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Jon Cryer -- No Time for Charlie

4/10/2011 12:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jon Cryer and Charlie Sheen are both in New York City this weekend, but don't expect the former co-stars to get together over tiger blood ... sources tell TMZ.

Sheen has been in the Tri-State area performing his less-than-stellar stage show, while Cryer appeared in a production of the Stephen Sondheim musical "Company" with the New York Philharmonic. Almost the same thing.

But a source close to Cryer tells us Jon will not attend Sheen's show ... the politically-correct reason cited is "busy schedule."

The fact Sheen called him a troll probably has something to do with it.


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Why do people assume that they are friends off the set? Just because they worked together doesn't mean they have the same interests. How many posters have anything to do with fellow co-workers outside of your job?

Posted at 9:08 AM on Apr 10, 2011 by SNAFU

You're assuming all posters on here have jobs. HA

1257 days ago


Sheen is so the loser. Can't even manage to raise his own children.

1257 days ago


Charlie is such a treat to be around I can't image not getting to see each other in new york. right he is such a douche bag

1257 days ago


Cryer exemplifies class and talent. Hence, the reason why he was hired and is performing professionally in a musical. Sheen exemplifies a rich lucky drug addict with diminishing talent. Hence, the reason why his popularity is falling and his tour reviews have been awful.

1257 days ago


I've been reading all the reviews and watching all the video's on YouTube. Thanks to those who posted video of Charlie's concerts so we could get a FREE peek into the asylum. Scary place.
Same dumb, stupid stuff onstage. It's like he's giving up or doesn't care anymore. Six "wrecks" down, fourteen to go..??

After watchin Charlie's "train wreck" clunk its way thru the North East on the Internet.
I fully agree w/Charlie that he held ALL the success and power of "Men". Clearly Chuck Lorre and the rest of the writers, staff, co-stars, fans and networks had nothing to do with it?

Why to pump the crowd by trashing/blaming the prior city for the bad show. Good thing you don't have to return there again on your tour.

OK. Let's keep this "train wreck" rollin...where's the next stop? Ooops! Idiot

1257 days ago


Same dumb, stupid stuff onstage.


And about 95% of the crowd loves him and his stuff. Darn it.

1257 days ago


Yes, I was heartbroken to hear about the dog, but also, what about all the women he beat up viciously, shot, choked, and threatened with a knife or gun? Didn't that do something for you, as far as maybe you wondering: Gee, maybe this guy is a monster? It was long before he killed the dog that my stomach curdled over him. When I saw photos of the "date" he'd beaten, I got sick to my stomach. Then, he threatened his recent wife, Muller last month: he threatened to stab out her eyes with a knife, to cut off her head, and to put it in a box, and to send to her mother. I am so looking forward to this POS rotting in prison, but I hope he doesn't end up killing a woman as his house of cards collapses, and I hope he doesn't kill any more animals, either. Anyone who is that violent needs to be in prison, not posturing as a cultural "antihero" who is sticking to the man. What a joke. Personally, when I heard that he'd harmed so many women, that did it for ME.

Posted at 11:02 AM on Apr 10, 2011 by Abby


It was never proven that anyone was beaten by him. he explained what happened with Brittany Ashland. No bruises have ever been seen on any of his wives.
How come Brooke is more reliable than he is? Why is her word gospel and not his? Brooke has been caught lying before. Remember when Charlie was accused of sending anti-semitic text to her about his manager Mark Burg? Burg HIMSELF issued a statement saying that Brooke used Charlie's phone before and texted him before pretending to be Charlie. Does that make her reliable?

1257 days ago


"The only people who SHOULD attend Charlie's show are his fans and friends. Jon is neither."

Jon also finds the stench of feces repugnant.

1257 days ago


Wow the Chuckle fluffers are working overtime during this tour.

Too bad, it aint helpin!

1257 days ago


Cryer does NOT need charlie ... and shouldnt be associated with him any more Jon has more class and is alrdy working what does that tell you Sheen is just sellin space and sittin there sayin whast up to asses just like him then when the audiences realize they WASTED their $$ on tix they BOO him and thats what hes deserves a HUGE BOOOOOOOOOOOO sheen team idiots

1257 days ago


I still don't understand why his teeth aren't shining beacons of light like all other celebs' teeth. Maybe he can't be numbed to do the dental work or given painkillers for any discomfort afterwards because he's an addict? Wtf is the reason for his terrible tooth situation.

1257 days ago


Dont think Cryer needs to hang with Charlie and get hookers and coke attached to his name.

NOT a good idea.

Chuckles hollywood friends are far and few between - Oh wait, Sean Penn drove by once, and then he was pals with that famous lady whazzername, oh yeah

Heidi Fleiss!

1257 days ago

real deal    

Same dumb, stupid stuff onstage.


And about 95% of the crowd loves him and his stuff. Darn it.

Posted at 12:02 PM on Apr 10, 2011 by ksis

And, based on ticket sales and attendance, that's less than 1000 people per city!

1257 days ago


Cryer didn't kick the "2&1/2 Men" fans in the teeth.
Charlie Sheen did.
Charlie is so overdone. Stick a fork in him.

1257 days ago


Charlie just blackballed himself from hollywood, no actor in their right mind would let it be publicly known they talk or visit him.

There might be some Chuckle Fluffers, groupies or a guy that can play a harmonica, though!

1257 days ago
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