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Lindsay Lohan and MJ -- The Bodyguard Connection

4/8/2011 1:49 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan had one hell of a greeter when she arrived to LAX on Wednesday -- because the man who escorted her out of the airport was Michael Jackson's former bodyguard Alberto Alvarez ... the man who called 911 on the day MJ died.


Sources close to Lohan tell us ... Lohan has NOT hired Alvarez on a permanent basis ... and it's unclear how the two hooked up in the first place.


Alvarez reportedly told LAPD detectives that Dr. Conrad Murray had asked him to hide bottles of Propofol in MJ's house on the day the singer died.

As TMZ previously reported, Alvarez was fired from his gig with the Jackson family last year.


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Most of the stories that white-trash lindsay plants with TMZ are not this glaringly obvious. I once took a **** on elvis' toilet. Does that mean that I am also destined for greatness ?? Like everyone else I check this site everyday hoping that the bitch is finally in jail.

1261 days ago

Big Momma    

She looks Pregnant!!! I do however understand that would be impossible for her!!

1261 days ago

john smith    

Maverick may be able to out fly me and out think me, but I can kick his little ass and I will win the Top Gun Trophy when all is said and done, Iceman ps I took the nickname from George Gerving the basketball player, Virginia Squires ABA, they called George the Iceman because he was so calm during the high pressure situations at the end of the basketball game that they used to say he had ice in his veins instead of blood, he was the ultimate assassin, Iceman
..........pps Val isn't qualified to carry my jockstrap!!!!!!

1261 days ago


#28 Mary - I really don't think that most of the posters here are jealous or envious of Blohan. Get a clue and a life honey.

1261 days ago


Stains and duck lips; what trash. Her lips are so inflated it looks like she can't shut them. No matter what she wears or where, she looks filthy.

1261 days ago


So He's doing an honest days work. A guy has got to live. Leave him be.

1261 days ago

Gina B.    

slow news day huh........seriously, as others posted before me, why does she need a bodyguard? Also, where is she getting the $$ to pay him? Does she have any income coming in? Someone, anyone?

Posted at 10:36 AM on Apr 8, 2011 by Stella

Lindsay has at least 2 clothing lines, one of them is named after Marilyn Monroe's birthday (it is numbers for the date) and also one of them (sorry don't know which) sells leggings which I hear are pretty good sellers with the tween and teen crowds. SO she's definitely making some bank. I also heard she was going to start a shoe line, don't know if that panned out.

For anyone who thinks big deal, Jessica Simpson, who I thought surely was scraping by, owns a clothing line worth 1 BILLION DOLLARS! Now, Jessica herself doesn't have that much money but probably well into the hundreds of thousands. Guess she's not an air-headed bimbo after all.

1261 days ago

john smith    

Let me break it down for all the slow people, here's Lindsay's profile....... she is a super gnarly radical airhead, a living depiction of the Alicia Silverstone character in Clueless. I think she landed in Agoura when she was transported here and when you take a Clueless valley girl and put her living in the Chateau Marmont with a billion dollars, what do ya thin is gonna happen, you morons? Do you expect Clueless to remember she had a tiny necklace on that she put on a half hour ago? Be REAL! I am 100 percent positive that she didn't even know that she had F.U. on her fingernail when she went to court, she was getting her nails done a few days before and the girl most likely said I can put a little FU on one of your nail if you want and Clueless said Oh that would be kinda gnarly super radical go for it! Clueless had a court date with a DA who she knew had it out for her....she decided to go to the Cannes film festival instead of court, only Alicia Silverstone would twiiter I;m stuck in Cannes and I am supposed to be in court tomorrow, does anyone have a private plane that they can fly me to LA in? I lost why passport..........why did she wear the necklace for a week, you figure it out Vorlon......

1261 days ago

Gina B.    

Ack! I meant Jessica is worth probably hundreds of millions!

1261 days ago


And why the hell is this news? Jeez you guys report every time this dirty bird takes a dump! YAWN!

1261 days ago


The "Guido" factor is just hilarious.
Anything to stay relevant, huh Lindsay?
Too bad, so sad that you have to sell yourself to gossip sites to get publicity.
If you actually had talent there would be a natural viability.

1261 days ago

john smith    

@52 Scarlot O Hara...Blah, Blah, blah

1261 days ago

john smith    

Lindsay has like a hundred lines at her condo right now.

1261 days ago


To MMF: no need to call them names, however I wonder, what in the world is that stain the bodyguard has on his tie also? Did he drooled all over himself or just wipe himself clean after..eating..just saying. She has a 'stain', he has a 'stain'..hummMM? Maybe they just dined at the same restaurant together. Just saying..

1261 days ago


OMG, he is hot. Hottttt.

1261 days ago
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