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LeBron's Mom's Valet -- I'm Too Traumatized to Work!

4/9/2011 10:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The valet parker who claims he was slapped in the face by LeBron James' mother says he is WAYYY too traumatized to return to his job at the Fontainebleau Hotel in Miami Beach ... TMZ has learned.


Sources close to Rockfeller Sorel tell us ... R.S. has taken an extended leave of absence from his gig ... and has been telling people he's "very depressed" ever since Gloria James clocked him in the face early Thursday morning.

As we previously reported, James was arrested over the incident ... and according to cops, she was a real pain in the ass with police.

We're told Rockfeller will be meeting with his lawyer on Monday to discuss his legal options ... which means he's probably gonna drop a GARGANTUAN lawsuit.

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This guy is smart. I heard the going rate selling a story to TMZ is $10-15 grand for a celebrity and slightly less for a relative of a celebrity. So he nets $10 grand and now he will get a big paycheck later in a "out of court settlement". She has it coming to! You can't treat people like crap and smack them because you have money. Good for him!

1272 days ago


I'm a Clevelander who just wanted to let you know that this is a pattern with her. There were many incidents when they were here including an arrests when she was drunk. Her favorite line is "do you know who I am?" like her son's abilities and money are supposed to give her special treatment.

1272 days ago

good as gold    

He isn't a gold digger. She deserves to be sued and he will get an out of court settlement plus whatever TMZ pays him which is more money then he will get parking cars! My guess is $15-$20 grand from TMZ total and $25 grand after his lawyer takes his half! I'm amazed at the sympathy that old mean hag is getting from posters on this message board! She has it coming! The cops should have tazed her ass!

1272 days ago

Ur Gay    

That's why, in a lawsuit happy day and time-you keep your hands to yourself!
He was working-why should he "Take it like man"?
What would you do-anyone would be so p***ed they would want retribution!
I, for one am tired, of people hitting/fighting or displaying bad behavior especially in public-it's time people pay for their actions.
I hope she goes to jail-and/or pays a fine-
He did nothing wrong-other than -he did not boost her ego, in knowing who she was!
Now her son has to bear the brunt of this, through publicity and a pay out.
If he were white, would you think differently?
Next time maybe she will be in control of herself and keep her hands to herself-but I doubt it!

1272 days ago


Gloria James is repulsive to look at! She looks like a dude with long hair...yuck!! Now I see where Lebron gets his looks from...Blech!!

1272 days ago


The dude is working it. He got "assaulted" by a hundred pound sack of pay dirt.

1272 days ago


Right on dude get some money for you post traumatic stress disorder too, this is gonna affect you for a long time brother!

1272 days ago


Allegedly, Some people do this for the fame, and money they stand to get in a lawsuit. She should be able to party and have fun, just because her son is a basketball star does not mean she has to stay in a closet. (Allegedly) Sometimes people premeditate on things like if someone knows you are a star or star's mom they could think Money Money Money, gotta do something to get some free money. No one has heard her side of the story. (Allegedly) If she is made to pay money it should be Her Money, not her son's and she would just have to work and make some money to pay this man's medical bills and maybe some mental distress. She may have allegedly gotten caught up in a gold digger's trap and have to suffer the consequences. She may be the real person traumatized. allegedly, She should SUE TOO if that is possible to do such a thing. Still just because her son is a basketball star does not mean she has to stop living it up, living the lifestyle she wants and partying and having fun. Allegedly. She really needs to tell her side of the story when she is allowed to by her lawyer's.

1272 days ago


Honestly ... trash only trashy people embarass their family like she did / does and will do again ... so sad

1272 days ago


What a loser! He looks like a big guy, I'm sure he's had bigger hits than one from that monkey face. What is it about America, that every time something little happens, you can sue someone? Gloria Allred? The biggest bottom feeder magnet there is!!

1272 days ago


And a little cash will help him get over the trauma for sure, we all know how it works, cash cures all

1272 days ago


she had no right to hit him and needs to do some serious stuff for her own life, but don't milk it dude.

1272 days ago


I'm no Lebron James fan, but come on! Really? Too tramautized to work? What a load of bull!

1272 days ago

Physical Graffiti    

Our military see their buddies die in front of them, fire fighters see babies die in fires and the police can be killed at any minute by some no good, and he's "traumatized" by a slap in the face?!

1272 days ago


Obviously he's over dramatizing this, but so what? If she wants to be a diva by playing up her supposed fame and status to her advantage, then I don't blame the valet for turning it right back around on her and using it to his advantage.

1272 days ago
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