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Pia & Mark -- A Wrestler Hooked Them Up!

4/10/2011 11:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Pia Toscano was the instigator of her burgeoning romance with Mark Ballas, and she used wrestling star Chris Jericho to help her score a date. 

Chris Jericho Pia Toscano
As TMZ first reported, Pia and Mark went out on a date Friday night and it went real well ... so say our spies.

So here's how it went down.  Pia and Mark both shoot their respective shows  -- "American Idol" and "Dancing With the Stars" -- on the CBS Television City lot in L.A.

We're told Pia had her eye on Mark for several weeks, but needed an introduction.  So Pia -- who turns out is pretty resourceful -- has a friend who is friends with Jericho, a contestant on  "Dancing With the Stars,"  Pia gave her friend a piece of paper with her phone number on it, who then passed it along to Jericho, who then passed it on to Mark.

Mark, we're told, was more than receptive.   Even though he has an album coming out Tuesday -- he rescheduled a music video shoot so he could go on his big date on Friday.

Our peeps who are connected with both Mark and Pia say they both want an encore.


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Her insecurities are going to get her eaten alive in Hollywood. Bet ya money....we witness a --Lindsay Lohan Type-- of meltdown on Display. Because of her insecurities.

1257 days ago


I heard her older sister is really talented and pia is really shy and doesn't go out much almost like a hermit. People said she really doenst even like her boyfriend much but is comfortable because she knows he is too ugly to cheat.

Other people tried to say he isn't her boyfriend but like her best buddy. Who knows?

1257 days ago


is her boyfriend 100% hispanic or half? People say he is kind of a geek. Nice guy but people said he loves her and she doesnt seem crazy in love with him.

1257 days ago


15. I'm surprised she didn't sleep with Jericho like all the other women do. Yes he's married but that has never stopped him.

Posted at 4:14 AM on Apr 10, 2011 by mija

And him being married doesn't stop a woman from screwing him either.

1257 days ago


dude, she is a pretty reserved girl. Her agent/manager is probably trying to get her out with other celebs so she dumps her "ugly hispanic boyfriend." These agencies are brutal like that. She sings ballads and alot of guys think she is hot. If they see her with the guy she is with now, they will look at her like damaged goods and not want to be around her.

1257 days ago


my friends sister about 5-6 years ago was about to blow up in hollywood, she has a hispanic boyfriend from age 13 who was very ugly. They wanted to promote her as a all-american girl. She was forced to go to award shows by herself and says she was single. She eventually got dropped by one of the biggest talent agencies because they wanted her to date an alist "white guy". she is still with her boyfriend and bascially had her career hit a wall.

1257 days ago


Man you people are as low as you can get. Cant you wait for both sides before making your stupid judgements? You all make me sick. I do not believe Pia is sleeping around with anyone. If anything that ******* mark set her up making her think he was just trying to console her. Lets see if Carlos has a problem with it. I bet not. She just got voted off and was feeling horrible and this ******* swooped in to try to take advantage and yes he probably did set it up. That doesnt mean he got anywhere. Give it a rest ya bunch of ****s!!!

1257 days ago


it's already been said that and put out in the press a while back that he has done this before. That he actually calls the paparazzi to let them know where he is and who with. So it gets him in the tabloids and helps his cause on DWTS for votes or what not. He is just going to use Pia for his own self gain.

Once a snake always a snake.But he is a charming c-list star. Pia is a newb in the business and will have to learn the hard way. But Carlos is the guy that loses out all around.

It's hard to gauge anyones true intentions. Maybe reached out to him because she had a crush. He befriended her but also saw an opportunity for his own gain. Both for his public image and in what he has in his

1257 days ago


if you look at my posts I have been saying I think it was all bs and she didnt do anything. Besides, who would want her after she has been with carlos. Her stock is low after that.

1257 days ago


They also said mark had a relationship with Bristol Palin which I can 100% verfiy isn't true. He has also told people Julianne Hough was his girl. To be honest, pia is gorgeous and talented but after going out with carlos, no a-list guy in hollywood is going to be chasing her to be his girlfriend.

1257 days ago


I guess Pia will just use Mark for popularity. You know, a newbie who wanted to make a name will do whatever it takes to be popular. Pia is a trying hard Celine Dion wannabe but was voted off from American Idol. We will not see much of Pia during this remaining weeks until the AI winner is crowned so Pia made a move to make give her name a buzz and stay on the mainstream.

1257 days ago


I think Mark needs to go get an eye exam. Can't believe he is wasting his time with that idol whore when he has the cutest girl around as a dance partner. Thought I also heard she needed a medic to escort her off stage Thursday night, my how quick we recover when the spotlight is turned off. Go Home Pia - you deserved what you got.

1256 days ago
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