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Pia vs. Pia:

Who'd You Rather?

4/8/2011 9:15 AM PDT BY Johnny Lopez

Here's shockingly booted off "American Idol" babe Pia Toscano (left) -- and the OG Pia, '80s starlet Pia Zadora back in her heyday (right).

Question is ... 


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Pia Zadora man.

1264 days ago

jim peters    

Climbed a coconut tree for pia z. back in 1971. She's my girl.

1264 days ago


Pia Toscano is the perfect example of what an Italian primarily Sicilian (Southern Italian) should look like. Her tan actually looks natural, not that fake and bake sh-t the Jersey Shore cast try to pass off as a tan.

1264 days ago


Pia Tuscano, WOW, anyone who says she doesn't have it all is an idiot. People, you used to say Celine Dion wouldn't make it. Now look, Pia has Celine quality talents. Beautiful and talented, and her voice WOW. We need to start a petition for america to NOT watch AI until they put Pia back on the show.
the voting is flawed and they know it, or something went wrong with the computerized voting system. If we don't watch they will have to listen to us and put her back on the show. She is clearly the best, AND up with the best of the best of the 10 years.
Seriously, Idol, you need some credibility back

1264 days ago


Pia Tuscano, extremely talented, beautiful, what a voice.
Lets start a petition for America to NOT watch the show until they put Pia back on the show. If viewers are down to almost nothing they will have to listen. They got it wrong - had a computer problem --something, and they don't want to talk about it. If Americans didn't vote for her, then we should not be allowed to vote at all. Pia, she's at the top with the best of the best, of all 10 years.

1264 days ago


Sorry but Pia looks like a drag queen who just crossed the border into Texas. All that makeup and that huge forehead is disgusting.

1264 days ago


the toscano chick is hot and all, but id take pia zadora hands down cause when i was a teenager i used to umm...think of...her all the time. :)

1264 days ago

jane jackson    

I felt so bad for Stefano. A time for him to celebrate going through was deminished by the judges making such a big deal about Pia getting voted off. Pia's a lounge singer not a star, that is why she was voted off. No worry's Pia I'm sure you will get an offer from the Love Boat cruise. Stefano will be the next one to go because of the judges comments.

1264 days ago


Definitely the other Pia. Toscano doesn't cut it for me. She is pretty but seems like a cold byatch

1262 days ago


Hey No. 14 David. Your comment demonstrates your I.Q. hasn't gone matured past 3. Either that or you're just a functioning illiterate. Oh wait a minute! I'm told you never found your way out of the trailer park.

1262 days ago


I dont think she can sing.Its if it were a beauty contest of all them,id say they were wrong but she sounds the same no diffrence in her voice,but people who will follow the crowd and cant hear that she sucks will buy ,her garbage and will be edited as much as possible.ive heard alley cats that sound better than her if u heard her sing walkin down the street you would wont her to shut the hell up

1261 days ago


Well, I think she is great. And just as deserving as any of the rest of them. However, I can't quiet understand why the stage presence and entertainment is such a big deal. After all, once they make their albums and cds,they are not all videos, and most are just cds one plays in their cars, and stereo systems.

1260 days ago


Yes bring Pia back and stephano go home.

1260 days ago

Sure thing    

Pia Toscano has a big, big nose. She needs to get her honker fixed before she can be considered beautiful. BIG, BIG nose.

1257 days ago

John 8:32    

@Sure thing : the same genetic trait that gave her the so-called larger nose that your speaking of... also gave her the wonderful skin tone and dark hair... it's called African genetics (Brunette Genes).

Believe it or not every time you l@@k in the mirror, even you will see Africa looking back at yourself.

Because in all reality the truth is there's actually only two kinds of people in this world... the first are Africans... the true people of great mother Earth. ALL the rests, people like yourself are in a category that would make you a descendant of those first people.

PIA - is a wonderful singer... and I look forward to hearing more from her very soon... actually she is a wonderful singer who got the short - end of the stick... because of jealousy.

1257 days ago
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