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Matt Lauer

Jockeying for

$25 MILLION Payday

4/8/2011 9:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Matt Lauer is not seriously interested in leaving NBC -- unlike his co-host Meredith Vieira -- but he is bucking for a massive raise to $25 million dollars per year.

Matt Lauer Leaving NBC
Sources connected with NBC tell us all the talk about Matt leaving NBC's "Today" is nothing more than a well-timed negotiating ploy.  Remember, the Matt buzz started right after reports surfaced Meredith will leave in September.

"Today" has been the #1 morning news show for 15 years -- a virtual cash register for the Peacock -- and we're told Matt wants his slice of the pie ... in other words ... $25 mil.

Lauer currently gets by on $17 million per year. 

UPDATE: A rep for NBC says they are "NOT in any negotiations with Matt ... as he is under contract for a long time."


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I hope they let him go. He is not even worth what is getting now $17M. He is greedy.

1258 days ago


Matt Lauer isn't worth $17 Million so I hope they let his contract expire and ge some young, new blood in there. He can then go retire to Montana.

1258 days ago


I hope they let him go----soooooo tired of his arrogant attitude. ABC and NBC morning personalities SUCK!!! I recently started watching the CBS morning show. At least those guys haven't let their egos crowd out the news.---------YET

1258 days ago


Why are people so angry? If I could get away with getting that much money, I would try.

1258 days ago


In my opinion it works like this. Matt goes to the network and says 'hey look, I have great ratings and bring in all this ad money, you shouldn't have any problems giving me a huge raise'. The network looks at the figures and determines they are netting a tidy sum so they negotiate a semi-outrageous raise for Matt. The only problem with this scenario is that the show takes a full staff of people and is not reliant solely on Matt. So who gets lost in this deal? It's the production staff and support personel who will never see their share of the pie and they will end up getting whatever the standard raise is from the network (3-5% I don't know). Hopefully the crew looks at this and realizes they are getting the shaft and demand a pay increase equal to Matt's (which would be 47%). If the entire team is rewarded with a similar pay increase then I say it's a fair deal all the way around.

1258 days ago


what do any of these card readers bring to the table?fluff newreading.At least the local and some of the networks have figured it out....nobody really cares or watches.

1258 days ago


This is so sad that a man actually working for a living doing really hard manual labor gets maybe $12-$30 an hour and this man sits and reads what other people write or asks a few questions of someone he is interviewing and he gets THIS MUCH MONEY ! Thats what is wrong with our country, nothing makes sense in what people are paid.

1258 days ago


"Matt, you're being glib."

1258 days ago



1258 days ago


I didn't know he was making that kind of cake! WTF? 17 mill a year? NBA Money, SMH,

1258 days ago


Slow news day

1258 days ago


25 million are you kidding. you could find thousands of unknowns who could do his job just as well for 50 grand a year. the egos on some people are unreal.

1258 days ago


I'm so glad I don't watch that show. The public needs to start boycotting. No one who does what he does deserves any ware near that kind of money and he wants more. To those who do watch WISE UP

1258 days ago


Wow, I hadn't heard Meredith was leaving. I've never thought much of her, so am glad to hear that news. I hope Matt stays. He's a gentleman. The morning crew is best with Matt and Ann as co-anchors, Al with weather, and Natalie with news.

1258 days ago


25 million to read a teleprompter??

1258 days ago
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