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Valet -- LeBron's Mom HUMILIATED Me!

4/7/2011 7:35 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

LeBron James' mother screamed the words, "Don't you know who I am?!" -- before slapping a parking valet this morning in Miami ... so says the "humiliated" valet himself.

Rockfeller Sorel surfaced in Miami earlier today -- where he told reporters he feels completely humiliated -- and vows to take legal action against the NBA star's mother, Gloria James ... saying, "I need justice."


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pink floyd    

hey sonny and rockon, get a life you losers.

1257 days ago


Pink Floyd = penis envy

1257 days ago


Yeah man I bet you are feeling dissy maybe you had a fracture! Lawyer Up maybe with a couple of millions you'll feel better!

1257 days ago


Go after her getto allowance boy!!! Norhing cures a humiliation like cash does, good for you!! Sue her skanky drunk aZZ.

1257 days ago


I am sure justice amounts to lots of dollar signs, but what does this woman really have. It is her son who is rich and famous, she just lives off his leavings. So good luck pal you both deserve each other.

1257 days ago


She pulled the "don't you know who I am"? B.S. here in Cleveland. This woman has such a sense of entitlement that it's not even funny.

Let's just say the local restaurants here in Downtown Cleveland are very happy that they don't have to put up with her, her son, and his people anymore.

1257 days ago


Don't be humiliated Rock, she's the one who should feel like a complete a**hole! You were doing your job and being a gentelman. B*tch will get hers one of these days. Stand strong, dude!!!! You didn't do a thing wrong.

1257 days ago


Somebody asked, why would this guy go after her when LeBron is the one with the money? Easy, any lowlife, ambulance chasing lawyer(I'm talking to you Gloria Aldred) can make the connection.LeBron makes millions, gives some to her, giving her the ability to treat people like dirt, therefore LeBron is directly responsible for his mother's actions. Translation: big payday for this guy. Some people have all the luck.

1257 days ago


.....And meet the newest multimillionaire South Beach resident. What a befitting name Rockfeller Sorel.

Welcome to the South Beach life my man, she will soon open up her South Beach legs wide for you.....Artofwar

1257 days ago

Dandy Dan    

TMZ why do you continuously "poor gas on a fire", consistantly agitate, trying to create and further stories that would not otherwise not be there... leave the woman alone.
Who cares what this moron says!
You devote time and space to crap like this, the teen mom, Jersey Shore idiots, UGH!

1257 days ago


Im so sick of fans thinking that when they or there relitive messes up they shouldnt pay the price. I mean is it ok that she laid one hand on that man,no. im sorry but he has every right to have her arrested for assault and to press charges. Now of course lebron will offer a large settlement for him to drop said charges. I dont read anything that sais i want to get paid, i read him saying i want justice and you need a lawyer for that. So back off him, lebron's mom messed up and now lebron will have to pay the price to make it go away. now is that justice, no its not, id press charges for nothing less then a few million for the assault and embarrassment or simply let her be prosecute and teach her hses just as common as the rest of us.

1257 days ago


DON"T YOU KNOW WHO I AM??! a crack head?

1257 days ago


more like I need about something like an apology...

1257 days ago


He deserves to cash in... no one should have to take hit from some no-account ahole like that. She needs to be knocked down a couple notches and taught a lesson..

1257 days ago


If she hadn't of hit him it wouldn't be pay day. Sue the mean nasty old hag she is WAY old enough to know right from wrong.

1257 days ago
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