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Murray on MJ Kids: 'That's My Children, I Love Them'

4/8/2011 8:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

File this one under The Feeling Is Probably Not Mutual -- while out at The Grove in Los Angeles yesterday, a photog asked Dr. Conrad Murray about Michael Jackson's kids and he responded, "That's my children, I love them. I love them."



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Murray on MJ Kids: 'That's My Children, I Love Them'

Those are Michael's children.If he really loved them he wouldn't have killed their father.

1260 days ago


Hey ric looking for me?

Posted at 10:31 AM on Apr 9, 2011 by sofi

No, I was just asking duilama who you were because he mentioned you and I don't know all the players here anymore. :)

Posted at 10:38 AM on Apr 9, 2011 by ric

You could have asked me directly,am i wrong?

1260 days ago


Hi Cathy! Awesome to see you again. What did I miss? lol

Posted at 10:36 AM on Apr 9, 2011 by ric

LOL. How long have you got? ;) Seriously though, I've curtailed my visits here quite a bit, and really don't post that often anymore. I'll probably pop back in more as the trial gets underway. As always, looking forward to your insights and witticisms. ;)

1260 days ago


yeah your children right?
he only act this bull****!if he would love mjs children he wouldnt have killed their father!!

1260 days ago


duidoodoo aka aq aka gaylizard
Too bad so sad your notes are wrong! Mini Mimi's correct nic is Mimi from Indy. My goodness, how could you be so careless?

Posted at 5:20 AM on Apr 9, 2011 by MiMi

Love gold pants... but
I see dead wimp MJ.


Posted at 9:32 AM on Apr 9, 2011 by gayforliztaylor


I don't "see" you denying the fact that you are all these nics.

And what's up with the new one duilailomo?


1260 days ago


I don't doubt it. Your parents made you and THEY failed.

(Are you suuuure you wanna do this?)

Posted at 11:34 AM on Apr 9, 2011 by ric

Oh no PAL! your parents made you and THEY FAILED AS IT SEEMS!

Yeah, i wanna do it.

1260 days ago


Oh but I'm not being ignored.

But you are ignoring the accusations.

1260 days ago



1260 days ago


LOL! So you took my response and added "as it seems!" to the end of it and that is your comeback?

On second thought I think you need experience and should go up against an opponent just a little more able than you (like a tree) before you step into the big time AS IT SEEMS. LMFAO!!

Posted at 12:06 PM on Apr 9, 2011 by ric

That must have hurt didn't it?

So you consider yourself more able,what a joke!

Oh and be careful you don't crash on the tree while you are dropping to the ground.

1260 days ago


"smartened up a notch"? ROFL

What's the matter aq? Mad coz you were not invited to the party?

1260 days ago


fanatic mimimoo has no mj and jackson brothers answering her love mail.

1260 days ago


Oh yeah that's right. Switch nics and start talking to yourself.

And I'm the delusional one?


1260 days ago


no doctor could punch mj til he could sleep.
he's tardy for his 200 pound fat lady fans' party. *facepalm

1260 days ago


Dr. Murray claims he loved his sole Patient Michael Jackson yet left him unattended to die alone while speaking on his cell phone without a care in the world.

Murray is sick attempting to claim Jackson killed self, seen visiting cemetery and making public announcements first directed to loving Katherine and now the children knowing he is charged with killing and taking away their family member and trying to sickly deny it for the purpose of the trial outcome in his favor.

Any Judge would grant a Court Order and force Murray to stop making public announcements directed to the family of the victim making them sick.

1260 days ago


Oh as much as I enjoy it when Katie10 jumps your butt, she too has quite a few nics that she has used in the past.

Me, I only use the one, unlike you and yours.

1260 days ago
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