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Lindsay Lohan and MJ -- The Bodyguard Connection

4/8/2011 1:49 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan had one hell of a greeter when she arrived to LAX on Wednesday -- because the man who escorted her out of the airport was Michael Jackson's former bodyguard Alberto Alvarez ... the man who called 911 on the day MJ died.


Sources close to Lohan tell us ... Lohan has NOT hired Alvarez on a permanent basis ... and it's unclear how the two hooked up in the first place.


Alvarez reportedly told LAPD detectives that Dr. Conrad Murray had asked him to hide bottles of Propofol in MJ's house on the day the singer died.

As TMZ previously reported, Alvarez was fired from his gig with the Jackson family last year.


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Let me break it down for all the slow people, here's Lindsay's profile....... she is a super gnarly radical airhead, a living depiction of the Alicia Silverstone character in Clueless. I think she landed in Agoura when she was transported here and when you take a Clueless valley girl and put her living in the Chateau Marmont with a billion dollars, what do ya thin is gonna happen, you morons? Do you expect Clueless to remember she had a tiny necklace on that she put on a half hour ago? Be REAL! I am 100 percent positive that she didn't even know that she had F.U. on her fingernail when she went to court, she was getting her nails done a few days before and the girl most likely said I can put a little FU on one of your nail if you want and Clueless said Oh that would be kinda gnarly super radical go for it! Clueless had a court date with a DA who she knew had it out for her....she decided to go to the Cannes film festival instead of court, only Alicia Silverstone would twiiter I;m stuck in Cannes and I am supposed to be in court tomorrow, does anyone have a private plane that they can fly me to LA in? I lost why passport..........why did she wear the necklace for a week, you figure it out Vorlon......

Posted at 11:30 AM on Apr 8, 2011 by john smith

Are you high?

1257 days ago


TMZ and your point being what????? What a stupid story

1257 days ago


Does she know he's Nation of Islam? Does she know what he did to Michael? Beware Lindsay you might need someone to protect you FROM your new bodyguard!

1257 days ago


She is soooo lucky. I would JUMP that sexy man and kiss his face with my beautiful fish lips until he told me all of MJ's wonderful secrets.

1257 days ago

Milagros vargas    

Por favor ya dejen en paz ha este gran hombre que fue MICHAEL JACKSON. ya el este muerto para siempre dejen su alma en paz ya despor dios...

1257 days ago

Pony Princess    

john smith is having a nuclear meltdown, and somehow thinks his spewing k-rap like he does is going to convince us he is some kind of powerful god who knows all the stars, etc. He is simply a total fool and idiot.

1257 days ago


If you goggle "michael jackson-returns to gary indiana" 2003 on u-tube he was the first bodyguard to jump out and protect Michael....but Lindsey don't have it going on like
why is he working for her?...I guess it's a job...but....

1257 days ago


She hired the bodyguard for the sole purpose of taking that picture and sending TMZ this "story". Anyone who used a comment to do anything but make fun of this 24/7 PR trash machine needs to stop drinking the kool-aid.

1257 days ago


Maybe he can hold some jewelery for her while she spends hours in a jewelery store doing nothing. Or maybe he can hide some drugs for her the next time she gets pulled over and claims they are not hers. Just Saying...

1257 days ago


She looks very pregnant.

1257 days ago


This guy is with her,because she knows how disliked she is right now...almost cant blame her

1257 days ago


Dude is pretty attractive.

1257 days ago

Flying Blind    


1257 days ago


i'm so sick of hearing about this has been. she looks dirty & pregnant...her hair is gross! we all need a bodyguard to protect us from her!

i also thought she was out of money or had very little? this guy could be doing it for the publicity. or, she's prob. sleeping old men since her career is over.

1257 days ago
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