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Dr. Klein Hands Over Michael Jackson's Records

4/6/2011 2:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Jackson's friend and dermatologist Dr. Arnold Klein was forced to turn over medical records today from the final months of Michael's life ... TMZ has learned.


Dr. Klein and his attorney handed over the documents during a pretrial hearing in Dr. Conrad Murray's manslaughter case.

Murray's team wants the paperwork to determine exactly what drugs Klein used to treat MJ. As TMZ reported ... Klein's medical records show he injected Michael with Demerol 51 times in the three months before he died.

Last month, Dr. Klein asked the judge to quash the subpoena for his records. Fail.


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The true tragedy, is we wont get to see the ongoing morphing of MJ face. Maybe the 1/2 kids can keep up the family tradition.

1295 days ago


How can anyone look at this doctor and think the oldest son of MJ does not look EXACTLY like him?!

1295 days ago

Maui Girl    

I understand MJ's family not wanting to accept he was a drug addict, but for his fans??? can still be his fan and realize he was a HUGE drug addict. Yes the doctors that continued to give him drugs should have some accountibility, but the bottom line is nobody would have given him any drugs unless he asked for them. I have had docs want to give me certain meds and I can and sometimes do say no. Still like a lot of his songs, but I am not in denial about who he was. We all have flaws.

1295 days ago


MJ was a drug addict. If it was not Murray it would have been another doctor. Plus it must be said that even if Murray had proformed CPR or something would not have stopped MJ from dying. Sometimes life saving measures do not help and I am sure that was one of them. That is what happens to drug addicts they die.

Posted at 11:40 AM on Apr 6, 2011 by Lisa

Sorry, but I don't like that shrugging-of-the-shoulders-attitude towards addicts. As soon as someobody gets addicted to whatsoever he turns into a human being of second or even third class who'll die anyway? Who's hopelessly lost and abandoned by society? Who may be unpunishedly fed with drugs? Each drug enabler, whether he's a sleazy dealer in the streets or a doctor in his stylish practice, is part of the problem. What he does is NOT a trivial offense, it is unforgivable, and it's high time that they make an example of this issue. If Murray goes behind bars and prevents other doctors from carelessly feeding addicts (or pushing them into an addiction) – then Michael's early death will have made at least a little sense.

1295 days ago


LOL, Siggisis, bye, have a nice evening!
And hi mymjj5...

1295 days ago

Master Po    

MJ only agreed to these shows not for the fans but for the money to fund his drug problems. He would have sunk into another drug hole in a mansion somewhere after this tour wearing masks before he would have died from a drug od. It was inevitable, he was a filthy junkie no matter how the estate tries to portray this freak.

Go check the press conference he couldn't even stay off drugs for an hour to do a few interviews, his speech was all funked. He no longer gave a shot about those children they where being raised by nanny's and once and a while he would appear like a zombie.

1295 days ago



1295 days ago


I'm convinced that Dr. Klein is the father of Prince Michael(ONE). The kid looks more and more like him the older he gets!

1295 days ago


How many times do we have to say that Michael openly admitted to DEPENDENCY ON PAIN MEDICATION ALMOST 20 YEARS AGO. Michael's medical history/ailments are public knowledge. The fans are not in denial.
The fans can accept anything about Michael Jackson. We will never accept the lying explanation given by Murray and his mentally dull defense team. Michael's death has been ruled a homicide because he was murdererd.

1295 days ago


If I recall correctly, the Judge said he is allowing a camera in the courtroom to show the problem of doctor shopping, something like that.

Does anyone remember that? I think it was Harvey who said that?? If so, this is one smart Judge.

1295 days ago


about freakin time. He should have handed them over a long time ago. It's almost been 2 years...ridiculous

1295 days ago


My honest feeling is that if MJ didn't care about his life, then I don't see why anyone else should.
Posted at 10:40 AM on Apr 6, 2011 by Tammy

MJ had three children,nephews,a mother,a father,brothers and sisters,two ex wives,millions of fans,some friends,and God,who all cared about his life.Even if you don't care about him does not mean the rest of the world should abandon him.

1295 days ago


Time To Move On & Forget About MJ.
Posted at 12:34 PM on Apr 6, 2011 by OhWell

Yes Ohwell it's time for you to stop obsessing about MJ.All you do is think about him day and night even while you are making love to your pillow since you got no girlfriend.

1295 days ago


Lawyers say singer was desperate over finances
(AP) – 1 hour ago
LOS ANGELES (AP) — A defense lawyer for Michael Jackson's doctor said Wednesday the singer was so anguished about his deteriorating finances in his final days that he took desperate actions that caused his own death.
The statements by attorney Edward Chernoff came during a pretrial hearing in the case of Dr. Conrad Murray, who has pleaded not guilty to involuntary manslaughter in Jackson's death.
Chernoff was asking to see Jackson's financial records to prove a key defense theory.
"The crux of the defense is going to be that Michael Jackson engaged in a desperate act and took desperate measures that caused his death," Chernoff told Superior Court Judge Michael Pastor. "We believe at the time Michael Jackson died he was a desperate man in relation to his financial affairs."
Deputy District Attorney David Walgren accused the defense of trying to distract from the main issue of the trial — whether Murray acted with gross negligence when he gave Jackson the anesthetic propofol and other sedatives on the day he died..
"This is an irrelevant sideshow designed to take issues away from the jury and smear Michael Jackson," Walgren said. "It has nothing to do with the case on which Dr. Murray is being prosecuted. "
Attorney Howard Weitzman, representing the late singer's estate, also opposed the request for financial records.
"Is the theory that Michael Jackson committed suicide, took his own life?" he said incredulously. "I don't think that's a salable theory.
The judge refused to grant the request.
"I'm not going to turn an involuntary manslaughter trial into some kind of an escapade in analysis of the finances in Michael Jackson's entire life," Pastor said. "Right now this is major deep sea fishing."
However, Pastor did order Weitzman to confer with defense counsel on financial records that are already available in the public record.
The reference to Jackson's finances added a new twist to the defense case.
During an earlier preliminary hearing, Murray's lawyers suggested that Jackson, who was desperate for sleep, gave himself an additional dose of propofol while Murray was in a restroom. A coroner's report showed the singer died of an overdose of propofol and an assortment of other sedatives.
Defense lawyers never used the word suicide and implied his death was accidental but self-inflicted. They seemed poised to argue that Jackson was about to embark on an extremely strenuous concert tour because it was the only way to save himself financially.
They are likely to suggest that was why Jackson was so desperate for sleep as he was preparing for the tour. At a preliminary hearing for Murray. Jackson was quoted by a witness as saying if he didn't sleep he would have to cancel the tour.
Lawyers were ordered to return Thursday to continue screening prospective jurors through written questionnaires. Jury selection is scheduled to move into open court on May 4 and opening statements are expected on May 9.
""I'm not going to turn an involuntary manslaughter trial into some kind of an escapade in analysis of the finances in Michael Jackson's entire life," Pastor said. "Right now this is major deep sea fishing.""

Well said judge!

1295 days ago
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