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Armenian Group


Over Kim K Cover

4/11/2011 7:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The largest Armenian group in America is lashing out at Cosmo for featuring Kim Kardashian on the cover of their Turkish edition ... calling the move "disrespectful" to Kim and "all Armenians."

Armenian National Committee of America
Aram Hamparian -- executive director of the Armenian National Committee of America -- tells TMZ, "It's disrespectful to Kim Kardashian and to all Armenians for the publishers of Cosmopolitan to use her image, without her permission, on the month we mark Turkey's genocide against the Armenian people."

Hamparian continues, "Instead of trying to turn a profit in Turkey by callously featuring a cover photo of a descendant of Armenian Genocide survivors in its April issue, Cosmopolitan should find creative ways to educate its readers about the Turkish government's shameful effort to cover up this atrocity."


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I have to laugh at Ms "I'm Armenian" who's never even been to that country complaining about this....what a hypocrite. I am a 2nd generation Austrian, but I would never bitch about something with the country since I have never been there, I am an American of Austrian decent. Sorry Kimmy you are AMERICAN you worthless, talentless, whiney and your family need to go away we are sick of you WHORES. E you need to stop putting these people on TV, and Bruce what is wrong with you man?

1256 days ago


Armenians should be pissed that this bitch considers herself armenian enough to feel offended by this. Shes only half, her dad was born in California, she's admitted that she's never been to Armenia and she doesn't speak the language! She bitches about every magazine cover she does to totally bring attention to it!

1256 days ago


And HERE WE GO...Anything to get her fat azz in the news huh?.

She's an opportunist of the first order.

I hope other Armenians aren't falling for this B.S.

1256 days ago


OMG GET OVER IT......This is somewhat a free nation everyone is so worried about being PC. In your country....yes.. but here we can do what the heck we want

1256 days ago


Laughable at best. I know many Armenian people and the "women" are treated almost like dirt which is a "cultural" thing. Woman are expected to submit the man, stay at home to cook, clean and make babies.

Kim is of Armenian heritage ONLY. If she had ANY respect for her heritage she would be slutting around like she does.

Bitch all you want K.UM WHORE-DOUCHIAN but you are a disgrace to humanity AND your heritage. Are you as proud of your heritage as you are of your SEX/PISS Video?

1256 days ago



1256 days ago


Um hello...IT'S COSMO!!! Do you really think they address topics any more serious than how to put your man in the mood in 3 easy steps?

1256 days ago


Well, the first Cosmopolitan Middle East version came out this month and Khloe Kardashian is on it- so i'm sure KRAZY KRIS got a deal for both of her whore daughters to be on the Cosmo covers in the Middle East and Turkey.

Has anyone noticed that Armenians complain about... everything? Seriously, what do they not complain about? The stories posted about them never talk about anything positive; it's always "blame them, we are the victims"...

Maybe they should change their M.O. and people will stop tuning them out... UGH.

1256 days ago

Gil Mikalian    

Does anyone from this website monitor these posts or is the inclusion of racial comments by cowards using their online names part of the charm of this website? How irresponsible to allow any knuckle-dragger to post their hate on your site.

1256 days ago



1256 days ago


Wow Kim K is seriously the biggest fame whore ever. She's never been to Armenia and doesn't even speak the language, yet she is hating on Turks about an Armenian "genocide" that she knows nothing about???? Funny how the only famous Armenian is famous coz she did a sex tape!!

1256 days ago


Yeah, Kim will villify Cosmo after the fact. Her and her mother are so dumb they most likely didn't understand what it means when your magazine is published in different countries. lol.

BTW: Who gives a rat's A8SS what this ugly, hairy, fat, porno starring woman thinks or does? She only goes out w/black dudes because they won't call her fat! White men don't want anything to do w/fat chicks like her. Also, most white men worth their salt would have nothing to do (with the exception of a quickie whore type thing) with a woman who was in a pornographic film. She fails to understand that girls like her make it to the bedroom, but men won't bring her out to the living room- Because she's a whore. Her mother is not any better.

I do like Khloe and the other sister seems to be dumb, but at least has some self-respect-at least enough not to make a porno flick to become famous. Ugghh. I'm so sick of this woman. When was the last time you saw this chick when she wasn't covered in an inch of makeup, and wearing the tightest, most revealing outfit possible? She seems to have nothing to offer in terms of brains, personality, or otherwise. She flaunts her body and wears tons of makeup because she knows deep down that she has nothing else to offer the world. No education to speak of (for anyone in this family-including the mother). How sad that in this country someone like this is on the cover of magazines, rather than someone with an education and some integrity.

I know many well bred women who are attractive, yet still know how important a good education is. Look at the lovely Ivanka Trump. She is beautiful, yet was smart enough to know how important a college education was. She is also smart enough to know that only a total hosebag makes porno flicks. Kim, enjoy your 15 minutes. Once they're over, I hope you have a plan B when you're old, wrinkly, saggy and everyone just remembers you for being in a porno movie.

1256 days ago


The Kardashians disrespect every race, color, and creed.

1256 days ago


Oh Please!

1256 days ago


Kim is the one who steotypes and insults Armenians on her show! NEVER ONCE did she talk about the genocide! She does NOT speak Armenian, She has NEVER been to Armenia!!!!!

If Turks hate Armos as Armos will have you believe then why would they put this Armenian bimbo on their cover? This is a stunt pulled by a member of Armenian diaspora EVERY YEAR in April (Fake genocide rememberance month). This year it happens to be this bimbo! If I talk to Kim about the HISTORICAL FACTS about this genocide she is claiming, she will tell me nothing!

Kim, why don't you bring awareness in your one of your TAPES! Oh, you can't, your mouth is full!!!!!!

Kim needs to apologise to Cosmo and her Turkish fans! SO_CALLED genocide happened with Ottoman Empite who, along with Turks, had Armenians, Kurds, Albanians, Greeks, and many other ethnicities! THESE FALSE CLAIMS HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH TURKEY!

I hope Cosmo will think twice before booking Kim again! This is hateful, calculated, discriminating, DIVISIVE, plain unprofessional!

1256 days ago
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