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Armenian Group


Over Kim K Cover

4/11/2011 7:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The largest Armenian group in America is lashing out at Cosmo for featuring Kim Kardashian on the cover of their Turkish edition ... calling the move "disrespectful" to Kim and "all Armenians."

Armenian National Committee of America
Aram Hamparian -- executive director of the Armenian National Committee of America -- tells TMZ, "It's disrespectful to Kim Kardashian and to all Armenians for the publishers of Cosmopolitan to use her image, without her permission, on the month we mark Turkey's genocide against the Armenian people."

Hamparian continues, "Instead of trying to turn a profit in Turkey by callously featuring a cover photo of a descendant of Armenian Genocide survivors in its April issue, Cosmopolitan should find creative ways to educate its readers about the Turkish government's shameful effort to cover up this atrocity."


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The reason most nations dispute the legitimacy of the alleged Armenian Genocide is due to the war. The invasion of Poland, as terrible as it was, is not considered The Polish Genocide. The invasion of Spain is not considered The Spanish Genocide. The push for the US gov't to recognize the alleged Armenian Genocide is nothing more than an attempt to funnel tax dollars and grant special immigration status to the Armenian community.

1235 days ago


How is it disrespectful. The Armenians were part of the Ottoman Empire--and by showcasing an American-Armenian celebrity, it's a reminder of the genocide. How is this bad?

1235 days ago


Kim is only 1/2 Armenian anyway, the other half is plastic surgery and genes from her Pimp Mother gutter trollop. The whole family is gypsy trash that would do anything for a buck!

1235 days ago


She makes me sick. Now even more attention to her fat ass over this. Who CARES!!!

1235 days ago


I am an Armenian-American and see this as a non-issue. Who cares. Just like the non-issue with Kobe Bryant. Hey ANCA, why don't you instead focus on getting the media attention on Azerbaijan threatening to shoot down civilian flights over NKR. I think that's more important than this whore on some Turkish magazine.

Also, can someone please explain to me HOW and WHY these Kardashians are celebrities? Her dad was OJ's lawyer, she is friends with another dumb whore Paris Hilton, and she made a sex tape with some black dude? So her family gets millions, TV shows, and many young people adore her and her family for that? Is there something I'm missing??

I don't know much more about them and from what I see during their interviews with late night talk shows, they are one of the dumbest and sleaziest people I have ever seen. Do your father and half-ancestry a favor by dropping the IAN, and the rest of the world by disappearing.

1235 days ago


How on Earth can you be "disrespectful" to a chick who has a video of her taking it up her butt and having her face used as a toilet? HOW?

1235 days ago

Brian B.    

WoW...I'm surprised!!

I wouldda thought Kim (aka fame whore) would have appreciated the exposure! I mean--she pimps herself to the whole world anyways, right??

1235 days ago


Armenian group is ****ing retarded

do they think they shouldnt put jews on german covers ??


1235 days ago

Brian B.    

@ #55

Is that true?? Was her sex tape really that freaky / nasty??


1235 days ago

Brian B.    

Kim's face is beginning to look less and less human by the MOMENT!! I swear...each time I see her--her face looks more & more plastic!!! She's more plastic than human flesh!!!

1235 days ago

Brian B.    

That whole damn family annoys me...They don't know how to act civilized...and they're so damn vulgar!!

1235 days ago


"The largest Armenian group in America is lashing out at Cosmo for featuring Kim Kardashian on the cover of their Turkish edition ... calling the move "disrespectful" to Kim and "all Armenians." Huh?

Why blame Cosmo? Kim puts her breasts and revealing clothing out for the whole world to see. That is her image she portrays. She is disrespectful to the Armenian people who live in Turkey. Supporting a good cause by revealing T & A is an oxymoron.

1235 days ago

Big J    

Hah, LMAO. What a dumb ****. Probably has no idea about the history between the Turks and Armenians, even though she's HALF ARMENIAN. It's too much.

1235 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

armenians must be a crazy peoples, being that they are the ONLY ONLY ONLY!!! minute christian smallest ever tiniest minority in that very hostile and bloody, brutal region (the whole rest of the freakin jesus worshippers were slaughtered off successfully, yay!). i mean that is beyond survival instinct. that is a whole nother somethin else right there. look at a freakin map. 'survivors' looks like a freaking bubble gum play yard in comparison. armenians are the freakin best when it comes to what's up.

1235 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

oh, and did i mention: land locked, isolated and completely SURROUNDED BY ISLAMIC MUSLIM FOLKS WHO WANT THEIR ASSES SLAUGHTERED? oh, that must have slipped my mind there. but there you have it.

1235 days ago
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