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Brittany Murphy -- Change On Death Certificate

4/11/2011 7:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

More than a year after Brittany Murphy's death, officials have finally added her father's name to her death certificate ... after the guy complained he was being blocked from visiting his daughter's grave because of doubts he was a relative.


When Brittany died back in 2009, the death certificate read "Unknown" in the box asking for the name of her father -- this, despite the fact Angelo Bertolotti is listed as the father on Brittany's BIRTH certificate.

Angelo was married to Brittany's mom ... but they divorced when Brittany was 2 years old.

Angelo tells TMZ  ... initially he wasn't upset with the snub ... but he subsequently got angry when the staff at Forest Lawn cemetery wouldn't allow him to visit Brittany's grave site because he couldn't prove he was family.


So Angelo petitioned for a change -- and after bringing his I.D., photos of himself with Brittany and Brittany's birth certificate to the L.A. County Registrar ... his name was belatedly added to her death certificate.

Angelo tells us he's recently visited his daughter's grave several times ... without incident.


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This speaks to me and sums everything up. :'(

1256 days ago


She was really a good actress. I still miss her a lot.
Ultra Berry Blast

1256 days ago


#8 DJFunkyGrrL This is old news. The death certificate was amended a long time ago and both Mr Bertolotti and fans have visited the grave on numerous occasions.

Wikipedia is still citing the old certificate despite my protest (see discussion at )

1256 days ago


About bloody time it got changed. What were sharons reasons for leaving him off in the first place - wAs it just to purposely insult her daughter and her daughters existence. Then ban the poor man from her grave. Sharon herself doesn't visit brittanys grave and neither her nor brittanys friends sent flowers or even visited her grave on her birthday or anniversary. What, has the amazing Sharon Murphy forgotten about her only child. Disgusting .... And just to add the cherry on top- I read on twitter, on sharons publicists twitter page actually that she said Angelo Bertolotti was not britts father, said the "real" dad was dead then changed her mind and said no wait, the "real" father is alive but it's not Angelo! Are you blind woman??? Sick and tired of Sharon getting sympathy

1256 days ago


In February of this year, my daughter and myself visited Brittany Murphy's grave with no problem, as we did with other celebrities. Me thinks this guy wants to be added to the birth certificate to get any money that is left in the estate.

1255 days ago


Hey #21 - way to go, with your ASSumptions. His name was always on the birth certificate. You have a problem with his right to be on her death certificate?

TMZ messed up with the reporting of all this, as this is very old news. The death certificate was amended last year. Since Simon's death, there has been no problems with ANYone visiting Brittany's grave. When Simon (Brittany's husband) was alive, nobody was allowed to visit, unless they were family or on a list of "approved" people. It was at THIS time that the omission on the death certificate was challenged & then corrected.

1255 days ago


"Esmeralda" Comment #21- You obviously have NO IDEA what you're talking about.

1255 days ago


1255 days ago


"Esmeralda" Comment #21 - "...any money that is left in the estate" - Brittany's will left her entire estate to her mother. Sharon has had ample time to receive payment and yet her house narrowly avoided foreclosure recently.

1255 days ago


Ezzzzzmerelda, he didn't know WHERE her grave was at Forest Lawn Hollywood Hills. They wouldn't tell him that it was in Bright Eternity, 7402-1. There are 5 trillion graves there. Information/Front Desk refused to help him. Young fans knew where it was because of find a grave. Back then, if you knew where it was, you could go to it (until security came around). Now that Simon is dead, security doesn't kick any fans out.

1255 days ago


Much as I applaud TMZ for finally running this story, I still think recent tweets by Sharon Murphy's publicist Roger Neal denying Mr Bertolotti's paternity and then accusing twitter users of death threats is more sensational.

1254 days ago


Just wanted to call "B.S." on that supposed Dad's story. I called Forest Lawn and asked if he was turned away. He was not! It's all a lie. Fans feel free to visit Brittany's gravesite anytime. All are welcome. Brittany's spirit and family needs love and support, not lies from her wanna be Daddy.

1254 days ago


Betty - he was not literally turned away, as Forest Lawn is open to the public between the hours of 8am-6pm. He was told that, unless he is family, they cannot tell him where her grave is.

And I guess you are calling us liars. I happen to know, from personal experience + what others have said, that security was VERY tight, up until Simon died. If anyone was caught at her grave visiting, security would come right up to you, ask you if you are family, and ask for your I.D. If you werent family or on a list of approved visitors, they would ask you to leave. In some cases even escort you out.

This has all changed.

1254 days ago


"Just wanted to call "B.S." on that supposed Dad's story" - IamBetty - That's the "supposed" dad whose identity has just been verified as do***ented in this story

1254 days ago


Betty must be Sharon...full of lies

1254 days ago
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