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Pia After 'Idol' -- 'Everyone Was Sobbing'

4/8/2011 3:49 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Pia Toscano and the rest of the "American idol" finalists were a crying mess after the 22-year-old's shocking elimination last night -- sources connected with the show tell TMZ.

Pia Toscano American Idol
"Everyone was sobbing" after the show, says one of our "Idol" spies.  We're told Pia was probably the most popular contestant among the contestants, and, "They were totally bummed out she was leaving."

The contestants -- sans Pia -- showed up for the "Kiss Off Dinner" at a restaurant in L.A.  Pia made her entrance after everyone was seated  ... followed by tears, more tears, and then one of the producers put it in perspective to make it all better, saying, "The point of 'Idol' is to launch careers.  Pia, you're launched."

We're told Pia didn't check out of the "Idol" hotel last night, but she'll be out of there today.

UPDATE: Apparently, Pia ran out of tears, because earlier today she was seen out in L.A. with a big, fat smile on her face.



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She was a cold fish! May be able to sing, but doesn't know how to perform.

1265 days ago


My two cents worth . . .
1. Pia was going to go - just didn't think this soon. Great to look at and wonderful voice, but absolutely no stage presence and boring as heck.
2. Wanted Jacob to go so badly. Hate watching him perform. Plus his comment about not being able to do "Let's Get It On" due to its morality statement - puh-leeze - how f****** hypocritical -- can't sing the song because it's not "him" and then he simulates the sex act itself with his pelvic thrusts during "Man in the Mirror?" You gott be s****** me. Out with Jacob.
3. Stephano. Again, BORING and not even close to having IT.
4. Paul is cool. Great stage presence. Very entertaining, but not so sure the majority of the voting public "get" his style. Us old farts who love Rod Stewart think he has been reinvented!
5. Casey is by far the best MUSICIAN. He is entertaining as hell. But again, the voting public probably don't see him as an American Idol.
6. Haley? Have a love/hate relationship with that one. If she doesn't "push it" she sounds great. She over did the Janis Joplin last night and didn't sound AS MUCH like Janis as when she is just natural. She's good, but doesn't deserve to win.
7. Honestly think the last three standing will be James, Lauren and Scotty . .
James is entertaining as hell, but sadly, with his tics he probably will finish third, but who knows - can you say JOE ****ER?!
Scotty - liked him more in the beginning. Wish he would hold that damn mic differently and straighten his doggone head up. Scotty, you need to rent some Kenny Chesney videos. You have the voice - not great, but neither are most of the male country singers out there.
Lauren - great, great voice - looks fantastic - sense of style. Just needs to be more animated. Her age MAY keep her from winning - but she has "IT".
Who knows maybe Scotty and Lauren will tie - country could use a good duo. Can you hear that Nashville? Now if Jennifer Nettles would just kick Bush to the curb now that Ronnie Dunn finally got smart . . . Those (Nettles and Dunn) are THE best voices in country music - bar none. I don't buy music, but if those two sang together I'd definitely buy it. I digress - Scotty and Lauren a duo? Methinks it's a great idea. Now, my two cents - can probably be turned into a penny!

1265 days ago

CA Girl    

Oh, for heaven's sake, 12-year-old girls are not running Idol. There are several "winners" who have not done much with their careers since winning, and some "losers" who are doing great, and some contestants from the past who have just plain disappeared completely. It is what it is, and it's definitely not brain surgery. I do agree that Stefano was shocked, but don't worry. He'll be leaving next week. He knows it. He just got lucky this week. Or maybe it will be Jacob, or Paul, or Scotty, or Casey, or any of the women remaining. Ah, show biz. It's so cruel.

1265 days ago


Is Mario working for TMZ now?

1265 days ago


I'm happy as hell that "the screacher" is gone. The next screacher that needs to get canned is Jacob.

SO glad that the judges used their save on that bearded guy. At least he had talent than this Whitney wanna-be.

1265 days ago


Wishe judges had saved the save for last night. This girl can sing and certainly has the charisma needed to go to the finals. She wasn't gimicky because she had the vocal chops without it.
Is there a petition I can sign to save her and eliminate 2 next week ???????

1265 days ago

Rose Schrader    

I don't think people voted for Pia because she showed no personality. Yes, a great voice, but she didn't shine and stuck to the same type of songs. Also, she acted like she was stuffy, maybe felt she was better than the others. They are all going so why get upset???? The last one standing--who knows yet. They will all do well and get offers that may be more lucrative than what being Idol offers them.
The reaction of the judges was so rude to the others and they need to be professional.

1265 days ago

todd lee    

WHO CARES? she will be turning tricks on the corner of Highland and Hollywood Blvd before the end of the weekend, American Idol is a joke anyway.

1265 days ago

Richard Dawson    

Something very wrong with a voting system so busy that you cant get on in two hours. Absolutely disgusted to see a talent like Pia voted off prior to several not even in her league. Thats it for me, Ive lost all interest in the rest of this years competition.

1265 days ago


American Idol is a "audience driven" show. The audience chooses who they want as their American Idol. Not the judges. I agree, the judges need to apologize to the other contestants. How humiliating to them! The judges feelings were so obvsious. Simon would not have behaved that way.

1265 days ago


Sign the petition to reinstate Pia Toscano on American Idol!

Posted at 12:44 PM on Apr 8, 2011 by Patrick Bateman


Are you kidding me? You actually went to GoDaddy and spent good money to buy a URL in a pointless attempt to save a mostly talentless hack?

Clearly your name should be Patricia cause no dude I know that has a nutt-sack between his legs would do that.

1265 days ago


The show has become a joke. It is vote the cute GUY and not the best voice. I am done watching it. Just look at who is left and out of the top 24 how many really talented females are now gone. What a joke.

1265 days ago

Anna P    

They really made the wrong move with Casey. Had they not save him, only one girl would have gone last week; and Pia might have been spared.

Most importanly he'd be gone.

My family is most likely done for the season; if Casey wins we're done for good.

1265 days ago


What a shame! So, Casey has a tantrum and he gets to stay? I could not believe that Pia, Jacob and Stefano were in the bottom 3. They should have been on the top 3 and Casey + 2 more girls should have been sitting there. What a waste!

1265 days ago


America got it right. Pia lacked personality on stage; beautiful girl, beautiful voice but got stale and boring.
If I had to hear her "promise to be better" one more time....lame.
Jen Lopez was too emotional and it came across rude to Stafano.

Haley is a sleeper and brings more each week.

1265 days ago
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