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Gary Busey

'Meatloaf Stole

His Own Integrity'

4/7/2011 10:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Gary Busey is still adamant he never stole Meatloaf's paint on "Celebrity Apprentice" ... but insists ML "stole his own integrity" when he EXPLODED on Busey on the show this weekend. 

Busey was out in L.A. yesterday -- and told us, "They found [Meat's] paint later ... I hadn't taken anything ... it's just the way things work out when you're dealing with somebody who doesn't have anger management or rage control."

Despite the legendary outburst -- Gary says he still believes Meatloaf is a "good guy" -- but explains, "He just went off the handle."

No kidding ...



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His name was Robert Paulson

1241 days ago


Gary, I watch the show for you and Jose.

1241 days ago

Christopher Kandrat    

Man Gary Busey is still around, jeez.

1241 days ago


I like Gary, I hope he can teach ML some anger management techniques, which he badly needs.

1241 days ago


All week long I was wondering what the meltdown was all about ... and to find out it was some misplaced paint was a disappointment. Geez...

FWIW, Gary's painting of the cow was actually pretty good for outsider art. That should be worth something someday, unlike the rest of the crap they sold.

The charity aspect of the show is indeed noble, but it comes down to which celeb can mobilize his fan base and rich friends the best. A couple of seasons ago Trace Adkins was up against Piers Morgan, and even though Trace did a commendable job, his Nashville buddies were no match for Sir Richard Branson's checkbook. Let's level the playing field and make all the players earn it based on creativity and hard work.

Of course if Mr. Trump keeps up the birther nonsense, I may have to tune out altogether!

1241 days ago


Soooooooooooooo this is what happens when the fame ends! Old wrestlers become commentators, old politicians become authors, old actors & singers become psycho *******s. I'm just saying!

1241 days ago


He needs more than anger management.

1241 days ago

Fresno has PLENTY of pretty, available women.    

Gary Busey is a clever wordsmith and has amazing self-restraint. Yes, Meatloaf can benefit from Anger Management classes and finally confront the source of his pain... his abusive father.

(unsolicited sidebar) We all love watching Celebrity Apprentice. Celebrity appearances are a sly endorsement of the Trump brand. And Trump's current attack on Our President is a tactic to energize the Tea Party so that Trump can muster enough votes to run on the GOP ticket for the 2012 election. Trump is prostituting everything and everyone for his own political agenda.

1240 days ago

just asking    

OK, then how did the paint supplies get hidden from the group? Someone in that group is very good at pushing everyone to the limit and then acting so innocent. Meatloaf reacted because he doesn't play mind games and reacts honestly. After all, no one really threw any psysical punches, just verbal ones!

1240 days ago


meatloaf needs to stop eating meatloaf what a fattass

1240 days ago


What the h3ll is this about?! I dont watch news very much,,,,because of these kind of stories. I especially hate HNN! Celebrity garbage.....but Busey has always been the word?.....oh yea! ***WEIRDO** !!!

1238 days ago


Gary Busey was WRONGED! It was obvious that he was provoked and picked on from the beginning. I think he conducted himself very well considering the ABUSE he had to endure. MEATLOAF couldnt find his paints, so flies into a rage and just starts accusing Gary with NO PROOF! He didnt even look for them~John was able to find the bag of paints for the idiot. Meat needs help, He cannot control his emotions...period ! The big baby couldnt even speak last night in the board room. ( It was all an act, we see thru you, meatloaf!) Gary is a bit eccentric, but its a fine line that runs between GENIUS and insanity. He just thinks on a higher level than the average person,,,so that the normal, mundane stuff is boring to Gary and doesnt keep his attention. His mind is focused on the higher working realm of the tasks. I hate everyone thats left ~ but if I have to choose....I Hope the Cowgirl bitch " Yawn Rich" gets his ass kicked during one of Meatloafs angry tirades. Then they can both go home and cry to mommy! HOPE THE WOMEN WIN NOW!!!

1230 days ago


BOTH John Rich AND Meatloaf are total A-HOLES! John Rich - I will never buy your music again. Your true colors - uppity conceit holier-than-thou makes me sick. YOU owe Gary a HUGE apology for being a jerk. You AIN'T nothin!!!!!!!!!!

1228 days ago

flo del coco    

you are an ass!

1128 days ago
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