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Matt Lauer

Jockeying for

$25 MILLION Payday

4/8/2011 9:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Matt Lauer is not seriously interested in leaving NBC -- unlike his co-host Meredith Vieira -- but he is bucking for a massive raise to $25 million dollars per year.

Matt Lauer Leaving NBC
Sources connected with NBC tell us all the talk about Matt leaving NBC's "Today" is nothing more than a well-timed negotiating ploy.  Remember, the Matt buzz started right after reports surfaced Meredith will leave in September.

"Today" has been the #1 morning news show for 15 years -- a virtual cash register for the Peacock -- and we're told Matt wants his slice of the pie ... in other words ... $25 mil.

Lauer currently gets by on $17 million per year. 

UPDATE: A rep for NBC says they are "NOT in any negotiations with Matt ... as he is under contract for a long time."


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i will never watch a morning show again....ridiculous...with all the "stars" crap and "entertainers" crap, "celebrity" crap, too bad they all don't fall off the edge of the earth....only leaving Betty White...

1239 days ago


Greedy Matt. He is not worth that but i'm sure he will get a substantial raise!! I am not a fan and prefer Meredith!!

1239 days ago

Squeaky Shoes    

what's his purpose? make as much as he can, then NOT pay his taxes and claim bankruptcy like everyone else?

1239 days ago

jealous of kate    

ever since the new administration has come in, he has been lousy, a sell out, probably pushed by GE, his corporate heads. He use to do a somewhat decent interview, but get anyone high in the Obama administration....... IT IS A JOKE... When he 'interviewed' Obama, Obama guided the questions, and he NEVER went back on any of Obama's answers. Now, I do not mean for him to attack a president, but, when his asked Obama what the 3 most important things in his life were and he answered -RELIGION (the man who does not attend church) Basketball (yes, Basketball, #2) and his children (no mention of Michelle) and he let that go, without ANY COMEBACK! Meanwhile, he has had Bush on, and he has not shot him down, BUT, his questions were not so sweet. FAR FROM IT.

1239 days ago


Matt is well respected and he will get a huge raise. The Today Show wants to stay number one and, keeping Matt on assures that. Matt and Ann Curry( in Meridith's seat ) would be a good combo.

1239 days ago


The thing is that the well-paid top employees always get their millions--but when the hourly people for the same company want a raise they are told the recession prevents it. Funny how the money is always found for the top people.

1239 days ago


I think I am going to be sick. I am sitting here, trying to figure out how I am going to make my rent next month. Greedy, greedy jerks, all of them.

1239 days ago


Imagine what education, vital services (firefighters, police etc.) or health care would be like if they threw that much money a year into it!!

1239 days ago


Wow, that's about $47 per second! eating, sleeping, working, travelling, whatever, he's making 47 bucks a frig'n second (average over the year).

I hate my life.

Posted at 5:08 AM on Apr 8, 2011 by Jim

LOL. He's only worth $250.000 at most.

1239 days ago

wow ew    

yea cause 17 million isnt enough in this economy, hold out for more.

matter lauer can suck it.

1239 days ago

Drew G.    

Matt Lauer is OK. I watch his show often and he has a very vanilla, average run-of-the-mill personality and really isn't all that bright. There is no possible way that he is worth $17 or $20 million dollars a year. He could be replaced by almost anyone.

1239 days ago


Let that bald b*stard quit.

1239 days ago


Matt, you are a plus to the show but I think this is getting a little greedy and may be someone out there can do as well for less money.

1239 days ago


Re: #41: Imagine what education, vital services (firefighters, police etc.) or health care would be like if they threw that much money a year into it!!

Posted at 6:38 AM on Apr 8, 2011 by Muppet

This is ****exactly**** the point!! Thanks, Muppet. You nailed it!!

1239 days ago


Tired of the demands of the high paid public figures this is just another one Matt may be a plus to the show but surely not wore an additional $25mil I say bring Katie Couric back and offer her a nice salary.

1239 days ago
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