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"Idol" Fans -- Get Rid of Stefano, Bring Back Pia!

4/11/2011 9:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

"American Idol" fans are bombarding the show and FOX ... demanding they bring Pia Toscano back ... and give Stefano Langone the boot.

Our "Idol" spies tell us hundreds of fans have been begging FOX to recognize the injustice of kicking Pia off the show, and bend the rules.  It appears these fans are organized, because they come with a singular message -- Stefano has no chance of winning and therefore he should be removed now as a sacrificial lamb so Pia can come back.

We're told the fans have even reached out to Stefano ... pleading with him to remove himself from the competition.

Certainly nothing like what the fans are asking for has ever happened on "Idol" -- but hey, it never hurts to try.


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man, get rid of sick, mental patient casey, and the wanna be rocker james

1260 days ago


Pia did alot of screaming instead of singing. That's why Adam Lambert didn't win.

1260 days ago


Sudan, Syria, Haiti, Japan. But people are organizing for a TV show hack?

1260 days ago

nancy williams    

Even thou people reported they tried to vote online and couldn't Idol will never admit there was a problem.Once they do all vote in shows come into question.I wonder how much the "vote in the worst" group has to do with it?

1260 days ago


WOW.. so ****ing mean and rude! Stefano DESERVES TO BE THERE SINCE THE PEOPLE VOTED FOR HIM!!!!!!!!!! Get over it Pia fans, get over it! Stefano has a great, sincere emotional voice, Pia was good but a bit screechy and repetitive not to mention she was NOT fun to watch. Leave Stefano alone..seriously think about how he must feel right now.

1260 days ago


not for nothing, but if they want to switch out somebody that red-headed amish kid can be gone and so can man-tasia!!

1260 days ago


Pia can sing! but, she was soooo boring until the last show. Stefano did not deserve the reception he got! the judges should be ashamed of their actions..soooo unprofessional. she shouldn't come back..this is a competition and, obviously, the voters didn't care enough to vote that night. No bending the rules!

1260 days ago


This is ridiculous. She got the lowest number of votes. MOVE ON! Why should they boot Stefano and bring her back when she was voted off fair and square?

1260 days ago


Carrie Underwood was the same way when she was on idol...great voice but no stage presence whatsoever...but she was likeable and thats probably why she becomes a popularity contest after a certain point, and Pia, IMO, just was not likeable.

1260 days ago


That's why the judges should only be allowed to vote!! They should not bring her back the people have spoken.

1260 days ago

Faith Sanders    

I was not at all happy and very surprised that Pia was voted off. I personally voted for Pia as she and James are my favorites! Anyway, did anybody happen to notice Haley's face when it was announced that Pia would be leaving?! She seemed to be smiling! and when the group was up there at the end, she still seemed to be not too unhappy about it. Could it be that she was thinking about herself at that moment, realizing that this only makes her chances better of getting further in the competition?
I think it just showed her true colors if you ask me? Don't think she will go that far anyway...

1260 days ago


America got it right? What is wrong with her so called fans? Pid did not have the "IT" factor. She was boring nothing spectacular about her voice. The only thing Pia has going for her are her looks. Perhaps she should start working in commercials or maybe catalogue modeling, but definitely not singing.

1260 days ago


Where were all these people when Pia needed them, bunch of weird people.

1260 days ago

A Real Lawyer    

lmao, yeah carrie underwood has no stage presence, just the top selling AI of all time, entertainer of the year several times since AI, wow jovigirl, u make a completely idiotic point. not to mention the fact carrie had 10 times a better voice than anyone else on AI that year. yeah I tell ya, that carrie underwood has been a real bust hasn't she?


I agree about Carrie having no stage presence when she was on Idol. I think the difference between her and Pia though was that although she had no stage presence she was likable, sweet and humble. We didn't see that out of Pia. Pia had zero personality and was the only one that didn't cry every week when someone was kicked off. It was like she was a robot up there compared to the others. Carrie learned to have stage presence and IMO outsings Pia hands down. Bye, Bye Pia. See ya. I'm glad she's gone.

1260 days ago

Sal Governale    

Absolutely ridiculous, people should just get over it. I'm 98% certain she's not gonna have a lasting career in this business. They just want to put out a record as soon as possible before everyone forgets about her. She has no personality, and neither do the songs they're recording right now.
I'm glad there are still real artists/musicians out there who actually create their own songs and put their heart and soul into them.

1260 days ago
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