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NJ Senator RIPS Snooki -- She's a 'Degenerate'

4/8/2011 3:29 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

New Jersey state Senator Joe Kyrillos is waging war with Snooki from "The Jersey Shore" -- first proposing a law because of her ... then saying she's "a degenerate." NJ politics at its finest!

Kyrillos wants a law in place that would prevent student funds from being used to finance events some students find objectionable ... this, after Rutgers forked over $32,000 to Snooki for an on-campus Q&A session. 

Kyrillos went to describe Snooki as "a degenerate reality television star who offers neither useful advice nor any appreciable talents."

Ok, maybe he has a point.


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As A New Jerseyite all 62 years of my life, I have to agree! Snooki is an insult to all New Jerseyites and to all Italians. The same goes for the rest of the cast. They are an embarrassing bunch of fat headed nobodys.

1301 days ago

Bob Angelini    

NJ needs more legislators like Sen. Kyrillos. We need to send him to Washington! You go Joe!

1301 days ago


God Bless Joe Kyrillos. He should run for President. My vote is guaranteed. Snooki is an imbecile. Same goes for that gel headed twit DJ.

1301 days ago


yes!!!!! he is so right!!!

1301 days ago


snookie and everyone else on that show are disgusting.I am not even italian for gods sake and I feel sorry for what she has done to jersey and the italian community,and maliable young girls minds.

taking pride in being chubby,tan,drunk,fighting in bars and being just outright immoral is offensive and disgusting.She is truly famous for nothing,and a talentless hack.

1301 days ago


Good for Joe for speaking the truth!!!

1301 days ago


He is the best -should run for president. He is one of the nicest people I have met.

1301 days ago


these people are amazing in their own personality and culture. the show was a huge hit but i dont understand why people are so stupid to assume these are the mascots or miss new york beauty pageant reps.... mainly the adults are complaining, because college students will eventually fix who they are kind of and understand that on some level. how else would they act? if someone wants to be like them they will, i dont know who would, maybe an idiot, but thats up to the individual not the public. this senator doesnt have to wear ed hardy if he doesnt want to , and he wont because he is intelligent...

1301 days ago


and whyyyy did rutgers do that

1301 days ago


Kyrillos for President!!!

He speaks the truth.

1301 days ago


'm going against the tide here, but I happen to get a big kick out of Snooki. She has entertained me and made me laugh, which is more than Kyrillos ever did. He should get back to work on the many REAL problems we have. TEAM SNOOKI!!!

Posted at 12:37 PM on Apr 8, 2011 by Mrs. Pine

What a tiny little brain you must have. I don`t know how much work he`s done on this. He probably received a complaint, made a call to confirm the complaint, then made a comment. Anyway, don`t forget to breathe.

1301 days ago


I agree that she has no value to society, but speaking as someone who has worked on the programming board at 2 different schools, just about every event is "objectionable" to somebody, so i don't exactly agree with the bill itself.

1301 days ago

Just Me    

A student vote was taken and an overwhelming number voted to have Snookie speak at their school. The Q & A was totally free to students attending Rutgers.
Anyone appalled by the amount of money paid to this "reality star" is missing the entire big-picture....
That being.... the students enrolled in college, the "future leaders of the world", the people who will get better paying jobs due to their degree, chose to have her speak.
Why is no one catching onto this fact? Dumb kids who will eventually slide through college and obtain a worthless piece of paper are going to more thoroughly enjoy a speech given by this slut over a speech by a Nobel prize winner.
Your misdirected anger at "Snookie" is exactly that. Misdirected. Yes she is obnoxious, slutty and gross.
She is also the one laughing all the way to the Ed Hardy store with taxpayer and alumni money now.

1300 days ago


A politician ripping on a reality star? That's kinda "the pot calling the kettle black" isn't it?

1300 days ago
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