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Pia After 'Idol' -- 'Everyone Was Sobbing'

4/8/2011 3:49 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Pia Toscano and the rest of the "American idol" finalists were a crying mess after the 22-year-old's shocking elimination last night -- sources connected with the show tell TMZ.

Pia Toscano American Idol
"Everyone was sobbing" after the show, says one of our "Idol" spies.  We're told Pia was probably the most popular contestant among the contestants, and, "They were totally bummed out she was leaving."

The contestants -- sans Pia -- showed up for the "Kiss Off Dinner" at a restaurant in L.A.  Pia made her entrance after everyone was seated  ... followed by tears, more tears, and then one of the producers put it in perspective to make it all better, saying, "The point of 'Idol' is to launch careers.  Pia, you're launched."

We're told Pia didn't check out of the "Idol" hotel last night, but she'll be out of there today.

UPDATE: Apparently, Pia ran out of tears, because earlier today she was seen out in L.A. with a big, fat smile on her face.



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what open hearts you all have here...a sign of the times.. no compassion just mean spirited cutting comments and remarks concerning a human is one thing to have not cared for her as a performer singer.. another to trash.

malice is not where it is at.. unless you live in hell.

1259 days ago


The ridiculous voting scheme was put upfront and center last night. You can say she was boring but week after week, she nailed her performance. Idol is no longer a platform for the the most talented eventually winning the honor. It has become a teen idol voting contest that has shown over the past years that it is an uphill batter for a female to win with 15 year old girls voting excessively for the "cutest" male.

1259 days ago


There were probably more deserving to go home. She sings well, but doesn't really have a performance. She would have gone home soon anyway. What ticked me off was the judges reaction, and I hope they apologize to Stefano for what their reactions. Stefano isn't brilliant on stage by any means, but he doesn't deserve to be treated as though he sucks.

1259 days ago


Remember Jennifer Hudson, Idols biggerst stars to date, was voted off in the third ruound. How many Idol winners have we already forgotten? Talent is talent. Pia needs to make her move while the pan is hot. I never saw her as a pop stra rather a diva. You go Pia.

1259 days ago

abram hernandez    

This is competetion... These are the kinds of things that makes this show exciting. She already won fame.

1259 days ago

chuck hames    

Haley your next, take that smile and go away, jjc

1259 days ago


1) The judges need to be careful on criticism because the public
seems to listen to them very carefully.
2) The show has changed since year 1 of this program; it is more
of a singing/talent show together...they need to rename the show:
'American Idol; Singing/Talent Show'
3) Pia will be fine; with her singing ability; someone will
pick her up and her career will skyrocket. (maybe even more so
than possibly winning 'American Idol')

1259 days ago

Patrick Bateman    

Sign the petition to reinstate Pia Toscano on American Idol!

1259 days ago


She is gorgeous and a very good singer but maybe through tv she lost the entertainment part. I found her very boring to watch. I think she should break into acting instead of singing as she looks stunning but she needs to find a way to show the passion of singing if she wishes to continue.

That being said, Stephano absolutely should have gone last night....He is, by far, the most boring Idol to watch

1259 days ago


Oh my god, that girl was B O R I N G!! She needed to go, seriously! What I don't understand is why people are so hateful towards Casey? He's far more entertaining that she has ever been. So happy I don't have to hear one more stupid ballad from her!

1259 days ago


I think the judges owe Stefano an apology....and the rest of the contestants too. Any one of them is at risk now -- they are all pretty good and vote for the worst is Paul so he'll probably win!

1259 days ago


Why should anyone be shocked? This is Reality TV nation. Look at what passes for 'talent' on the most popular 'Reality' tv shows. The only requirement to be on one of those shows is to be photogenic; no talent required and no talent is what we get. The same audience sucking up the dreck on the other RTV shows is watching and voting on American Idol and every other so-called talent show.

1259 days ago


Glad she went home. I hated watching her. She had no personality what's so ever. It's American idol no one would want a girl that's stuck up to idolize.

1259 days ago


she is very good singer in all over the world and i love her song

1259 days ago


Unfortunately, I found the judges to be very UNPROFESSIONAL! Everyone pretty much agrees that she has a great voice, but, poor stage presence. The judges themselves, repeated this many times over and the "voters" agreed! This is an IDOL contest and for the judges to "REACT" WAS WAY OFF BASE! I would hope that these judges made an apology towards Stefano, as he did make it through and did not deserve the "shame on you" portrayed by the unprofessional act of Randy, J.Lo, and my iconic Man, Steven Tyler! Shame on them!!

1259 days ago
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