using juice. It ain't easy being Charlie Sheen.

1235 days ago

PRO US    

@efnsteve: Actually hard liquor has zero carbs. Look it up on the internet. Vodka, rum, gin and whiskey have zero carbs per ounce. And normally, very little alcohol will ever be converted to glucose and then only indirectly by a very small percentage of it being converted to fat and then to glucose.

Most alcohol that is consumed is converted to acetaldehyde in an oxidative process which in turn is converted to acetate and then to carbon dioxide and water in the body. Some of the acetate is converted to acetyl CoA, but not much. It's suggested in theory that the body of chronic alcoholics can use acetate as a source of energy for the brain instead of glucose. Very little of alcohol is converted by a non-oxidative pathway to fatty acid ethyl esters and lipids (a type of fat molecule).

That is why people who typically drink hard liquor to excess stay thin whereas people who drink beer (which is loaded with carbs) to excess become fat or for men at least, develop a beer belly.

We know that Charlie typically drinks hard liquor and very little beer, hence his lack of a beer belly.

"liposuction (see scars on upper abdomen), crack which has calories, hard liquor which has zero carbohydrates, almost no food and a lot of working out with his goddesses"

Posted at 3:23 PM on Apr 6, 2011 by PRO US


"Hard liquor is indeed pure carbs, as it is metabolized into almost pure glucose."

Posted at 4:35 PM on Apr 6, 2011 by efnsteve

1235 days ago


and we will all stay skinny cause we just won't eat

1235 days ago


On his last show the crackhead let people chant about his ex-wife, the mother of his children, in a derogatory way and thought it was ok.

People were also smoking weed at his show and Charlie said they were winning. Charlie seems to be getting more and more psychotic acting with each show.

I would not be surprised if I read on here at Charlie's next show he appeared on stage in his underwear and had a three way with his bimbo porn star goddesses.

1235 days ago


"sheen looks pretty good for a 65 y/o crackhead. Those 'tats' look like they were put on by a crackhead too. He better go over to Kat Von D's place and get those fixed up.

Posted at 4:48 PM on Apr 6, 2011 by Barry Limbaugh"

Oh the irony of you saying he looks like he was tattooed by a druggie, and then recommend he go to Kat to get them fixed up. lmfao Obvious being a druggie and having talent aren't mutually exclusive.

1235 days ago


Those are not abs. That's his ribs showing.

1235 days ago


Whaaaaaa? Who would have guessed he's in fantastic shape? It's mostly from not eating because he was doing so much crack, but still.

1235 days ago
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