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Betty White

BLASTS Lohan, Sheen

4/8/2011 3:33 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Betty White just UNLOADED on Lindsay Lohan and Charlie Sheen -- claiming she "cannot stand" their over-the-top lifestyles ... and blasting them for letting their careers spiral out of control.


Betty went off on the stars yesterday ... telling the Daily Mail,  “I cannot stand the people who get wonderful starts in show business and who abuse it. Lindsay Lohan and Charlie Sheen for example."

But Betty didn’t stop there -- claiming, “They party too much, don’t learn their lines, are unprofessional, and they grumble about everything. I think they are terribly ungrateful.”

Back in her day, Betty adds, "We considered ourselves lucky ... and were always on our best behavior in public." Times have changed.


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Mr Baxter    

Well said Betty. She's exactly right. I love this woman.

1293 days ago


And as predicted...had to comment.

Lindsay Lohan reportedly upset over Betty White comments
By: Molly Sullivan Lindsay Lohan apparently can’t really handle anyone talking about her as Betty White has now hurt her feelings with some recent comments.

White reportedly stated that Lindsay and Charlie Sheen were ungrateful for their opportunities and didn’t take work seriously, states TMZ. Now, Lindsay is apparently not angry, but disappointed in the comments.

Lindsay reportedly thinks the comments were unnecessary as she is trying to get her life and career going again. Lindsay has previously allegedly had her feelings hurt by things said about her on ‘Glee.’

Do you think Betty White’s comments were hurtful?

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1293 days ago


I guess I was out of the loop, sorry for the repost about her being disappointed.

1293 days ago


We all love Betty. And I do agree with her, and yet the other side is that: Charlie did not flub his lines and always hit his mark, and what we do on the week-ends, away from our job, should be none of our bosses business. As long as we show up for work on Monday and do a good job, which Charlie did. And did it for a lot of years, and is capable of doing it for a lot more years. Times have changed, bless Betty's heart.

1293 days ago


Seems to me I recall Betty White herself having diva issues on the t.v series The Golden Girls, having fall outs with everyone else on the cast, and causing problems lol!! Allegedly, at the time of course lol!!
While she may feel she's right, puhlease, they partied just as wildly (if not more so!!) in the 50's and 60's, drugs and sex were still the high of Hollywood lifestyle - it's just back then the media didn't write about it lol!!! Betty White may never have been involved in that scene, she may be holier than thou, but if anything the scandals in her time were even more ferocious than now - nothing changes, just the times, the drug of choice and the fact that now we get it rammed down our throats 24/7 as if we're they're damned therapists! As for people being grateful and always being on time and remembering their lines lol, I could name you plenty who didn't come under the above heading lol! A listers too!! Of course there was always and still is the casting couch in Hollywood, nobody in showbiz is that pure when they start out lol! Nothing changes in Hollywood, sex, power and drugs have always been the mainstream there, always will be no doubt too lol!!
She is entitled to her opinion, but then all 80 plus year old's think none of us know what real work is or what real values are, even those living in the real world lol!! Most of us let it go in one ear and out the other, after all telling them to take a flying leap at a dry pond would be so beneath us lol!! Not only that, in some cases whether we want to hear it or not, they may have a point lol!!
Will Charlie Sheen and LiLo be alive at her age, do they care or do they even want to be lol?! That's their choice, their's or nature's destruction of the planet anyway, I doubt most young kids today will reach 80, mainly because the planet won't be here!!

1293 days ago


Betty White doesn't "unload" or "blast" anybody.
Stop being so sensational in your phraseology.
Leave it at that.

1293 days ago


Yes, Betty IS 100% right about what she said, but I think she could have made her point without naming names. I'm not even a fan of Charlie OR Lindsay, but they're hardly the only two celebrities who behave badly and they shouldn't have been singled out in my opinion. Betty should also be grateful that she doesn't have the mental illnesses that these two obviously have. If Betty's intention was to HELP them, this was not the way to go about it. How does she expect them to take her advice to heart if she only embarrasses them with it on a public forum? They might have more respect for her and her advice of she had contacted them privately instead. Just saying. Nevertheless, keep going strong, Betty! We all love you.

1293 days ago


Get em Betty! Betty told the truth, bunch of ungrateful fools. Get em again Betty! Best post all all year!

1293 days ago

Nicole K. Scales    

You tell em Ms.White because you've certainly paid your dues and have earned the right to speak!!

1293 days ago


Too bad she didn't stay well behaved and shut up . Really is sad when old folks talk about things they know nothing about .
By any standard Lindsay is an abused child , Exploited by all who have had the chance to do it .
Parents , managers ,friends and lovers all have picked her bones .Even jewelry stores have had a bite. Betty ought to just keep quiet she did herself no good by this.
There is nothing similar between LIndsay and Charlie. He is just has lots of money and no clue how to behave with it.

1293 days ago


Betty really ought to talk to Meryl Streep about LIndsay and her work ethic, She has actually worked with LIndsay and knows what she is talking about , Ms Streep gave the young actress a great review .

1292 days ago


Yeah we agree with Betty....but sadly this is 2011 when for some insane reason appreciation, gratitude,humbleness and accountability aren't worth much these days.

Cheers to you Betty and your generation !!

1292 days ago


Betty knows best! I miss the old days to. There is very little respect and appreciation left in this world.

Love ya Betty..Keep on keeping on !

1292 days ago


Kathryn at #51: "I still can't fathom why any idiot would want to pay money to see his [Charlie Sheen's] bipolar ravings."

Creeps me out, too. The guy is so obviously in a manic phase, not himself and not in control. It's like laughing at a friend while they're having a seizure or going into insulin shock.

1292 days ago


OooooNooo! at #55: "Seems she [Betty White] hopes we all forgot about HER past. "

I don't think Betty denies any of it. But she's known as a hard worker as well as a talented comedic actor who works very well in ensembles, that's why she's still getting so many offers at her age. Her list of jobs in the biz just in the past few years is remarkable. She practices what she preaches, and knows she's been lucky to have the opportunities. That's really what success in show biz is - a combination of luck and willingness to work hard when opportunities are presented. There are many, many talented people out there, but only a few opportunities. You have to grab them when you get them.

Lindsay in particular has been behaving quite the opposite. She has tossed away more opportunities than most people have in a lifetime. She doesn't seem to work well in ensembles and hasn't developed her raw talent since she's been legal, basically spinning her wheels for 6 years. She's still on probation for DUIs going back to 2007 because she couldn't be bothered to just follow the instructions of the court and take the d*mned drunk ed courses on time and as directed by the judge or to show up at court when she was supposed to do so. She is at great risk of getting tossed in jail again for a while because even when given two shots at mandatory rehab instead of more jail for prior probation violations, she's still racking up stupid violations and just playing at reform (even drinking in rehab and with a SCRAM on). And of course there's her shoplifting habit putting her at risk of more jail or prison...

Lindsay is also known for causing problems and expensive delays on set and doesn't seem to realize she was lucky to get the roles she got and is quite replaceable. Plus she blames everybody but herself for her problems and comes across as just plain mean, tossing anybody and everybody under the bus without a qualm. Not good if you're hoping for work. People might sometimes put up with that from a well-established talent who comes through brilliantly in a pinch and most importantly sells tickets, but not from a 20-something who just doesn't have those credits to draw on.

People are quite willing to give second chances to someone who has reformed themselves - but Lindsay just keeps making people dislike her more and more, with no sign of real change. She knows all the rehab navel-gazing jargon, but obviously isn't taking steps to stay sober and deal with her problems. She hasn't fallen off the wagon - she has never even jumped on it.

1292 days ago
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