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Alejandra Jackson

to Move Out --

Book Deal Imminent

4/8/2011 7:43 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Alejandra Jackson -- the houseguest who just wouldn't leave -- has agreed to vacate the Jackson family compound -- and sources tell TMZ a tell-all book deal is now a done deal.

Alejandra Jackson
Alejandra -- who has 5 kids via two of Michael Jackson's brothers, Randy and Jermaine -- has been a squatter in the Encino compound for months -- and was probably going to be evicted next week after a court hearing, but she has informed the Michael Jackson Estate she will be moving out by April 14.

The Estate had offered Alejandra a condo, provided she sign a confidentiality agreement, but she refused.  Sources tell us the Estate is not paying Alejandra a penny or offering her any housing -- this was Alejandra's decision -- and we're told it's a clear sign a book deal has been closed.


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If she tells the truth in the book. That is all that matters. The Jacksons never tell the truth about anything. Only fools believe anything that comes out of their mouths.

1300 days ago


It is real. It is someones reality for those who spend day and nite every day attacking MJ and/or the fans.

Same goes for them. They could choose to ignore. Why waste their time? Most of us have been here for almost 2 years now. Majority of them know who we are and what we believe. Nothing new there.

I would say it is definitely bizarre for those who fit the above description. Especially when they use nics such as dirty t+mp+ns, d+ld+s and make references to posters who are friendly with one another as lesbian lovers. Continuously attacking and cloning and saying the most vile hateful things in the process.

We are here to talk about MJ, the pending trial and other things similarly related.

Curious as to why you came back around.

1300 days ago


Shutup OhPoof

And yes ric, I would say that since you don't care for Mr Jackson then what is the purpose?

Just to have someone to argue with or what?

1300 days ago


Well I see you are attacking/arguing with Mymjj5 on the other board.

What do you care how she feels or what she believes? Please explain just how that effects your life.

1300 days ago



She was not even addressing you but you saw fit to make a smart azz comment back to her post.

Maybe you should take your own advice and "seriously get over it".

1300 days ago


WTG Alejandra! Let it rip. Good luck

God Bless and Protect Conrad Murray

Let's bring Michael Jackson to some long overdue Justice.
and that f'ing s c u mbag Jackson clan
(exceptions: Rebbie, Tito, Marlon, Jackie)

1300 days ago


Ric wrote, about Geraldine Hughes: "You are missing my point completely. Here imagine this. Imagine Geraldine Hughes was a secretary for Michael Jackson's legal team during the second molestation case. Imagine then that AFTER the trial she wrote a book stating how she witnessed the Michael Jackson and his defense team destroying evidence and paying off witnesses"

Ric - you are the one missing the point, which is whether she was telling the truth about how she witnessed the prosecution lawyers scheme in an unlawful way against Michael Jackson. If she was right - and all facts and the eventual acquittal of Michael Jackson points in that direction, and you can add Jordy Chandler's needing a restraining order against his violent father, the real accuser, as cir***stancial evidence - then she exposed a crime and harrassment against a citizen, the crucifixion of an innocent man.

Now, if someone in the MJ camp witnessed something unlawful they did, then yes, she should come forward. But no one did. THAT is the point. And as someone else pointed out - of all the thousands of kids MJ met in his life, and the dozens he was closer friends with, only two accused him - one, after his father drugged him, and the other one, after the DA:s prompting.

Those accusations were built on sand (the first "accuser's" drawing didn't even match, and his father was angry because MJ wouldn't build him a house and finance his film). If you like MJ or not doesn't come into it, the cases against him were and remain a judicial scandal. Whenever that happens, and it didn't just happen to MJ, people must react.

I don't know why you are here, ric. Of course you have the same right as everyone else to post here, but when you meet MJ fans or defenders (not necessarily the same thing) who are not "rabid", like me, you seem to lose interest.

Browsing through this board for soon 2 years now, I have noticed the "haters" are most often the rabid ones. They are rude, uninformed, malevolent, repeating unfounded and unproven accusations against MJ like clockwork. And this is the nice description of them. While sensible people here try to discuss the upcoming trial and what might have happened, the "haters" butt in calling them names, making fun of them, overall behaving like schoolyard bullies.

Michael Jackson was a human being, a living person. He is that no more. If you are seriously interested in him, find out more about him and what happened to him. If you are not, fine, but please be civil and know what you are talking about when you post. That should go for everyone.

1300 days ago


ASTON your post was great well said "SCHOOL YARD BULLIES"

Browsing through this board for soon 2 years now, I have noticed the "haters" are most often the rabid ones. They are rude, uninformed, malevolent, repeating unfounded and unproven accusations against MJ like clockwork. And this is the nice description of them. While sensible people here try to discuss the upcoming trial and what might have happened, the "haters" butt in calling them names, making fun of them, overall behaving like schoolyard bullie
The people that make these outrageous/vulgar comments are just a few using different names in hopes that MJ's supporters won't
recognize their relentless obsessive stupidity
They are the PREDATORS.........................

1300 days ago


The Ultimate Hootchie - Pt. 3......
-#162: Aston, what are you WHINING about? You called me self-righteous, because I DARED disagree with you....I think you may want to check the Mirror on that one. What are you, LMP's SELF-APPOINTED PR person? OMG, chill....I could understand your anger if this was a board about LMP, but it's not. If you want to hear GLOWING commentaries on her, you may want to spend more time hanging on her Myspace page....
And since you don't know me, how would YOU know whether or not I'm a psychic? Not that I would DEIGN to try to be one where LMP is concerned, the only time I think of her at all is when her name comes up regarding Michael. I simply commented on what you posted which is my right, if you can't handle the truth about your girl, I don't know what to tell you....
And you say that LMP wasn't all over the place? Girl, those rose colored glasses need cleaning--BAD. You may want to take a hop over to Oprah's site and you'll see the full Interview she gave with her--fake tears as Michael's FAUX widow, and hear her talk you'd think Debbie Rowe never existed. And your friendly Google can bring you tons of stories on her YAPPING about Michael AFTER he died--Note that she did most of this talking when he was no longer around to contradict....if you remember, she's even been in TMZ stories, yapping about one thing or the other....Oye.
I just LOVE how so many people CLAIM to be fans of Michael's, yet they're so quick to jump to the defense of every person in his life EXCEPT him--"Karen knew Michael forever, Omer lived at Neverland"...WHO CARES! So did hundreds of other people and they aren't cheesing for the camera and yapping every chance they get.....
And for the record, exactly what "RESTRAINT" are you referring to? Going on several NATIONAL news programs with crocodile tears and blogging about how close she was with Michael? Too bad KF didn't put as much thought into her job as a MAKEUP ARTIST as she did YAPPING about Michael. As for Omer, after Michael passed, he suddenly has a record deal, a Tour, and is in every TABLOID known to man regarding the IDIOTIC idea that he may have been Michael's son....where was his RESTRAINT with that one? My issue with him is that he used that Media Speculation for career purposes and attention, when he KNEW it wasn't true--he's never ONCE set the record straight which is just WRONG on so many levels. There are pics of him, his dad and his sister and he looks JUST LIKE THEM, there isn't a Jackson feature or bone in his half-Arabic/half Norwegian body. When have ever seen a Jackson with a European "hook" nose, practically the size of Jimmy Durante's? All of the brother's have children from wives of other races, yet all of their noses are flat or pugged....
And for the record, anybody who knows how to google knows about Omer's time with Michael when he was called "little Michael"....big WHOOP, And do you REALLY think it's possible that anyone in the KNOWN world doesn't know about "Karen Faye Baker"--my nic for her because IMO she's as FAKE as a 3 dollar bill. And since you mentioned going on LMP's Myspace page, I see you've swallowed her CRAP hook, line, and sinker...
Both of these characters are fame whores and we've seen them CONSTANTLY ever since Michael died so I stand by MY opinion of them....if you don't like it, you know the drill.....
BTW: Note that I did NOT tell you to "shut up"--a word of advice, when you're trying to convince others that someone is a CLASS ACT, you may want to try and project that image yourself. The use of CRUDE language negates your ability to speak to the subject of CLASS....then again, I guess I shouldn't be surprised since you're such a fan of LMP's....
Bottom line, if you disagree with me, I'm fine with that, I realize that not evryone on here has the same KNOWLEDGE base and it's all good. You and others may think I'm haughty, but that's not my deal, I just do my research and know what I I psychic? Perhaps, but if anyone doesn't know basic things like this after supporting/loving someone for over 40 years, I'd have to question their loyalty. Thing is, I'm here for MICHAEL and only him (PPB as well,) everyone else is on their own. So if you want to run out and buy these LEECHES' books, knock yourself out....I'm sure they want to be able to at LEAST count their sales on ONE HAND......
-#164: Hey Sofi, your welcome!
-#165: Hey Siggisis! You know I'm one of the fan/supporters who does NOT buy into the LIE about Michael being an addict primarily because there's NO PROOF of that. I can listen to people YAP about what he "looked like", or what someone else told them all day long--doesn't make it so.....
FACT is, Michael's autopsy showed NO SIGNS OF DRUG ABUSE, and the only meds in him were the ones Murray gave him--BENZOS and Propofol. There were many script bottles found at Holmby, but the CSI official testified that according to the dates on the bottles, it showed he was either up to date, or way behind in taking some, and some were years old.....does that sound like an addict to you? And why would he hire a doctor instead of just procuring meds through one of the leeches around him? Sorry, but it just doesn't add up...
As for the family, I know they're why many people believe this lie--because Janet and Rebbie said so...well who made THEM the last word on Michael's life? Funny how of all the siblings, Michael saw them the LEAST post 2005--matter of fact, he didn't see them much before that year either. Google Janet's Interviews on Oprah (she has 2) and you'll see that she, herself admitted that she barely saw him after the early 90's. She tried to reach him in the late 90's but he never returned her call. She also stated that the only Intervention she knew of was the one at Neverland in the early 90's--around the time when he admitted he had a problem with pain meds and went into rehab. The other one the brothers stated was actually because they hadn't been able to call or get in to see Michael in Vegas when he returned from London....
Thing is, none of the family were around him enough to know WHAT was going on, they were all going by his past and what others speculated just as you are. I agree that his family should know better, but the fact is, the same ones who say he was "In denial", have also admitted that they rarely saw him, so can we REALLY take their word? Even Katherine who was closest to him didn't know for herself, she asked him about it based on what others told her, then refused to believe his answer....
With the family, you have to remember that Katherine has her Wrongful Death case and Joe has his Civil Suit coming up--both of these cases HINGE on the idea that Michael was ill and an addict. They purport that Murray gave him meds KNOWING his addictions, and AEG pushed him with a HARSH rehearsal schedule and demands KNOWING he was ill, and an tell me: what would they have to gain by INSISTING that Michael was an addict? Can you say....MONEY???
I personally would have no problem accepting the fact that he had a dependancy if there was any FACTS to based that on....just so happens there's NOT, so I choose to believe the FACTS in the CORONERS' REPORT over HEARSAY.....
As for Karen Faye, perhaps fans would be with her if she hadn't been involved in that MJJ Forum SCAM with Randy, where they had fans PAYING to be on the website, then suddenly it disappeared without warning....I think there may be a few people a little BITTER about that, don't ya think?
BTW: Many of us have MET Michael, but while it may have been one of the BEST MOMENTS of our lives, it doesn't mean a thing as far as KNOWING him so it's a moot point, IMO....
-#168: Becky, based on the cir***stances surrounding his appearance in the Jackson family, I always thought Donte was Joe's son. Joe may have been 62, but you have to remember that he was and is, even to this day one of the biggest MACKS. I remember he considered himself an Entertainment Manager back in the day, and most of his roster were Cute, NO TALENT girls, and all of the people who worked for him were more likely his buddies who had no expertise in the field....
I guess there's a chance that Jermy could've been his dad since he ended up adopting him. I always thought Donte looked like Joe, Tito and Randy, but now that I think of it, he also looks like one of Jermy's sons--the really PALE one with curly hair who looks about 18-21....I think he's one of Margaret's children....
-#169: Thanks Cory....I rest my case.....
-#171: Hey Nan, that post CORNERED LIKE IT WAS ON RAILS!!! I totally agree with you--LMP may THINK she's being sincere, but if she does, she's DELUDED--especially when we have plenty of YOUTUBE clips of her saying TRASHY things about Michael, and her TRACK RECORD with him has been spread out for all the world to see. But contrary to popular belief, I don't judge her--no need, not when she's the one who PLAYED herself and loss the BEST MAN EVER, to Debbie Rowe of all people....if I were her, that in itself would be enough shame to keep my mouth shut.....not everyone's going to buy into her CRAP like Oprah did. Actually, I bet Oprah didn't either, she just wanted the ratings....
As for Alejandra's book, I'm starting to think that was simply Media Spin. Wouldn't put it past them at all if they got it confused with Jermy's book, but we'll see. I just hope fans aren't worried over this Nonsense because there's nothing left to accuse Michael of thanks to the TABLOIDS....
-#173: Hey Human Nature, thanks for the article on Jermy. I certainly hope he does the right thing and follows the courts judgement, but since he's calling it unfair, I still don't think he gets it. IMO, Jermy has an ENTITLEMENT problem on top of the fact that he's DELUDED as I don't know what. Makes NO difference if Alejandra lived at Hayvenhurst for a HUNDRED years, he STILL has to pay child support! Men who have issues grasping this fail to realize that the Money is for THEIR CHILDREN, not their spouses....
-#203: Hey Mymjj5! I LOVED you and HN's posts on LOVE--Michael's FAVE subject....
BTW: Geraldine Hughes is a known Michael Supporter--she was the women who wrote "Redemption"--the truth about how Michael was framed in the '93 allegations. She was a legal secretary for Evan's lawyer, so she got to see their SCAM first hand that Evan and his attorneys set up after Michael wouldn't pay him the $20 mil he was asking for....she also has a blog. Not sure why this "Ali" character is against her, he seems to be making it up as he goes....
-#207: Hey Daphne! I know what you mean, and don't worry, no SANE person on these boards believed that was your posts....
-#222: ric, excuse me for interrupting your moment of rationalization, but I'm confused. Exactly WHO do you think these boards are about? Why are you SO surprised or offended when you read posts supporting Michael? Who would you have them support, Glenn Becker? You?
Thing is, this is a board about Michael, therefore it stands to reason that people who are PASSIONATE about Michael are the LOGICAL ones to post. Those of you who are against Michael can kindly put us all out of misery and find a board YOU'RE passionate about. This may be a Tabloid in a FREE COUNTRY--God help us--but give us a BREAK!!
And let's get on the same page about this "RABID" thing right now: FYI, you guys have worn this one out. Get a NEW horse to beat. I happen to LOVE MICHAEL which is the ONLY reason I'm here--to gain and share info with other Supporters who Love him, and make sure his legacy is uplifted. I have NEVER engaged in anything as stupid as filthy name calling as that only shows the ILLITERACY of the may want to point that out to your fellow haters BTW.....
What I think is extremely SAD is that you guys obviously need attention so much that you would come on the boards about a man as WONDERFUL as Michael, and have the AUDACITY to think that you could tarnish his name and change peoples' minds...YOU and what ARMY? If the Tabloid Media hasn't been able to do it, what makes you guys think you're up to the task?
Thing is, I will ALWAYS dismiss anyone who says negative things about Michael--for me, I defend him the same way I'd defend my family because that's the way I think of him...not because he's a saint or god....that's another tact you guys use that needs to return to the TIME WARP from whence it came. Anybody with any SENSE knows that there is only one GOD--JESUS....and Michael acknowledged him for ALL of his gifts....
BTW: According to his word, God cares about ALL things and ALL people. You may want to revisit the Bible before your next attempt to respond on this subject....
-#228: Hey Chico, another Excellent Post--GON' GIRL!!
No Peace till Justice!

1300 days ago


Ahh yes the "I know you are but what am I?" defense. I believe Hannibal used that tactic in the Battle of Zama if I am correct, didn't work out too well for him. Curious, what made you decide on it over the "Peek-a-boo, I see you!" plan? LMAO.

Posted at 6:50 AM on Apr 10, 2011 by ric

You are wrong.You started it unless you've got Altzheimer's disease and can't remember.

1300 days ago


Sofi, try turn this around and see if it works!

You are a spineless follower, Danger Baby will be so disappointed. She tried so hard to be nice to you and told you not to follow her around the boards, you did not clue in. You kept asking "which board will you be on tomorrow?" MiMi and Shareurwoodie had a field day, each night you asked. Remember???? you will be ignored after this unless you had something smart to say!

Posted at 8:23 AM on Apr 10, 2011 by duilama

So was i.Why would she complain to you if i was annoying her so much?

Since you and ric say the smartest things well it doesn't bother me if i don't have your IQ.

1300 days ago


@#225 MJ hasn't done a thing to you or anyone and why are you
on his boards with your untruth. God doesn't have to worry about
anything because He is God and worry is a sin. MJ is a Child
Of God and he is in Heaven. So stop wasting your time annoying
fans on MJ's boards because your ignorance is showing. BTW OJ's
case has nothing to do with Michael Jackson's you are a ignoramus for sure. Never heard of you before or is this a
alias or nic you hide behind. I don't want to know anyone
like you because you are a disgrace to the human race.
I don't want you responding to my post I don't even want
to know someone like you exist. And yes Mr. Levin owns
these boards and he is a Lawyer that likes MJ's music.

Justice For MJ
Love You Forever MJ

1300 days ago


American idiot

just to name a few.....

Posted at 3:10 AM on Apr 11, 2011 by Danger Baby


And those are your examples of filthy words?


I think someone should post a list of all the filthy name calling you and all your other nics have spewed on these boards.

1300 days ago


Ric, that is not how it went down and you know it. Scrambling up the order of the posts in an attempt to prove your point?


. the haters on here constantly claim that michael's fans are delusional and rabid. No matter how much support we give michael with the truth and other factual evidence. all we get from them is nasty filthy name calling against michael and often times his children.

Posted at 4:47 PM on Apr 10, 2011 by mymjj5.
Not all MJ fans, just the rabids. For every rational MJ fan there is a foaming at the mouth rabid that is quick with the filthy name calling and dismissing of opinion that you say they are being hit with.

Posted at 5:04 PM on Apr 10, 2011 by ric


Not all MJ fans, just the rabids. For every rational MJ fan there is a foaming at the mouth rabid that is quick with the filthy name calling and dismissing of opinion that you say they are being hit with.

Posted at 5:04 PM on Apr 10, 2011 by ric


Filthy name calling?

Only posters I see doing that on a regular basis are rabid haterz.

Posted at 5:38 PM on Apr 10, 2011 by MiMi

1300 days ago
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