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Matt Lauer

Jockeying for

$25 MILLION Payday

4/8/2011 9:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Matt Lauer is not seriously interested in leaving NBC -- unlike his co-host Meredith Vieira -- but he is bucking for a massive raise to $25 million dollars per year.

Matt Lauer Leaving NBC
Sources connected with NBC tell us all the talk about Matt leaving NBC's "Today" is nothing more than a well-timed negotiating ploy.  Remember, the Matt buzz started right after reports surfaced Meredith will leave in September.

"Today" has been the #1 morning news show for 15 years -- a virtual cash register for the Peacock -- and we're told Matt wants his slice of the pie ... in other words ... $25 mil.

Lauer currently gets by on $17 million per year. 

UPDATE: A rep for NBC says they are "NOT in any negotiations with Matt ... as he is under contract for a long time."


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really???? I dont watch his show..cant stand Meridith at all. I have to wonder what makes these people think they are worth this kind of money. I think the people running these type of shows , should just say take it or leave it as far as wages go...I think most of them would take it....people get tired of watching the same old faces year after year anyway, if they cease to be interesting.

1261 days ago


He's not worth a $1 million. They could EASILY find another guy to ask the same dumb questions that he asks! How is it whenever I watch a clip of the Today show, they NEVER ask the right questions?!?!? I'm like what's the point of the interview then!

1261 days ago


$17 million is not enough to live in this hard economic times: i want $25 or more or i'm leaving TODAY. WHAT A SELFISH C*NT!

1261 days ago

Ratings Needed    

Matt...Matt... you're looking to make $25 million a year!!!!
WOW!!! Oh, wait... you're a liberal so that means you're going to give $24.9 million to poor people...or build a homeless shelter... or give to education in the U.S. oh, wait, I know you'll give it to NPR.

1261 days ago


Nasty man totally out of touch with reality.
Stopped watching him years ago.

1261 days ago


Matt Lauer IS the Today Show. It makes 500 million a year. He should get 50 million a year. At least he EARNS his money, unlike the hedge fund vampires.

1261 days ago


This idiot wants more $ he's not even worth what they're paying him right now. He needs to go away & get a real job.

1261 days ago


Be realistic Matt is not even worth the $17 mil. he is currently getting paid. It'a a good thing teachers aren't as greedy as people like Matt Lauer. If it weren't for teachers people like THIS a hole wouldn't even know how to count much less fight over money. HEY MATT, how about you be thankful for getting paid $17 million dollar to sit on your ass and do nothing instead of asking for more money you aren't worth.

1261 days ago


You go Girl! If NBC won't pay,... there is always room for you on ABC's "The View" with your BFFLs; Joy Behar, Elisabeth Hasselbeck, Sherri Shepherd, and Whoopi Goldberg.

1261 days ago


I don't watch the show anymore because I can't stand him. They'd be fools to pay him more. He's a liberal mouthpiece and has zero credibility.

1261 days ago


Hey Lauer, you aging, balding, vacuous, garden variety empty talking head. Be glad for what you manged to steal already, which is insane as is.

1261 days ago


$25M per year? Well, if he can find a sucker to pay him that amount, good luck. In my view, he is not worth it.

1261 days ago


People are going to bed hungry, people are loosing their homes and jobs...... And Matt thinks he is worth $25 Million a year..... I'm sorry but I think that is unbelieveable. He just lost a viewer!

1261 days ago


I moved to GMA because I dont like Meredith and Matt thinks he is God's gift to ALL women!!! Let him move on and find someone that really wants to be there to report the news and not his own life!!!

1260 days ago


I cleaned up for him and his wife in Lake Placid. Just so not worth this amt of $.

1260 days ago
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