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Armenian Group


Over Kim K Cover

4/11/2011 7:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The largest Armenian group in America is lashing out at Cosmo for featuring Kim Kardashian on the cover of their Turkish edition ... calling the move "disrespectful" to Kim and "all Armenians."

Armenian National Committee of America
Aram Hamparian -- executive director of the Armenian National Committee of America -- tells TMZ, "It's disrespectful to Kim Kardashian and to all Armenians for the publishers of Cosmopolitan to use her image, without her permission, on the month we mark Turkey's genocide against the Armenian people."

Hamparian continues, "Instead of trying to turn a profit in Turkey by callously featuring a cover photo of a descendant of Armenian Genocide survivors in its April issue, Cosmopolitan should find creative ways to educate its readers about the Turkish government's shameful effort to cover up this atrocity."


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Get over yourself, Kim. You whore yourself out to any publication that you can find. If a shot is used without your explicit permission, though legal if you read the contract rather than the $$$$ signs, TOO BAD.

1291 days ago

Keyser Soze    

The truth is on Wikpedia re; the Armenian Genocide.

1291 days ago

Keyser Soze    

I guess the Devil is in the details. She should fire her lawyers, agents and her publicists.

1291 days ago


Are they that stupid to blame cosmo instead of the whore I'm just saying she knows what she is doing and pay day is the only thing that her family see's IT'S ALL ABOUT THE $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ RIGHT BIG ASS KIMMY

1291 days ago


am i ignorant? shouldn't armenian people think of this as a "ha ha on you" that an armenian is splashed all over their newsstands? i can see where it'd be disrespectful for a turk to be so prominent on a magazine in armenia, but i see this more as a victory... anyone else?

1291 days ago


So what's the big deal, this is nothing new, just a different photo.

1291 days ago


Well... She got what she REALLY wanted out of this didn't she?


So sick of these worthless "reality" celebubrats. Her and her idiot sisters need to shut their pie hole and close their legs.

Wonder how trading on your DEAD ancestors feel?...can someone give Kartrashian a call and ask her?

1291 days ago


What? Turkish people aren't good enough to look at an Armenian Whore?

1291 days ago

bring back recent posts    

Japan raises nuclear level threat too 7...and this is what USA spends its time going on about in media...wowzer

1291 days ago

Caring Kate    

Aram Hamparian, may we inform you that Kim is an American and entitled to all of the freedoms and rights of her citizenship. Her heritage is Armenian and stop shaming her and embarrassing her to show that so-called "Armenians" are tyrannical. Shame on you. Keep this endless circle of hatred going in Armenia and leave we Americans alone! Learn how to get along with your neighbors and try following the one God's policy of forgiveness and getting past the junk to build a future of peace. Americans suffered through our own civil war with brother against brother and we GOT OVER IT. MOVE ON and help to build a peaceful world!

1291 days ago

bring back recent posts    

very nice post ...Caring Kate...

1291 days ago


I'm a beautiful German girl and I love it! What is the big deal! She was in Playboy and they never said anything about her heritage! Was she worried then? NO!!!

1291 days ago


if the turks tried to wipe out the would think one being on that cover would be an in your face declaration

1291 days ago


How much does TMZ get paid to keep talking about the Kardashians? Ugh.

In defense of the Turks.... The Kardashians are marketed as AMERICAN. Not Armenian. I'm guessing in Turkey they see them as random Americans who are famous for being infamous.

1291 days ago

Trooper Tom    

Turkey should be pissed that they have to see this wh0re on the magazine stand

1291 days ago
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