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Bill Gates -- Charity Work Is the Apple of My Eye

4/7/2011 8:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

While Microsoft has its hands full trying to keep up with Apple, Bill Gates was over in Germany promoting a good cause ... and no, it had nothing to do with resurrecting the Zune.

Gates was out raising awareness for -- an online petition asking U.S. Senators not to make budget cuts to "cost-effective, proven programs that fight HIV/AIDS, hunger and preventable disease."

What, no app for that?


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Um... Bill Gates is retired he doesn't give a rats ass what Apple is doing anymore.

1294 days ago


"Bill Gates took a break from trying to keep up with Apple by heading over to Germany to promote a good cause ..."

Nice try TMZ but Bill Gates gave up "trying to keep up with Apple" when he retired from Microsoft with 90+% market share of the PC industry to his credit. That was quite a while ago. He's just a shareholder like anyone else now with other priorities, like his charity foundation.

1294 days ago

Bubbles The Chimp    

Is that grey hair on his sides or evidence of a cheap spray tan?

1294 days ago

Bobo Frog    

For a billionaire...he should buy nicer suits.

1294 days ago


Bill the rich force the poor to spend all of their earnings just to survive. Why don't the super wealthy force the rich to do the same?

Entertainment is the answer.

The rich lack a suitable source of entertainment. For hundreds of years the upper crust has been entertained with clothes, food and technology. Now all of these facets of entertainment are readily available to every economic class structure.

Going out to eat wearing your $7,000 suit is your entertainment for the night. Don't you deserve more?

If the upper class was encouraged to spend at the same ratio the poor did then poverty might dissapear. Not suggesting we should all be equal but we should all be capable of surviving on a wage. Killing a person because they lack the ability to provide food for their family is a waste. That person had the potential to be a valuable asset but now is gone forever.

The super rich need to move about the upper class and should be given a venue to safely spend their wealth and be compensated for it. We could be encouraging progress but we're stuck dinning out.

It's a crazy idea but it's different. That's what I enjoy doing.

1294 days ago


An easy way for the wealthy to invest is real estate. Buy a 30 million dollar house, never live in it and sell it for profit.

The money sepnt is invested into the are but in reality the area is mostly 30 million dollar homes that no one lives in. Why not provide the wealthy with an intriguing system of investment that supplies real time results. Directly invest capital into neighborhoos and people that display an ability for financial growth.

The right people would make this happen.

1294 days ago


I could only imagine the feeling one must get by giving so much. He is a fortunate man and shares that wealth. Yay for him and the recipients of his generosity...

1294 days ago


We're living in cities and countries established by religion, the old ways still work in every neighborhood. We all still give alms at our places of faith. Is that system still working? Does the cash we give to our pastor reach those that need it most? We created our civilization with a faith, perhaps we should examine that method of social cooperation, apply it to our economic structure and adapt it to the changes in economy.

Provoking your neighbor out of his house to come enjoy a barbeque with you is essentially the same as inviting him to invest in your bussiness. It should be the same tactic, except now when the party if over and we throw away the rubbish there's someone robbing us at gunpoint stealing the left overs.

There are creative methods available to us that would provide us with an avenue to escape corruption we just need to activate them.

1294 days ago


Bill Gates has devoted all his time and money to good causes since he left Microsoft. It is ridiculous to say he is trying to keep up with Apple. If anything, it is the other way around.

1294 days ago


Like Bill Gates and what he stands for!!!

1294 days ago


Bill Gates and his wife do a lot for charity. I dont think he cares if micro-soft keeps up with Apple anymore..he is probably just happy doing his good deeds for others.

1294 days ago


If he's serious, he'll die with not a penny to his name.

1294 days ago


Jess: What kind of dope are you on?

1294 days ago


Bill Gates is doing what all really wealthy people should be doing, period. Respect. Everyone else should follow his example. Period.

1294 days ago

PRO US    

Bill Gates has already pledged to give away to charity during his life and after his death over $28 billion. That is second only to Warren Buffett who has pledged over $40 billion to charity.

That is very admirable.

1294 days ago
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