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George Lucas' Daughter -- Cage Fighter Strikes Back

4/7/2011 9:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

George Lucas' daughter is returning to the dark side -- kick-starting her MMA career after taking over a year-long break ... all because she didn't want to look like a "battered woman" for her wedding.

Amanda tells MMAFighting.com, "The main reasons I didn't fight was first, I got married and I assured everyone that I wouldn't walk down the aisle looking like a battered woman."

But she didn't waste time during her hiatus -- Amanda added, she also "wanted to focus on getting technically better in all areas of MMA."

George's daughter is set to face off against badass Muay Thai fighter Heather Martin this Saturday ... at Freestyle Cage Fighting 46 in Shawnee, Oklahoma.

Her last competition was in November 2009 -- when she scored a three-round unanimous victory over Christen Bedwell at FCF 37. Let's hope she hasn't lost touch with the Force.

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OMG! Is this Star Wars George Lucas's daughter? Wow! Didn't he set aside some money for her? I admire how she likes to earn her own money, but gee, couldn't she find something else? Own a boutique? Start a no kill animal shelter? Guess she didn't want to be in the movie biz

1294 days ago

Comment Ads Suck    

Why let you brain get bounced around in your skull like a ping pong ball if you already have money?? The face is the least of her worries. Why would she risk dementia and disability? Why would you want to do this to someone else??


Posted at 5:49 PM on Apr 7, 2011 by rini6


1294 days ago


She kicks a*#@!

1294 days ago


Ok.... People, really? Enough with the harsh comments. She is a fighter. Fighter's do NOT fight because they are angry. They fight because it's what they love to do. From what I had heard, she was terribly mismatched in her first bout, and she kept coming back for more. That is HEART, something that many of you obviously know NOTHING about.
As far as the sandwich **** goes... How about you move YOUR @ss and go fix ME a sandwich. And don't worry I would let you vacuum my floors any day. LOSER! Have respect. We are doing something that is bigger than what most people ever dream. HOW DARE YOU try to take away from our dreams. Or is that something you know nothing about either????
There is a lot that goes into this sport. From the diets, to the long training hours, being away from family... We do this because we LOVE this, and we want to put on a good show for the fans. Because we are FEMALE mixed martial artists DOES NOT MEAN that we don't work just as hard for our dream,we are still pro fighter's. OK, THANKS!
And for the brain rattling question's... It is a proven statistic that MMA is a safer sport than boxing (which is what I began in). You may not understand it, but it's no different than any other sport. We are aware and realize the risks that we take before we ever step in there.
NOW, since there has been enough bashing let's see some positive threads and feedback. I hope EVERY ONE has a great weekend.

1294 days ago


Well said heather........with that said......go out and get a win this weekend......fight your ass off.......

1294 days ago

Tony Johnson    

For a minute I thought this was Dreamer's MAMMA after I slapped her around and then I thought it was Lori after a beauty rest and then I just realized it was Lou!

1294 days ago

Pam Ellis    

Is this the daughter that loooooved Jar Jar Binks so much that this helped her daddy to keep the character no matter what people with common sense thought?

Is it wrong I like that she is getting hit repeatedly? If that is wrong, I don't want to be right.

1294 days ago


Ok. So, who's the, "lucky guy?"

1294 days ago


TMZ, I'm sick of these a-wholes who only post ads, instead of posting comments on this site. For the good of us all, could you please delete these useless slugs when they appear?

1294 days ago

Patent Application    

One genius auteur's daughter who's not taking after daddy: director George Lucas' daughter Amanda Lucas, who is pursuing a career as a freaking cagefighter. Lucas last fought—and won—in 2009, but took a year off so that she didn't look like a "battered wife" for her wedding, also so she could "focus on getting technically better in all areas of MMA." This Saturday she returns to the ring, taking on Muay Thai fighter Heather Martin in Shawnee, Oklahoma. Her last fight was in November 2009—when she scored a three-round win over Christen Bedwell. What a way to get Dad's approval.

1294 days ago


That is one REALLY scary looking woman. I hope I never accidentally flirt with her boyfriend in a bar or something.

1294 days ago


Wow. Is it me, or does she look like Gary Busey with ponytails?

1294 days ago

Bobo Frog    

Lisa.....bingo! That's exactly what she looks like.....with a little Chewbacca sprinkled in.

1293 days ago


Is that really George Lucas's daughter?? She(he) looks like it could be the offspring of Chewbacca.

1293 days ago

Comment Ads Suck    

Gee Heather, you sound angry.

1293 days ago
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