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NBA Legend -- Baby Mama Calls Cops for Back Up

4/6/2011 5:05 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Former Miami Heat guard Glen Rice faced off with cops on Friday ... TMZ has learned -- after his estranged baby mama called police to help her retrieve personal items from the guy's house.

Glen Rice

According to a report filed last week with the Coral Gables Police Department -- Glen broke up with his ex-GF Tia Santoro over a week ago and refused to let her back into his house ... which made it difficult for her to move out her stuff.

Tia hit up local law enforcement for support -- and according to the report, an officer accompanied her to Glen's house so she could collect her things.

Glen was cooperative -- and, the report continues, he and Tia even reached a verbal agreement to share custody of their 8-month-old daughter ... at least until a more formal custody agreement is reached.

Calls to Glen were not returned.


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Glen Rice is a former professional basketball player, NOT an NBA legend.

1305 days ago


First! Oh, um, I mean ... Second!

1305 days ago

Jim in Cali    

Haha, I remember his crazy ass wife was threatening/talking trash about Phil jackson when glen was on the lakers in 2000. Glen Rice never fit the triangle. Had a big game 5 in the 1st round of the playoffs but didn't do much after that. Traded him after the season (think he went to houston, maybe NY but not sure)

1305 days ago

TMZ dont like me    

Glen, just give up on da high-maintenence Cuban/Latin women, dawg. They don't want you, they just want the money you USED to have, back when you still played ball...

1304 days ago

Jacko Whackedit    

So in other words, absolutely nothing happened except TMZ solidified itself as the number #1 pile of whorschit in the world.

1304 days ago


the guy is not an NBA legend

1304 days ago


Cot DAMn,he's still having kids...this makes 7 kids four diffrent baby mamas

1304 days ago


First it santoro not santoros shes Italian not latina or w.e and she didn't use him for **** when she comes from plenty money. Glen rice is a psycho with his asking to have babies and then running off with his next victim when the baby comes. Dude needs intense therapy for his personalities. He acts cool **** and blames everyone else for everything and tries to make others out as nuts just to get the attention off him so they don't recognize his craziness & turn their attention to the others. Well the heats on you now buddy and this time it ain't your jersey.

1304 days ago


It was two baby moms at the time the third wasn't even known about until after the fourth nine of his kids friends nor family knew about his 2 yrold. She wasn't stupid she was lied to and more than manipulated as well as others he's a psycho that plays a sick game with these women. I feel bad for all of his children and baby mothers.

1304 days ago


Lol I dated the guy after his ex wife and before this girl Tia here I almost fell for his lies and manipulation too. It might have been a few months but the family man he pretended to be and thinking he was in his forties and yes there were past relations and children involved but they weren't baby moms they were ex wives so i thought he was mature and he played victim so i felt bad for him in his situation with his children and so I thought he knew what he wanted like he was saying. Im assuming this newly found baby mom was the girl he was with when we were dating and talking about marriage, could be wrong , but his cheating & manipulation is The reason I left him. He is a disgrace of man let alone he has children and claims to be a good father and to be spending all this quality time with his children yet come to find out his business and family trips were really hookups with other females.

1304 days ago



Jealous XGF trollin like a hoe as usual!

1304 days ago


@TMZisBS lol not jealous at all, I left HIM. but i hope you enjoy your time obvious new girl. hahah you silly girl :) carry on with your sperm bank of a "man". toodles

1304 days ago

Card Man    

First line says "Former Miami Heat guard Glen Rice faced off with cops on Friday"

1) It was one officer, so how does that equal cops?

2) He was cooperative, so how is that considered a face off?

I hope it was just some unpaid intern that wrote this attempt at a sensationalistic story, and not 1 of your paid writers, cause they screwed this one up. (Trying to make something out of nothing)

IMO Marc

1304 days ago


Hurd he kicked her & her kidz out wit no $$ to chase some new yung chick he just met he gotta travel to bumf**k for... I mean cool if homie a lyin p*ssy chaser but he gotta kick the kidz out for the new hoez? family first dawg damn

1304 days ago


the only custody agreement they reached was that he don't want the responsibility of taking care of their baby girl so it's solely on her... I see her tiny self all over SoMi carrying around that sweet little girl... See him too, always alone or with his "boys"

1303 days ago
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