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Bounty Hunter's Daughter -- Charged with Harassment

4/6/2011 1:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Dog the Bounty Hunter's daughter Lyssa Chapman has officially been charged with criminal property damage and harassment ... after her arrest last month in Hawaii -- TMZ has learned.

Lyssa Chapman Mug Shot
The Honolulu Prosecuting Attorney's office filed the two charges within the last week -- both misdemeanors.

As TMZ first reported -- Lyssa was arrested last month after allegedly banging on her neighbor's doors at 3AM ... damaging a window ... and then knocking a cell phone out of a police officer's hand. 

She's scheduled to appear in court April 19th.



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A Fan    

Open my trap Paul M.. I do know what I am talking about. My occupation is Corrections. Whats your occupation? I have a degree and understand the law. Hawaii doesn't regulate or require license and DOG works for Beth's office. States regulate who can be a bounty hunter. SO, I guess I do know what I am talking about.

1295 days ago

A Fan    

Oh, by the way Paul M., I am not an azzhole. You call people names for misfortunes and assume things of others. I do look things up. Read it

Are trying to bully me? Cause you sound like a bully Paul M. What do you do for work?

1295 days ago

A Fan    

I know you will come back with some bashing statement back about felons and bounty hunting Paul M. I read the whole thing and understand about Dog and being a felon. Does it matter if he is cuffing them or not? I mean really, its Reality T.V..

1295 days ago

Motor City DIVA84    

I guess she thought she was above the law....NOT! Get it together, Lyssa, you're a mom now!

1295 days ago

Paul M    

A Fan, I must say I am sorry for the name calling. Yes it's just a show but it bothers me when someone play a LEO. I am retired from what,I will not say. I will say I still carry and I have way to much adrenalin for my own good. It comes from being wound up every day and watching mine and someone elses back and now watching TV and going to the range. His haircut gets me too. Again I was wrong for the name calling, but HI is a Shall issue state like NY,NJ and others. It's like pulling teeth to get a carry unless your a cop.

1295 days ago

A Fan    

Ok Paul, apology accepted. I am sorry as well. I can almost guess what your retired from, just by your reply. God bless you. Oklahoma where I live is considering an open carry for the concealed carry. I don't carry, yet. I have considered being a LEO, but I am in my 40's and think I will stick with corrections. I understand that most think Dog is white trash, but I have met the guy. He is a felon that is trying to do good but being a felon makes it tough. Again, I am sorry as well to you Paul M. Have a good retirement and try De-caff. LOL

1295 days ago

Paul M    

Fan,I must remember those were his yesterdays it's just hard for me with somethings I have seen,familys torn apart by people. I guess forgiving is easyer then forgeting. Go for what you love in life. If being a LEO is it DO IT. In the end it will be so rewarding for you. Most of the time. God watch over you and yours. Paul

1295 days ago


She looks like a scared coyote..LOL

1295 days ago

A Fan    

I would like to say that her mug shot showing her shame and regret for her actions. Also, she seems to have some inner pain. Maybe its because of her soon to be ex use to abuse her. But I guess many here think that is alright. If your not a higher power or God you don't have the right to judge.

1295 days ago


She eat some french cries??

Posted at 9:16 AM on Apr 6, 2011 by ckat
LMFAO!! yeah, & a wahhhh burger LOL

1294 days ago

Paul M    

You can see the pain in her eye's. I think she know's the pain she has caused her family and the hell she has brought down on her own head. I didn't know her X abused her. I should not say this but I hope her brother's had alittle talk with him if you know what I mean. Men who hit women are trash. I hope she looks at her picture long and hard.

1294 days ago


Guess she finally got to find out what that shoe feels like when it's suddenly on the other foot. lmao! Trash!

1294 days ago


I love the show you people are all mean and rude what has she ever done to you she is a very nice woman so lay off butt hole so so stop!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1294 days ago


Dumb buck tooth beaver. She walks around here in Honolulu trying to be a Beth reject (if that is even possible) like she is a bad ass.

1294 days ago

A Fan    

garbostyle1 and Rose your both must be insecure about yourself. Calling people names. Makes you feel good, does it? Hateful people all over the internet. Guess most of you hateful people are unhappy and need to verbally bully someone. Shame, shame.....

1294 days ago
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