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MTV Orders TWO 'Jersey Shore' Spin-Offs

4/7/2011 5:35 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Pauly D will have his own reality show ... so will Snooki and Jwoww -- now that MTV has officially ordered 12 episodes of each spin-off.


TMZ broke the story that Snooki and Jwoww had been shooting a pilot episode for their show -- which will chronicle their experiences as roommates after their lives on "Jersey Shore."

As for Pauly D -- MTV says his show will focus around his life on the road as "one of the country's most in-demand DJs."

Both shows are scheduled to debut on MTV in 2012.


No Avatar


I'm excited for this one...and all you haters can talk about what crap its going to be but you know damn straight your going to watch for the same reason your posting on this "article." You love a train wreck and you love to talk ****...and the fact that you take time to hate on them is what keeps the show going... so before you start talking smack you should be aware that its actually you who keeps propelling there fame. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

1261 days ago


Trash TV at it's finest... MTV shoulda changed it's name to TRASHTV long time ago when they stopped playing MUSIC which is what the M in MTV stands for... NOTHING shown on MTV is anything but GARBAGE and ALL of the people on MTV are TRASHY IDIOTS WITH OUT A BIT OF CLASS!

1261 days ago

penny green    

Oh the Humanity!!!! What needs to happen is for MTV to go away and take all the trash they push with them! They all suck!!!!

1261 days ago


This is great news!! THese are really quality people with a great deal to offer ALL OF US. Why dont we stop and listen to thier wisdom? I think we would all learn a lot.

1261 days ago

herpes of the eye    

why does'nt mtv order up some music? how bout some video's? how bout a retro flshback video show? or a reality show about struggling up and coming bands? why do they keep on programming shows that have nothing to do about music? why not change the name to Douche-Toob? I havent seen a music video on MTV in ten years? what is it now a commercial for the commercials. the commercials are actually more entertaining!!! they have music!

1261 days ago


More than the sad commentary about MTV's even producing such trash is the viewership these pieces of garbage will garner by the simpletons who will be watching them (yeah, you know who you are), probably giving them high ratings that will keep them on the air longer than they deserve.

1261 days ago

Ronald RayGun    

Who's that man in the far right picture. I've never seen him before.

1261 days ago


It's crap TV shows like that that made me stop watching MTV YEARS ago!

1261 days ago


Wow why do you choose the WORST pictures??

1261 days ago


I, too, agree with No. 1. Have never watched and never will.

1261 days ago


Cursed be ALL the executives that put these "reality" shows on TV!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1261 days ago


My spouse is sick and on unpaid leave from his job - soon to lose said job. I make so little and we can hardly survive. Yet, these three little pigs are getting their own shows? Peoples worlds are crashing in about them. 2012 is upon us and this will be our lasting legacy...

1261 days ago


Most of you on here sound bitter if most of you had had the opportunity to do what they have and will do you would so stop hating because it's not you.

1261 days ago


Wow, MTV just lost any remaining shreds of credibility that it might have had

1261 days ago

LaResa C    

i agree with everyone who says its not going to last. No reality show on basic cable does. Even Keeping up with the Kardashians probably won't last. Because eventually Kim's boobs will travel south long before she has kids, looks fades you know.But all these future endeavors are worth a try. What else will they do w/o college degrees. Good luck everybody. PS I love me some Pauly D, you go boy.

1261 days ago
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