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Lindsay -- Closing In On Deal for New Gotti Flick

4/7/2011 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan's on the verge of signing her first big contract out of rehab -- in fact, we're told the actress is in "final talks" to play John Gotti's daughter Victoria in the upcoming biopic about the mafioso's life.


As we previously reported, John Travolta is currently hammering out a deal to play the bossman himself.

It's no small movie either -- according to sources, the budget so far is $75 million.

No word yet on what Lindsay would be getting paid -- but hey, a job's a job.



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Grandma Cracker    

Got the part? Proof positive that she swallows

1265 days ago


@lou,i dont know if she got it,im just playin a

1265 days ago


Addie Trish at #219: "I still think there is something gravely wrong with someone in there mid to upper thirties "hanging out" with someone in their young twenties!"

Not really. When I was in my thirties and older, I had friends in their twenties. Still have friends a generation or two younger, just as I always had some friends a generation or two older than me also. Friendships depend on mutual interests, not age. The age difference problem may be big for teenagers (a 14 year old is in a whole different place than a 17 year old), but begins to mean less and less in the twenties.

Posted at 6:49 PM on Apr 7, 2011 by jwoolman


There are mature 20 year olds and youngish 30 year olds. But to hang out with someone who is 24 but acts 15...I agree, that is strange.

1265 days ago


LMFAO Danielle Lindsay didnt get the part, that dumb skank is following the wrong Charlie Sheen

Too Funny ( not at you danielle at dumbasz)she is copying what someone else said

1265 days ago


Got the part? Proof positive that she swallows

Posted at 7:06 PM on Apr 7, 2011 by grandma cracker

I kind of think that goes without saying, these days...but what fool would want her mouth on his di ck?

1265 days ago


Hey granny nobody cares who you are. You don't matter, understand granny, your an insignificant old turd, and you look for acceptance and a life on a internet board. Your old and pitiful. I can only imagine the sh*thole you live in. So go cry to ypur internet friends for some love. The remaining 6 billion could give a sh*t about some old POS like you.

1265 days ago

Blood Red Witch    

YAY Anti-Rock!!!!!

1265 days ago


Wow, I just looked at that gossipcenter photo from LAX, and just WOW! That skank is coming off a serious bender!
They're floating rumors about movie roles? I suppose it's too close to April 22nd to stick her in detox again.

1265 days ago


Hahahaha! Lohan hacker is stupid, lou is lou they are doing Lou

1265 days ago


"Granny you may be going to college or even have a degree, but your continued presence here makes me think you're a blah blah bleh bluppin (BURP!)"

The man can't say a flippin useful or intelligent thing even when he's trolling as one of us.

Sorry for the use of my name, Grandma Cracker. Happy Hour must have hit Moron Manner early tonight.

1265 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

lou, I heart HA HA and GAME OVER.....they know the best stuff and they like to share it when they get mad.....I know what I know not from my imagination, but from what they tell me.

1265 days ago


What does it matter if I have no life? I don't have any friends either. I came here to make special friends. I promise not to make waves and I will hate who you tell me. Do you care if i'm ugly? I just want someone to like me please. I have no opinion i so stupid will someone like me? i cant stand myself cause i'm so ugly. i just want friends cause i'm a stupid retard

Posted at 3:00 PM on Apr 7, 2011 by HarlotO'Hara

BIETCH, I knew you were dumb and ugly, quit playing the "victim" and go off your fat azzz already!!!

Posted at 7:16 PM on Apr 7, 2011 by therock


IDIOT - you're either yelling at YOURSELF or at your DAUGHTER!

God, what a maroon!

1265 days ago


Happy Hour must have hit Moron Manner early tonight.

Now that's funny!!!!

1265 days ago


lou, that is so crazy(them stealing their own id's) that it is probably true. What do they think they are acomplishing with all the id stealing??? So childish.

Posted at 7:06 PM on Apr 7, 2011 by Blood Red Witch


NOT the most mature apples falling from the rotten tree.

1265 days ago


I like the ANTI-rock

1265 days ago
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