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Pia & Mark -- A Wrestler Hooked Them Up!

4/10/2011 11:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Pia Toscano was the instigator of her burgeoning romance with Mark Ballas, and she used wrestling star Chris Jericho to help her score a date. 

Chris Jericho Pia Toscano
As TMZ first reported, Pia and Mark went out on a date Friday night and it went real well ... so say our spies.

So here's how it went down.  Pia and Mark both shoot their respective shows  -- "American Idol" and "Dancing With the Stars" -- on the CBS Television City lot in L.A.

We're told Pia had her eye on Mark for several weeks, but needed an introduction.  So Pia -- who turns out is pretty resourceful -- has a friend who is friends with Jericho, a contestant on  "Dancing With the Stars,"  Pia gave her friend a piece of paper with her phone number on it, who then passed it along to Jericho, who then passed it on to Mark.

Mark, we're told, was more than receptive.   Even though he has an album coming out Tuesday -- he rescheduled a music video shoot so he could go on his big date on Friday.

Our peeps who are connected with both Mark and Pia say they both want an encore.


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She performed the National Anthem and "God Bless America" for the Brooklyn Cyclones, the Mets’ minor league team, several times a year for three years.[6] In addition, Toscano was the winner of the New York Mets annual "Anthem Search" competition in 2008 and was selected to sing the National Anthem at a July 2008 game.[7][8] Toscano has also opened for the Barenaked Ladies and performed with Josh Groban at Madison Square Garden.

This is according to Wikipedia. If she opened for BNL and Groban doesn't that make her a pro? So then why was she on Idol in the first place?

1290 days ago


Not buying this load of PR crap their respective agents are attempting to shovel down our throats.

1290 days ago


Mark Ballas is in a committed relationship with Derek Hough.

1290 days ago


SLUT!!! Just another famewhore skank!

1290 days ago


Wait...Mark Ballas has an album coming out?

1290 days ago


Pia is such a poor role model for all those who believe in the s ascrimony of being engaged. BUT SHE DEFF KNOWS HOW TO ROLL NJ SHORE STYLE! SHE HAS SNOOKIE LOOKING LIKE GRADE SCHOOL...HAHAH!!!


Yikes, some of you folks take AI a bit too seriously. Since when are -any- of these singers role models in anyone's eyes? They're all mostly-average singers in a singing competition.

1290 days ago


Opposites attract!!! Her eyebrows go NORTH!! His go SOUTH!!!

1290 days ago


can someone from tmz grab the ip address for that "wtf pia" person? it'll give the authorities a head start when pia goes missing. they can just go directly to wtf pia's basement.

morgan, yes, he has an album coming out....they started promoting it on last week's dwts. i think they said they would dance to his original song this week.

making money, son. making money.

1290 days ago


go to friendster, pia is in a relationship with a really ugly hispanic guy who proposed to her. She has to get a new guy, her stock will drop.

On a side note, my friend was on dancing with the stars and people calimed mark once dated Julianne hough but word is Derek might be a closet case.

1290 days ago


she has been hiding her engagement ring. But alot of these relationships are fake for publicity. Wait to a guy like David Wright tries to date her. Carlos or whatever his name will be history.

1290 days ago


she's 22 and her life just changed forever. there's no reason to think that a pre-fame engagement for a young girl will survive.

22 is too young to settle down anyway.

1290 days ago


plus she is so out of his league. supposedly he is pushing 30. Who knows. PIA_WTF is apprently him or a friend of his because he is so mad.

People I know from Howard Beach say she is shy and kind of a hermit, she doenst hang the streets which is strange because thats where it looks like she found her finance. Anyway, she supposedly has confidence issues. Also, a friend told me she has an old sister who is in a orchestra or something and is very successful too.

1290 days ago


Don't fall for this obvious publicity stunt!

Pia got voted off for being bland, boring, personality-less and dead eyed. There is nothing interesting about her, nothing. This 'hype' keeps her in the media, generates 'interest' over the least interesting person ever on Idol, and is a blatantly there to give her some flavour. Her career will fail because no amount of media attention will ever make her interesting.

1290 days ago


You're all disgusting- writing this crap about people that you a) probably don't know and b) if you do actually know them as you claim, are way jealous of.

1290 days ago

More Cowbell    

@bb#39...too funny, but probably could be true.

@mick & Pia both sound like stalker, obsessed weirdos! Have too much time to gossip about someone's personal relationships, what she does, who she knows, blah blah blah. Your behaviour is creepy.

1290 days ago
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