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Jury Questionnaire in MJ Death -- Propofol Anyone?

4/10/2011 6:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Do you have insomnia? Are you a Propofol user? Do you get your Michael Jackson news fromTMZ?  These are things Dr. Conrad Murray's lawyers, along with prosecutors, want to know about prospective jurors in his upcoming manslaughter case ... this according to the jury questionnaire.

The questionnaire is 30 pages long and has 117 questions. Among the highlights:

-- What Internet sites or blogs if any, do you visit on a regular basis? (TMZ and others are listed)
-- Have you accessed or posted any blogs concerning Michael Jackson or Conrad Murray?
-- Have you or anyone close to you ever worked in any aspect of the news media, entertainment news media, or the entertainment industry?
-- Have you or anyone close to you ever had a job that required a professional license?
-- Was that license ever suspended, revoked, restricted, or the subject of investigation or inquiry.
-- Do you have any familiarity with the following medications? (Several meds are listed, many of them drugs Jackson took, including Propofol)
-- Do you know anyone who is or has been addicted to prescription medication?
-- Are you or someone close to you currently taking medication for pain, anxiety, depression or insomnia?
-- Over 100 potential witnesses are listed, including the following members of the Jackson family: Blanket, Jackie, Janet, Jermaine, Joe, La Toya, Katherine, Marlon, Paris, Prince, Randy, Rebbie and Tito
(The next 6 have choices of Strongly Disagree, Disagree, Agree, Strongly Agree and No Opinion)
-- Celebrities and high-profile people feel like they are entitled to act however they please
-- Celebrities and high-profile people think they can bend the rules
-- Celebrities and high-profile people abuse their power and status to intimidate others into giving them what they want
-- Celebrities and high-profile people in Los Angeles get away with crimes because of their status
-- Celebrities and high-profile people in Los Angeles are treated the same way by the police as anyone else
-- Police are more lenient with celebrities and high-profile people
-- Do you think that people of wealth or fame are treated differently in the court system?
-- Have you ever considered yourself a fan of Michael Jackson or the Jackson Family?
-- Have you previously seen in person Michael Jackson, the Jackson Family, or Conrad Murray?
-- Did you ever watch "This Is It"?

The trial is supposed to start May 9.


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no one questioned Jackson's actions, until he dangled his baby, lied about plastic surgery and bitched about putting many kids, especially boys in his bedroom. he had a lot of free time to question himself about real life decisions.

his scandalous, arrogant relationship with mostly young men, and the declining album sales made him react badly with self-destruction, race card play, psychotic face mutilation, cosmetic injections and hypochondria type behavior.

Elton John was wise enough to listen about his drug abuse.

1292 days ago


I love you Michael. Your murder will be avenged!!!

1292 days ago


Dearest sweetest Phantom, Thank you for MJ's Planet Earth Poem. I miss him so.... his voice calms me and makes me feel so much more relaxed....we (son)and I just went out at 11pm to get us ice cream in Pajamas at McDonalds.The Man at the Drive through spoke French to me, I guess He thought Iam French driving in my PJs through the drive through close to midnight.Yes it was fun !!!I love Michael he has this softness on him that makes any woman heart melt.I truely loved him.I wonder if he was so crazy as me driving through the drive through close to midnight to get sundays for his children??

1292 days ago

lol people    


So the jury needs to be filled with people who didnt like MJ.

Of course thats the only way you're going to win.
Touche Dr Murray.

1292 days ago


Elton John was wise enough to listen about his drug abuse.
Posted at 8:16 PM on Apr 10, 2011 by gayforliztaylor
You act like a young man who was rejected by michael. you sound bitter and stuck.
Clearly elton john and his husband were not listening when it was stated that two guys cannot have a baby together!!!!lol!!!
all that other stuff is just the same old recycled, rehashed gibberish and salacious slander by a lesser life form like you.
i have nothing against elton john.....however why would anyone post an elton john video on a michael jackson board? gayforliz you're more like a gayjokeforliz..........pleaazzzz!!

1292 days ago


oh...DEB is back, i.e., RIC.

Nutheads on this site one comes on here anymore, nearly NO comments. UW and DEB and all her nics can have the entire playground all to themselves! Play nice with each other, DEB, don't forget your meds, you're slipping and we can tell when you Sybil into your other nics...try harder, you're losing it! Comment and clone back all ya want...I'm outa here too.

1292 days ago


Nothing. Unlike YOU (see I can capitalize too) I understand that in the big scheme of things this means nothing. You on the other hand will continue to wring your hands and howl at the moon over people who choose not to worship Michael Jackson. Who comes off as being more sane? Hint: not you.
Posted at 8:29 PM on Apr 10, 2011 by ric
If it means nothing to you then why on earth are you here? more importantly why did you bother to respond to my post? My initial post was in response to the article posted by TMZ. No one else. You put yourself out there by posting your opinion regarding a post that was NOT directed at YOU.
No one has to agree with me. I'm here to defend michael until the trial is over. Therefore if anyone posts a lie, ridicule his name or mock his murder I will say something about it. Unlike you I know that fan opinion and public opinion means everything in a high profile case. The battle is always won in the court of public opinion first. That's why team murray is using TMZ to promote his sorry behind as a good guy who made a mistake. Nevertheless everything murray has done indicates premeditated murder. you don't have to agree with me or like what i say......but I will still say it. Once the trial is over I done on TMZ.....I'm outta here!

1292 days ago


Once the trial is over I'm done on TMZ.....I'm outta here!

1292 days ago


They forgot one...
-Do you believe Michael Jackson to be/was a pedophile?

1292 days ago


lol Did MJ's 'god' teach katherine and MJ to bring cute, pure boys many gifts and money then disallow MJ kids a chance to have a mother???

1292 days ago

Glenda in Texas    

Another lie. The questionnaire is confidential. Love you, Michael! Hope to see you alive soon but do take your time. :)

1292 days ago


Poor Poor ignorant Jim.........."I am right you are wrong" huh dat the way it goes?

Ever heard of google son? Check out the facts for yourself before you open your mouth and eat crow.....



Posted at 3:29 PM on Apr 10, 2011 by Scott


This is not right. This info should never have been released.


This hypocrisy of a rabid fan is what the problem is with them and why they are being hated so much. Jim was simply stating his own opinion and was not talking against any fans, but Scott had to come out calling him ignorant and belittling him calling him son. At the end put out the word "PEACE" as he was a peaceful person. Oh Shame on. If you call him son, you have to cook dinner for him forever then. I am sure Jim will appreciate the steak and potato.

Scott=hypocrite, typical rabid fan!

1292 days ago


I've noticed TMZ and other media outlets are omitting part of the explanation for the list of people in the juror questionnaire. It's not a witness list only. Here's what it says:

Witnesses and Statements:
81. Listed below are potential witnesses or PEOPLE WHO MIGHT BE MENTIONED DURING THE CASE.

1292 days ago


These questions will make the jury agree with killer murray,that Micahel was an addict who needed propofol so he could sleep.

The autopsy photos MUST BE SHOWN IN COURT.They will reveal the truth and then we will see if murray gets only 4 years and if his crime will be INVOLUNTARY!

1292 days ago
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