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NJ Senator RIPS Snooki -- She's a 'Degenerate'

4/8/2011 3:29 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

New Jersey state Senator Joe Kyrillos is waging war with Snooki from "The Jersey Shore" -- first proposing a law because of her ... then saying she's "a degenerate." NJ politics at its finest!

Kyrillos wants a law in place that would prevent student funds from being used to finance events some students find objectionable ... this, after Rutgers forked over $32,000 to Snooki for an on-campus Q&A session. 

Kyrillos went to describe Snooki as "a degenerate reality television star who offers neither useful advice nor any appreciable talents."

Ok, maybe he has a point.


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He's right for sure but what about going after to people/companies, etc. that pay these so-called celebrities???!! Our society is crappy because these types of shows/people/celebs would not be getting this type of money if people wouldn't watch these trashy shows!! So, who's to blame??!!!

1271 days ago


Amen, now if we could just get this trash off the air. Glad my 13 year old has higher morals than this skank and her skanky cast mates.

1271 days ago


I agree with him. A college should not use their funds to pay her to speak! WTF Especially not 32k. That could be someone's tuition and books!

1271 days ago

Enough crying    

really with so much going on in this world, our country is about to have a government shut down and he complains about snookie the the students paid for her to come it wasnt government dollars you want to bitch, bitch about how is it these kids are paying to hear from her and honestly you cant knock a girl for her hustle. I think its a shame and says alot about how we raise our kids when they pay that much to hear her "talk".Its easy if you dont want to hear about her dont watch her show dont click on links that pertain to her. He and the rest of you that bitch just put more money in her pocket

1271 days ago


Why doesn't he go after Rutgers? Seems they are the one "shelling" out the money. Snooki just did what she was asked to do.

1271 days ago


What the hell? I'd be pissed too. What the hell business do they have paying this skank $32,000 for a Q&A session?
Why the hell would anyone pay her $32,000 for anything?

Rutgers should be ashamed. What a complete waste of money.

1271 days ago


Well now she has money for rehab at least...

1271 days ago


You know what, the Senator person is right. Snooki never has anything intelligent to say, she's just doing all of these gigs for money. I tired to speak once and she scratch me out of place which meant I wasn't allowed to talk.

I'm tired of Snooki making me pretty and then ruining me by partying, drinking and f*cking ugly random guys. A hair puff can only hold on for so long. I keep telling that she can do so much better than what she's doing now but she won't listen to me. It's like the money has taken over her thoughts.

I just wish Snooki could sympathize with me, or at least try to listen to me, but all she cares about is herself. Besides, I don't think she knows what sympathize means so...

1271 days ago


Yaaay! There is no way that anyone should fork over any money to Snooki. I finally watched a season of Jersey Shore on NetFlix just to see what it was all about and was horrified! I guess I was raised in a bubble, but I never knew people really acted like that. If I were her parent, I'd be so ashamed I wouldn't be able to show myself in public. And the guys?? I don't know which is worse...the fact that they take home a different woman almost every night, sleep in the same nasty bed with them, and then call a cab for them....OR the women that go. They must have some twisted reasoning that sleeping with one of these guys will get them on TV. Well...they are right. Advertise to millions that you'll sleep with anyone without knowing them. Who needs prostitutes nowadays when so many young women out there today are giving it away free. Gah! It's like watching a slow train wreck. I wonder if others watch it like I horror...

1271 days ago


Sounds like the senator doesn't have any faith in the "free market" either...

1271 days ago


So, 100% of the students HAVE to vote yes to spend student funds, not school or taxpayer funds, student funds. How can you make a law regulating how students spend their own money? The students already have procedures in place to authorize allocation of funds and the government has no business interfering. If the government operated that way nothing would ever get done. That's why we have voting, so that decisions are made by Majority. But I agree that Snooki as a degenerate!

1271 days ago

Mrs. Pine    

I live in NJ and this Kyrillos is a worthless orange sack o crap. He is a scuzzy politician pandering in the worst way to the Snooki haters.

Rutgers students pay activity fees, but they also elect the student government that selects the speakers. If the students don't like their selections, they can vote them out! Why the hell should the State government get involved in student activity fees? So if someone is liberal, and doesn't like a conservative speaker (or vice versa), they can "opt out"? Whatever happened to freedom of speech?

Kyrillos has been in state government forever and has never accomplished a thing. He was actually state Republican chairman who got some awful candidates nominated, giving us illustrious loser Governors like butt bandit McGreevy and clueless Jon Corzine. THANKS STEVE for your great leadership during that awful era.

I'm going against the tide here, but I happen to get a big kick out of Snooki. She has entertained me and made me laugh, which is more than Kyrillos ever did. He should get back to work on the many REAL problems we have. TEAM SNOOKI!!!

1271 days ago

Mrs. Pine    

I live in NJ and all I can say is:


1271 days ago


My 1st props to a politician;but fist pump for this one! Totally agree. As a mother I so would not want Snookie to be giving my children any advise. I used to be a Snookie fan; but now I want her 15 mins to go AWAY!

1271 days ago


Snooks is making a crap load of money, more money than most of us will see in our lifetimes. Sounds pretty smart to me!

1271 days ago
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