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Lane Garrison -- Prison Was My 'Worst Nightmare'

4/6/2011 3:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Former "Prison Break" star Lane Garrison is a changed man after serving two years behind bars -- claiming his lengthy prison stint was "a painful experience that I would wish on no one."

Lane Garrison Prison Break
Garrison -- who was convicted of vehicular manslaughter back in 2007 for a drunk driving crash that killed a 17-year-old boy -- opened up in L.A. yesterday ... calling his experience in the clink his "worst nightmare."

Check out the clip ... and remember, kids -- never, ever drink and drive.


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1264 days ago

Shane D.    

Listen people, I don't think Lane was saying that he doesn't feel bad about killing someone, because he has stated his remorse before.

The interviewer asked him, how his prison experience felt, and he told him it felt painful. In fact, he has mentioned before that he felt pain for the child, and their family.

This doesn't excuse his crime, and one day he will have to answer to God for this.

WTF is wrong with you people? Why do you all feel the need to JUDGE, and have UNFORGIVENESS IN YOUR HEART?

The less compassion and mercy you have in life, the less compassion and mercy you will receive.

BTW, Lane your looking great, and I can tell you've been humbled. Take this experience and pass good fruti in this merciless world.

1264 days ago


I think that the majority are being pretty insensitive about this. He made a mistake and for this mistake, there was tragedy. Lots of us make those very same mistakes or worst, but the costs and consequences are far less. The parties involved paid a heavy price including the ultimate one-death. He has done his time, he is brave enough to share his experiences and I for one is not going to play judge and jury and want to hang him all over again for something that he would wish had never happened in the first place.

1264 days ago

They are crayz!!    

@lin : "he made a mistake" "brave enough to share his story.."

STFU - he killed one person and seriously injured 2 others. He isn't brave, he isn't a hero, he is a piece of **** that should have been shanked in prison.

1264 days ago

They are crayz!!    

This guy served two years for murder. The Parents of the kid that died probably haven't even begun to get over their grief and accept the loss, and this piece of crap is out already. He murdered a teenager and some people think he is brave, a hero, a changed man. Too bad the kid that died can never have the opportunity to reach his potential

1264 days ago


He should be thanking God every day that he's alive and repenting for the life lost!

1264 days ago


#28 - I agree. Why was he hanging out with these highschool students? It is a no-win situation, nothing can bring the victim back... sad!

1264 days ago

Fuck Celebrities    

Two years in prison was bad?

How about the 17 year-old who is dead forever?

1264 days ago

Captain Balls    

Sounds like somebody got it in the butt quite a few times while locked up.

1264 days ago


Good to see Lane back out again. Hope he will get it right this time. I think he will. I pray that the family has/will forgive him and that he will try to make amends the rest of his life. He is a GREAT actor!

1264 days ago

Las Vegas Homo Queen    

Maybe he should stay and rot in prison until either the dead victim somehow is brought back to life, or hell somehow finally freezes over. I'm sure he'll get back to his ****ious acting and more excuses and explanations for his murder.

1264 days ago

PRO US    

OK, I haven't heard this murderer actor say he's going to donate any part of his earnings to the family of the young man he killed or to any charity. Have you? Why not? He took a life and now thinks he can continue his life without trying to make some restitution to the family or to help some worthy charities out? He can only talk about how he suffered in prison by being naked and chained and having to move 7 times to new prisons over 2 years? He's still drinking? Didn't he learn his lesson when he killed a person that he can't be trusted to make the right decision to not drive when he is drinking? This guy is a total loser as a human being. No sympathy for this self-centred man Lane Garrison. I will not watch any production that he is a part of. He turns my stomach.

1264 days ago


@dprice....Amen! exactly...

1263 days ago


this man took a LIFE!!!! they're gone from this earth forever, and he's crying about TWO YEARS he had to serve??? so now he get's to walk around and make money off his "story", and try to get acting work...meanwhile the family of the kid who died gets to SEE and HEAR about him in the media, while they get to mourn their loved is it, that even though it was not INTENTIONAL, you get to kill someone and get the same amount of time for rape, or theft???

1263 days ago


The death of the young man and the injuries to the other girls is horrific for sure and my heart to the families. What we must try to remember is when people make horrible mistakes but own up to them and due their time is that they are asking for help to become better people. What kind of people are we to condemn them for doing so? I truly hope for those of you that are throwing him under the bus do not meet the same kind of horror when you are at your lowest. Only two choices here... to love or to hate and we all know where to hate gets you. Compassion people. You are in no position to judge another. Only the parents are.

1263 days ago
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