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Charlie Sheen -- Taking a Bite Out of Connecticut

4/10/2011 3:44 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen returned to his hotel in Connecticut last night after doing a show that wasn't altogether terrible.

Charlie has a lot to chew on these days.


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TMZ is so far up Charlie's ass wih this minute-by-minute updates on each show and multiple stories each day. So much publicity for this loser -- makes me think he must have hired TMZ in that blitz for a P.R. outlet.

1260 days ago


Two And a Half Men ended without a finale. When we lose someone we love our hearts are reminded of how precious and fragile the bond we have with our loved ones is. We gave our faith and devotion to the people that made Two And a Half Men. Every week we tuned in, not just for a laugh but for reassurance that everything was going to be a-okay. Every week-end we knew our favorite show would be there when we got home from work.

Not everyone values faith and devotion in the same manner. Some would consider investing time and energy into viewing a television show as a waste of good resources. Some might sneer at the amount of joy we gain from one liners and zings seen on a comedy show. Are they wrong? What should we do when faced with the animosity?

Perhaps we should be more careful where we place our faith. Maybe we should expect to cope with those that thrive on devaluing our practiced exercises in any given situation. Power corrupts; absolute power corrupts absolutely. Unlimited power is apt to corrupt the minds of those who possess it.

Charlie Sheen knew he had the power to end Two And a Half Men and he threatened to end it.

1260 days ago


Wow! Charlie looks really rough! He has aged like 20 yrs. and it looks like he is losing his teeth? He claims he is sober but I think they better do a drug test. He is looking more and more like he is on drugs and not sober at all. Sober people usually start to look healthy; Charlie looks anything but!

1260 days ago

Paul Gross    

So- you people commenting are bitching about the coverage and why is he even getting press but you still talk about him and take the time to comment...dumbasses! If you weren't interested in him-why are you reading the stories and commenting? To the Guy saying tmz is going downhill-when has tmz EVER been a respected news source? They are gossip mongers. IDIOTS!

1260 days ago


Everything that Charles Sheen says...just reverse it...think the opposite...and you'll finding the real's like cracking a code...

winning means losing...

Do you like to Party Charlie? Charlie: Whats not to love?...he really means...I hate those frickin hospitals

1260 days ago


If this guy doesn't look like a meth head I don't know who does. He is 45, give me a break. He looks older than his dad, drugs and the bottle will catch up to you. He thinks he's all that and more.

1260 days ago


He looks like a homeless guy.

1260 days ago


Give the guy a break for gawdsakes. He's trying.

And mock him as you will...a guy selling out any show he announces in minutes is, indeed, winning.

Brian Evans

1260 days ago


THERE ARE MANY COMMENTS ABOUT HIS TEETH. Perhaps with so much publicity lately, he forgot his "bridge."

1260 days ago


He is on meth. Look at the pic.

1260 days ago


Smoked crack every day and gave the crack to prostitutes in his house every day. His teeth rotting and falling out are the leasr of his concerns

If you goto work and the office crack head has he teeth falling out on your desk, you're allowed to do something about it. Drooling, passing out, urinating and defecating on yourself at work shouldn't have to be tolerated. Charlie has abused people his entire life.

When he says he's special he is correct, no other person on the planet has abused as many people as Charlie Sheen and gotten away with it.

1260 days ago

northern gypsy    

wow...look how the "money-maker" of network t.v. has fallen !!!
hope being your own man was worth it...because he looks insane...
what a total...ungrateful...self centered...fool !!!

1260 days ago


Sheen has gotten away with a lot for years because of his pretty boy looks. Those days are over, and what's left personality-wise isn't attractive either.

He's like Hugh Hefner. As long as he has $$$ he can get "goddesses". In another month he'll look older than Hef.

1260 days ago


He burns the shirts he wore on the TV show on stage then ten minutes later exlplains why he should be back on the show.

Charlie is giving it to his fans from behind, and not in a nice way but at least he gets the audiences drunk first.

1260 days ago


why do idiots always think he is missing teeth? He clearly has gold teeth, not just black teeth or empty holes. The OMG he has missing teeth thing is lame...especially since you can clearly see the gold in every single picture you guys say that about.

And for everyone bitching about TMZ for updating so much about Charlie, you guys clearly care or you wouldn't read and reply to every story. Joke is on you guys.

1260 days ago
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