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Amanda Bynes

Check Out My NEW PUPPY!!!!

4/11/2011 5:48 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Less than a week after the mysterious death of her dog Little Angel ... Amanda Bynes has finally moved on ... to an even CUTER puppy!!!

Amanda Bynes New Dog

Amanda introduced her new best friend on Twitter just moments ago ... saying, "I got another pomeranian puppy that I'd like to introduce to you, her name is Tiara :)"

So, we gotta ask ...  



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As easy as getting a new pair of shoes!

1228 days ago


Does anyone know the reason her last puppy died? I never saw any details other than it was missing, then was dead.

1228 days ago


TMZ, you ought to be ashamed of yourselves for this article. I had a beloved dog for seventeen years who died last May and even though I personally chose not to adopt another dog, I would have told you to go to hell if you suggested that it was "too soon" or that my new dog was cuter than my previous dog if I HAD decided to get another one. People deal with the deaths of their pets in different ways and if Amanda wants another dog and can find it in her heart to get attached to another one, then good for her! I wish I could do the same! Adopting a new dog doesn't mean that anyone loved their previous dog(s) any less--quite to the contrary, she could be using this dog to help her get over the loss of the other one.

YOU, on the other hand, are insulting the dog that died by saying that this one is cuter, and for that I would slap the author of this article across the face if he/she dared to say it about MY dog. The dog that Amanda lost was beautiful, leave it at that... there is NO need to compare the two dogs.

My condolences to Amanda Bynes for her loss. Let the woman mourn in peace!

1228 days ago


New puppy? Let's be a more responsible pet owner this time around.

1228 days ago


Amanda is free to do as she wishes and we can only SPECULATE about what happened to Little Angel. That said, I agree with #8 and anyone else that said it: PLEASE ADOPT and NOT PURCHASE!!! So MANY PURE BREDS, PUPPIES, ADULTS and MIXED BREEDS to choose from!!! Please support the SPCA/your local shelter/humane society, they can only operate in as much as we support them! Also, please, for Heaven's sake, please be a responsible pet owner and spay or neuter your dog or cat! Consider the stats - about 70,000 kittens and puppies are born each day in the US compared to 11,000 babies, ever wonder what happens to all of the puppies and kittens?!? ;_;

1228 days ago


I'm not too familiar with the situation of her last puppy (except that it was missing and now it's dead), but she's the only one who can decide when the time is right. I can't believe that some people actually have the nerve to judge what is right for someone else!

1227 days ago


Cute dog. This time don't lock it in a closet mmmk?

1227 days ago


Amanda, Amanda, Amanda; I am disappointed. A precious little pup was waiting at the humane society.

1227 days ago


Poor pup I hope u make it she didn't take a minute to mourn the last one.

1227 days ago


She's shouldn't have another puppy right now. She needs to learn they are living creatures who love and need to be loved and cared for. They are not a fashion accessory. She doesn't seem very responsible if she can get over the loss of her pet and within a few days get another one. As a dog lover myself I wouldn't let this young lady have another dog for a long time. She needs to grow up.

1227 days ago


This amanda chick is one dumb sob. The dog lovers commenting on here are delusional attention whores like this chick. These people think their dogs are humans. Weirdo dog lovers. Keep picking up ****! lol, i always laugh at them.

1227 days ago


as a owner of a pomeranan, the dogs are known for "booking it" on their owners. Mine is three and she still makes a run for it before i get her leash onher. All puppies shouldn't even allowed to walk arond n the neighborhood...beforee they are six months old. Please read up ona toxic fungi that puppies are allergic. Becareful wth this one.and make sure you get your animal socialized.

1227 days ago


This girl is a DingBat. I feel bad for the puppy.

1227 days ago


What a cold, callous and calculating diva. She created such a stink in the press over her dear departed dog, and now the poor thing is barely cold in its doggie grave when she already buys a replacement. Outrageous.

1227 days ago


One year from now... the pup will be roadkill and Amanda will just replace it with another pup!

1227 days ago
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