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LeBron's Mom -- Alleged Slap Victim Lawyering Up

4/7/2011 12:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The valet attendant Gloria James allegedly assaulted early this morning is already meeting with a lawyer to discuss his legal options ... TMZ has learned.

Gloria James

As we previously reported -- LeBron James' mom was arrested for allegedly assaulting a valet at the Fontainebleau Hotel in Miami around 4:45 AM after a verbal altercation over the keys.

We're told the valet went straight to the hospital last night after the alleged incident occurred -- but it's unclear if he suffered any injuries.

Story developing...

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I'm NOT a fan of sue happy people. However, people that assault others, especially those that think it's ok because of some sensed perceived sense of status, deserve it. Some people don't get it until it effects their pocket book.

1264 days ago


# 36

If God don't like ugly, then LeBron's mama is is BIG trouble!

1264 days ago


I think he needs to settle with lebron for millons. A lot of you talking about he shouldnt sue her and let the justice system deal with this. If any of you simple minded people knew justice, he suing her is justice for him and the court of law. Their should be no type of equitable dicision when it comes to determing the final outcome of this case. He didnt do anything worng plus she was intoxicated. The man came to work this morning to make money, not to get slap by a deranged individual. I know the victim and I believe he should do everything in his power to get a huge profit from this. If you walked in his shoes you guys would of done the same.

1264 days ago


I'm not being racist, I'm being honest. There have been many many MANY african americans who have worked hard to better themselves and the reputation of the black community. And then there are people like Labrons mom who at her age still doesn't know how to act right. Not that there aren't bad people of all color but they haven't had to overcome the stereotype that is often cast upon the black community, and will continue to be because of people like this. It's just sad that she doesn't feel the need to represent her race respectably.

1264 days ago


It's going to be hilarious in court. She doesn't trust "Your kind" considering the police officer, but had not an ounce of trouble striking and speaking down to her own Kind. I don't like her kind of PEOPLE period. And I Don't mean AAmerican, I mean AHole.

1264 days ago


Hope the case gets tried in Cleveland.

1264 days ago

If sense were common everyone would have it.    

YIKES! Powder much?

1264 days ago

c jones    

She is embarassing. he needs to sit her old ass down somewhere and stop acting like she is the star of her family and is above the law.

1264 days ago

♥TMZ but ...    

she is beautiful

1264 days ago

Jack Peter    

Does his mom look like a man or does LeBron look like a woman?

1264 days ago


who is this lebron fella?? I do not know him..Mama needs Etiquette School, Church, Rehab and a little plastic surgery might help..However her INSIDES , heart, soul, brains need cleaning..She is a crazy, BANSHEE -NUT Job with severe Mental problems..A baseball bat upside Her head might help

1264 days ago


She needs to learn the lesson that cause sonny has big bucks, that dont make her special. She showed what a low class, ghetto bitch she truly is.
Typical of all AAs who are rich. They think the law doesnt apply to them cause their ancestors were slaves.SHE deserves the MAXIMUM punishment allowed under FL Law.That means JAIL. Sonny will easily pay any fine momma bitch recieves but he cant do the time for her.Another example of what happens when these ghetto AAs come into money.

1263 days ago

ibn jones    

He may have said the wrong thing to her. Say the wrong thing to me i will get slap happy on your ass too. It not getto. You desrespect me, in going to **** you up. Its real. coming from a real person.

1263 days ago


Hey I'm from Cleveland Ohio,and let me tell you thats how
a lot of females act. Aggressive,loud, wild, white women black
women indian whatever thats how it is what people thought she
was going to change because of the money? come to Cleveland stay
a while you'll see what I mean what Ms. James did was normal to
me. Of course her actions wasnt right but what can you do its very
entertaining to a lot of people.

1263 days ago


Gee...not being reported on ESPN. How ironic. Just like they hushed up the party LaBron held in Vegas with strippers! What's a million or two to the valet when he's paying millions to ESPN to keep quiet about his personal life.

1258 days ago
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