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'Housewives' Star


Handcuffed By Feds

4/9/2011 9:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A "Real Housewives of Atlanta" star was targeted in a case of mistaken identity recently, TMZ has learned -- when federal agents pulled him over and cuffed him, before realizing they had the wrong guy.

A rep for the US Marshals tells TMZ, Apollo Nida -- husband of "Housewife" Phaedra Parks -- was stopped and detained outside Atlanta Thursday afternoon.

According to sources, the Georgia task force responsible for the mistake pulled Apollo over thinking he was a key player in a current investigation -- but quickly released him when they realized he wasn't the person they thought he was.

The US Marshals wouldn't comment on the open investigation -- but we're told Apollo bears a "striking resemblance" to whoever they're trying to track down.

Attempts to reach Apollo were unsuccessful.


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Tony Johnson    

OOOOOHHHHHH...Phaedra is going to go all BoujieGHETTO on their ass!

LMAO! Okay Lori ~ You know I don't like you but that there IS FUNNY!

1259 days ago


@There Goes My Show

I'm not going to insinuate that you are stupid as the above poster did, but clearly you are quite uninformed. I'm not going to lecture you or act like some kind of authority but I would highly suggest doing a little research on our history of wrongful convictions, exonerations, and the litany of cases that have been quietly settled due to a small group of overzealous individuals abusing their authority. I've lived in wealthy areas and I have lived in poor areas, and even simple blue collar neighborhoods. I can tell you from my personal experience that the residents of these communities are not treated equally. Yes YOU feel that the police are there to protect you, and in your neighborhood that might be the case. However, in impoverished areas the authorities often have an assumption of guilt when it comes to the majority of the community.

I will also state that, yes, I am black man in his 30's and I have been pulled over dozens of times in my life. Interestinglly enough I've only ever received 1 ticket at the age of 16, went to court, fought it and won. Every other time I've been "let go with a warning". This is because I'm not usually pulled over for a legit reason. I'll even give the cops the benefit of the doubt and say that maybe a couple times I may have "matched a description". Maybe we really do all look the cops at least.

1259 days ago


Can't roll with the race dice today. He's been handcuffed by the "other" black guy or the real "black" guy.

1259 days ago

that girl    

Some guys have all the luck. The temporarily locked him up because he is an ex-con. He has commited a "white collar" crime, according to his wife. White collar, blue collar or black collar one is no better than the other.

1259 days ago


the guy just got out of prison in May of 2009 served 5 years on a sentence of 18 years. omg they made a mistake

1259 days ago


How can the cops be racist and pull him over for driving while black when the cop in the picture is black

1259 days ago


I don't care what anyone says Apollo is sexy as hell, ex con and all. Whoo throw some holy water on me because it's getting hot all of a sudden. Yummy!

1259 days ago


Ya'll dumb if ya'll actually believe the FEDS would make so huge of a mistake to arrest the wrong man...not the local cops but the FEDS...smh...even running the plates don't accidentally give you the wrong guy...

1259 days ago


Well if he doesn't want to get pulled over he shouldn't be driving a bright red BMW with huge ghetto wheels. It didn't help him any with that certain genre of music blasting from the radio.

He should have stuck with the proper 20 year old Cadillac with mis-matched tires, broken mirrors & primer spots.

1259 days ago


(#3) How long before a lawsuit is filed?

Posted at 3:07 AM on Apr 9, 2011 by horhay

Probably not long..

And #10, Phaedra may be a lot of things, but she isn't a sneaky-backstabbing-talk-behind-her-friends-backs-then-step-out-of-the-fray-and-feign-innocence bitch like Lisa. So glad she is gone.

1259 days ago


How can the cops be racist and pull him over for driving while black when the cop in the picture is black

Posted at 1:07 PM on Apr 9, 2011 by blaze1420

Have you ever heard of an Uncle Tom?

1259 days ago


Some people commenting going all around the world and missing the point.He was not the person they were looking for and they made a mistake, a huge one, if he was black or white, driving a luxury car or hoopty, rims or no rims, criminal record, clean record, I would not want someone to pull me over, handcuff me,and then say oh my bad wrong person. I can't see how the feds made that kind of mistake and they should be sued for this type of error. What if this was your brother or father?

1258 days ago


Phaedra will take care of such madness he know he ain't got to worry.

1258 days ago


well this wouldnt be the 1st time he got arrested>>//

1258 days ago


Well you guys blew the investigation! More tax dollars wasted!!

1258 days ago
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