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Tiger Woods' Secret To Success -- Gambling

4/9/2011 11:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Tiger Woods was gambling his face off the week before The Masters -- and it doesn't seem like a coincidence that he killed at the tournament ... finally.

TMZ has obtained a photo of Woods firing around some dice at a craps table at The Atlantis resort and casino in The Bahamas on March 29. 

So let's review -- when Tiger was the best golfer in the world, he was also the King of Vegas ... doing all sorts of Vegassy things ... like gambling and partying with porn stars.

When Tiger Woods sucked, he STOPPED doing Vegassy things to make nice with Elin.

Now, Tiger is doing Vegassy things again -- and on Friday, he posted his best score at The Masters since he won in 2005.


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Just another moronic thing for him to waste his idle time with. Like winning a few thousand is a big thrill for someone with his money. I'm glad he's sucking and hope he continues to do so.

1291 days ago


6:45 pm Saturday April 8th...

Tiger Party OVER...

SUCKING ASS IN AUGUSTA!...hmmmm maybe he should start practicing and knock off the whoring and gambling? Yea? Ya Think?

1291 days ago


Interesting since his 'friend' Notah Begay was just on Masters talk show on Golf channel talking about Tiger making changes in his lifestyle since what happened last year and making more time for the kids. OK. Plus didnt he try to blame all the CHEATING on sex addiction. So, either he's refueling his addictive tendencies or he lied. Let's go with the latter. Lastly, he made a big deal of saying he was getting back to his BHUDDIST roots, so gambling and partying AND selling false images is part of being Buddhist? Hmmm....

1291 days ago

Tmz Sucks    

It's well known that there is a correlation between gambling and clinical psychopathy. I'm not being insulting. It's just a fact. He probably should be institutionalized.

1291 days ago


Man I never get tired of the pathetic excuses the Tiger fans come up with to polish their God. The man is a liar and a cheat that turned his back on his family. I'm just glad to see his ex-wife had the guts to call him on it. Now guys when you walk in and your wife is being drilled by one of your buddies don't forget to forgive her like you did Tiger.

1291 days ago



1291 days ago

Just My Opinion    

What Tiger does is his business, he's single.

1290 days ago


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1290 days ago

winner, winner, chicken dinner    

Ask any resort or casino employee, Tiger is the WORST tipper in the universe!

1290 days ago


What values has Tiger Wood represented to the American public.
Sound character and great morals and ethics are a much needed
in our society, but hitting the ball around a gold course seems to be the great sign of a great man, as with other disgraced atheletes and professionals including politicians.
So, it is now a ok standard to bend and break all moral values in America, wealth and popularity is the new standard of being a success added along with doing drugs,drinking and screwing every girl in town.

1290 days ago


I was in Atlantis at the Casino the night Tiger was there. He was a total **** to his fans and had security escorting people away from him. There is a separate exclusive casino he could have gone to if he didn't want to be around people and a VIP section, so its no reason to be a **** when people come up to you. Oh and he was down by $35,000 at one point. I hope he does horribly. He is the biggest **** of a celebrity I ever met!!!

1289 days ago


I watched the Masters/2011 and it discusted me that Tiger Woods had no appreciation or humility to the gallery when they applauded him..His arrogance on and off the golf course since he stepped on to the firt T has always been obvious..Spoiled priviledged brat!!

A spoiled, selfish, arrogant, priviledged man who was raised that he was Number 1 at any price..

The father may have taught him to play golf but he forgot to teach Tiger morals (think dad didn't have any as well?) gratitude, appreciation, humility..Maybe the apple didn't fall from the tree? It seems his father caused some problems when Tiger first entered into tournaments and finally was asked to stay away by whomever or Tiger himself?

I was pleased that he didn't get another green jacket at the Masters/2011..I noticed that he didn't recognize the gallery when they applauded him..I think he is a plain bad tempered loser. he has shown his temper on the course several times and what is the saying? A tiger doesn't change their stripes?

I hate "cliche's" but I think with Tiger, "WHAT GOES AROUND IS COMING AROUND." or HOW ABOUT KARMA??

I compliment the people in the gallery who still show him respect and recognize when he make a good shot..too bad he doewsn't return the same to them..

Overland Park, Kansas

1288 days ago


Rachel knows Tiger used Poly Max Extremes on the golf course and got paid 10 million to keep quite about it..
Come on Rachel tell us the truth all golfers want to know.

1250 days ago
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