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LeBron's Mom's Valet -- I'm Too Traumatized to Work!

4/9/2011 10:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The valet parker who claims he was slapped in the face by LeBron James' mother says he is WAYYY too traumatized to return to his job at the Fontainebleau Hotel in Miami Beach ... TMZ has learned.


Sources close to Rockfeller Sorel tell us ... R.S. has taken an extended leave of absence from his gig ... and has been telling people he's "very depressed" ever since Gloria James clocked him in the face early Thursday morning.

As we previously reported, James was arrested over the incident ... and according to cops, she was a real pain in the ass with police.

We're told Rockfeller will be meeting with his lawyer on Monday to discuss his legal options ... which means he's probably gonna drop a GARGANTUAN lawsuit.

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this guy sure knows how to milk it. smart team behind this man.

1291 days ago

richard pierce    

can you say greedy,lazy N****R and fat,over priviledged old N****R bitch? Typical N****R Trash, both!

1291 days ago


Just goes to show you that money cannot buy class! Lebron better get his checkbook ready!

1291 days ago


Anybody ever notice? When its a has-been actor or the relative of someone famous, they whip out the old "Don't you know who I am?" Nope, don't know, don't care. Shouldn't go around slapping people, but her son shouldn't have to pay the hush money to keep it out of court. But, he will. And she will continue using her son's "stardom" to get by. Sure would hate to have her for a mother-in-law, lol. Valet shouldn't have to take it, but also shouldn't get a huge payday for it. Workman's comp here he comes, all because of a bitch slap.

1291 days ago


Lebron didnt slp his mother did sh doesnt have money so he can sue all he wants. He only can get what she has not Lebron.

1291 days ago


This is different, a black man conning a black woman. Ones son hit the jackpot and now the valet wants part of it ! ! ! !

1290 days ago


First cut the guys balls off, because he ain't no Man who gets bitch slapped and then claims to have a nervous breakdown. I am sure Labron would of offered him something for his Mothers outburst but to take it to court is just a waste of Court time and the Attorney who takes on the case must be the biggest Ambulance Chaser in Florida.

1290 days ago


First off. That man was at work doing his job. That sheman got drunk and was high and mighty because her little monkey can shot a ball. All you idiots forget that LeCON James has bought his mother houses, jewelry and cars so trust me she has money. I'm tired off famous people acting like fawking idiots thinking they are above everyone else. Well her ****a Kinte can now go defend her ugly arse in court like normal people. Although I can see why she needs to get drunk and escape the reality of her ugliness. Just imagine what she looks like with her weave.

1290 days ago


Oops I forgot she ain't famous. She just happen to open her legs for a piece of rock.

1290 days ago


Stop crying wolf you lazy bum. Lebron mom was wrong, which they know, but going over the top like this isn't going to get him any more money.

1290 days ago


I see the clueless muppet is running his mouth, once again. Knows nothing about what he talks about and whatever 3rd country he lives in is surely protected under the American military because his own country cant protect itself, then he whines about America.

Perfect name: "muppet" I wouldnt describe this doosh any other way.

Posted at 11:22 AM on Apr 9, 2011 by Chaz

First of all azzzhole I'm not a male. Second of all I don't live in a third world country. Your stupid American army that you think protects everyone ...doesn't!! Lastly learn how to spell douche. ;) Educate yourself you'll go a long way.

1290 days ago

Zippy T. Pinhead    

If that horse faced Lady did that to me, I would have gone down like a sack of wet rocks and told by-standers to call 911. They would have had to cart me off in an ambulance. She would be paying $$$$$ for acting like she's better than everybody else. So I can't blame the guy, there's money to be made!

1290 days ago

john j    

Why doesn't he deserve his payday, so what she has a nba son, doesn't mean she can go slapping people, she wasn't born rich, she aint ish, she should remember what projects she is from, make the b*tch pay!

1290 days ago


I would have slapped her back, she looks jus like a man

1290 days ago


Hell let one more Legal Eagle get rich while suing the arrogant bitch .

1290 days ago
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