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Amanda Bynes

Check Out My NEW PUPPY!!!!

4/11/2011 5:48 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Less than a week after the mysterious death of her dog Little Angel ... Amanda Bynes has finally moved on ... to an even CUTER puppy!!!

Amanda Bynes New Dog

Amanda introduced her new best friend on Twitter just moments ago ... saying, "I got another pomeranian puppy that I'd like to introduce to you, her name is Tiara :)"

So, we gotta ask ...  



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Please take her dog away from her now so it doesn't have to suffer the same consequences of an absent owner. What a joke, she must have really loved that last one to go get a new one three days later. Uggggggggggg, this is not cute at all, sad actually.

1269 days ago


So she can easily dispense a family member and get a new one to replace it immediately. How shallow.

1269 days ago


Amanda Bynes. She went from A-man-to-bind to a-dog-to-bind

Did you notice every dog she gets is fun size. You're supposed to pet the puppy not eat 'em. You keep fryin' puppies and ordering more this is KFC. Which dog you do you want? The one that tastes like chicken! Amanda the problem is with tiny dogs is a month later you're hungry for another.

1269 days ago


wow, def seems a bit too soon!

1269 days ago

Sad sad    

She probably killed her last dog. She's not too hurt to get another one. Mysterious death. Let's see how long this one lives.

1269 days ago


I have dogs.I usually have younger than the it my "back-up dog."..I have suffered the loss of a dog more than once and NO ONE can tell me when it is too soon to get another.Nor should anyone tell me I must go to a shelter to get one.

Anyone who loves animals and has a loss like this gal did deserves another dog.Has nada to do with being "Hollyweird."
Why should it matter that she bought a dog rather than adopt?
Yes,the shelters are over-crowded and mostly from uneducated people that don't spay or neuter or idiots that BUY and abandon!

1269 days ago

Saul rosenberg    

Over 75% of small dog deaths are preventable if their owners took better care of them, just saying.

1269 days ago


i voted too soon. but i can see why she would want to get another right away.
she probably shouldnt have made so many announcements about her dogs via twitter though. then none of this would be "news"

1269 days ago


First of all, its never too soon to love another animal. It wouldn't help her deceased pup to wait. Secondly, you really shouldn't say this puppy is cuter than the deceased pup ... that's just tacky.

1269 days ago


All you people saying she needs more time to grieve, it isn't your call to make. I know what it's like to lose a pet WAY TOO SOON and the heartbreak is insurmountable. Sometimes you just need new life in the house to bring you out of your depression, or in some cases your other pets depression. It doesn't mean you love or miss your departed pet any less.

1269 days ago

Chun LI    

LOL @ # 7

1269 days ago

Lola Jezebel    

poor dog =[

1269 days ago

Your Momma    

I hope she keeps up with this one and it will live a long happy life. If something happens to this one she should never get another one. I do not understand why people view animals as disposable and they have no feelings. If you have a dog no matter the age, just always think of them as a 2 year old child because they have no idea as to what is harmful and not harmful to them. A dog that is a house dog does not know they need to look both ways before crossing the street, they just dart out and if they are lucky they won't get harmed. I hope that one day every state gets harsher laws for people that harm or are neglectful to their pets, maybe then everyone would become more responsible.

1269 days ago


I don't think it's a disrespect to the previous puppy. If I wanted a dog, got a puppy, and that puppy died soon after I got it, yes I would be very sad the puppy died, I really would. But I still want a dog and I might as well get another puppy, once I figure out where I went wrong with the first one, if it was my fault, I'd get a new puppy.

As for buying the puppy rather than adopting, I think it's fine. Yes, I do think adopting from shelters is a wonderful thing, but just think about what will happen to all these puppies bred to be sold if we all quit buying them. They'll end up in shelters too! Just because a dog was bought rather than adopted doesn't make it any less deserving of a loving home.

1269 days ago


Amanda....what a stupid ^#$%. I feel sorry for the puppy.

1269 days ago
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