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"Idol" Fans -- Get Rid of Stefano, Bring Back Pia!

4/11/2011 9:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

"American Idol" fans are bombarding the show and FOX ... demanding they bring Pia Toscano back ... and give Stefano Langone the boot.

Our "Idol" spies tell us hundreds of fans have been begging FOX to recognize the injustice of kicking Pia off the show, and bend the rules.  It appears these fans are organized, because they come with a singular message -- Stefano has no chance of winning and therefore he should be removed now as a sacrificial lamb so Pia can come back.

We're told the fans have even reached out to Stefano ... pleading with him to remove himself from the competition.

Certainly nothing like what the fans are asking for has ever happened on "Idol" -- but hey, it never hurts to try.


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Pia can sing! but, she was soooo boring until the last show. Stefano did not deserve the reception he got! the judges should be ashamed of their actions..soooo unprofessional. she shouldn't come back..this is a competition and, obviously, the voters didn't care enough to vote that night. No bending the rules!

I agree. She has a great voice but it was the same thing every week. BORING.....And, she had no personality. Some attractive people think that is all they need to do, just stand there and everyone will vote for you. guess not lol
The judges owe everyone an apology for the way they behaved. They were awful, I would vote for the guy just because of the douchie behavior of the judges

1269 days ago


I think Pia is awesome, but she didn't get the votes. That's what American Idol is about, the ppl choosing who they want and they chose Stefano. The fact that anyone would ask him to remove himself is ridiculous. Congrats Stefano and best of luck to Pia!

1269 days ago


Where were all of these people that are so upset that she got kicked off on voting night? Her voice is good, it's not amazing and she is not a good performer. She is over rated, another Katherine Mc Fee. You have to be a total package to make it in the pop industry, you cannot just depend on a good voice anymore especially since everyone in the industry uses auto tune anyway. I definately think she went home a little too early, but I do not think she would have made it to the finals, her performance was robotic and just plain boring...At the end of the day America always gets it right...She would have gotten the boot eventaully.

1269 days ago


They did her a favor by eliminating her! Hudson, Pickler and Daughtry who had lost are more successful than Hicks, Studdard and Sparks!
Toscano was already on the Tonight Show singing with the band on Friday!

1269 days ago


Am I the only one thinking she is not that beautiful? Sorry to piss her fans off, but I have never thought her as beautiful as some say. Nice looking, sure, beautiful, nope.

1269 days ago

Idol Watcher    

Pia sucked bad, she could not do anything with her voice like sing low or growl the way Haley does, I was so happy when they sent Pia home! She was only there for her looks and not her singing skills GOOD RIDDANCE

1269 days ago


Maybe this fiasco will finally be the last straw that changes the voting process!!! I was a professional singer for several years and I can tell you this...Pia has what you can't get from teachers - or even experience - a God-Given Voice with a phenomenal vocal range and powerful pipes. Add beauty and class and you've got a REAL idol.

Perhaps voting should be like DWTS where half the results come from the "experts" and half from the audience. Even at that, accepting multiple phone votes from one source still reeks of being unfair.

As evidenced by her new record deal, Pia will not suffer from the elimination, but that does not alter the fact that talent is no longer the primary requirement in this "talent" show.

BTW - I think Stefano is a fine singer and is getting a raw deal. He seemed genuinely upset, as did all the other contestants, with Pia's elimination....all except Haley. That little smirk on her face when the results were announced spoke volumes.... "Hooray!! There goes the biggest competition I had!!"

As for me, unless the voting process is dramatically improved toward a a more honest, sensible approach, I'm done with American Idol!!! X-Factor - Let's see what you've got!!!!

1269 days ago

CA Girl    

Somewhere in all these posts there is someone who agrees - PIA TOSCANA DOES NOT NEED AMERICAN IDOL ANYMORE. She has been gifted everything she would have received had she won American Idol, so quit complaining. She has: An agent, a recording contract, a new quickie album/cd she's starting to work on this week, nationwide recognition, lots of sympathy, t.v. appearances already, and an upcoming tour around the nation with the other "losers" on A.I. when this season finishes. SO WHO CARES? She won, and I sincerely hope we don't have to hear Jennifer Lopez whining this week about the "travesty" done to poor, poor little Pia. Life goes on. Pia has already won.

1269 days ago


"Our "Idol" spies tell us hundreds of fans"

Hundreds? Wow that's a lot of fans..Perhaps if she had thousands of fans she may not have been voted off the show.

1269 days ago


PIA never would have won anyway - this whole thing is ridiculous. She's better off with the notoriety than being eliminated in two or three weeks. She's attractive (not notably so except in the context of Idol) and has a decent voice (certainly nothing outstanding), and her performance skills are completely lacking. The judges' responses at her elimination were unprofessional - Randy holding his head and the other two mouthing obscenities(?) - no respect for the other contestants. Just a disgrace.

1269 days ago

all about the money    

American Idol is a joke, has always been a joke, and always will be a joke. It is not a true talent competition. The very nature of the voting rules allow exploiting the system. There is software you use can (probably phone apps as well) that will continually dial voting lines basically stuffing the ballot box. So yes if you try to be legit and vote once per household your vote means nothing since there are people submitting hundreds of thousands of votes for their favorite.

Several years an online movement called Vote for the Worst was successful in using American Idol's own loophole to promote the worse talent week after week up to the top 4 after a very similar incident happened where a show favorite got the axe while less deserving performers remained.

In a way though people should be happy Pia got out when she did...she wont be held to a restrictive AI contract that the top 3 usually are put under. The AI contracts basically make indentured servants out of the performers. Justified by the view that AI found and promoted them so they deserve to totally dictate what direction the performer must go and type of music they must do. All along taking a huge cut of any income they make and are stuck in a contract like this for 3 to 5 years or something like that.

A few former top 3 have been able to legally get out of the AI contracts but it really hurts their careers. Be thankful Pia will get away from the bloodsuckers before they could fully sink their fangs into her. Her popularity and exposure she will end up much better off than anything AI could do for her.

1269 days ago

nobody important    

I'm am a loyal viewer of AI and have been since season 1. I can't believe the J-Lo broke down with tears. Give me a break! Ryan keeps on and on about how America NEEDS to vote for their favorite so things like this don't happen. Well Mr. Seacrest I believe they did...Pia didn't make the cut. Awesome voice but poor stage presence and terrible song choices. I also think it's demeaning to the other contestants on stage to go on and on how shocking the elimination was.

1269 days ago


Its the dirty little idol secret: its a flawed voting system. Splitting votes between the good singers allows a bad singer to net more votes. They try to obscure this problem by allowing people to vote multiple times. Oh, and lets give VFTW some credit.

1269 days ago


This is ridiculus, she's gone get over it! She will most likely get a record deal anyways so she doesn't need American Idol. Stefano worked just as hard to get where he is right now and he too has his own fans that love him! It's not right the way the audience and judges showed their dissapointment, did anyone think about Stefano's feelings? He was pretty much disregarded as nothing when they announed Pia was going home.

1269 days ago


I voted for Stefano, I did not vote for Pia. To me she is boring.

1269 days ago
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