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Armenian Group


Over Kim K Cover

4/11/2011 7:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The largest Armenian group in America is lashing out at Cosmo for featuring Kim Kardashian on the cover of their Turkish edition ... calling the move "disrespectful" to Kim and "all Armenians."

Armenian National Committee of America
Aram Hamparian -- executive director of the Armenian National Committee of America -- tells TMZ, "It's disrespectful to Kim Kardashian and to all Armenians for the publishers of Cosmopolitan to use her image, without her permission, on the month we mark Turkey's genocide against the Armenian people."

Hamparian continues, "Instead of trying to turn a profit in Turkey by callously featuring a cover photo of a descendant of Armenian Genocide survivors in its April issue, Cosmopolitan should find creative ways to educate its readers about the Turkish government's shameful effort to cover up this atrocity."


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lan oğlum bırakın bu işleri,işinize gücünüze bakın.sıkıldıkça türkiye ile ilgili bir şey yumurtluyorsunuz,ne kompleksmiş arkadaş.

1267 days ago


Very interesting about these anti armenian comments. Then again, I am posting this in my multi million dollar home while everyone else is probably at work making very little money. Bless your hearts. Instead of making negative comments, go out there and get it yourself. FYI retired here at 38 y.o. Have a nice day haters

1267 days ago

Keyser Soze    

The Devil is in the details. If she really didn't know, she should fire her lawyers, her agents and her publicists. Her actions will determine her fate alone with God.

1267 days ago


I agree with their anger. At least they should have had her wear a burqa. This arab street whore can even piss off her own people.

1267 days ago


I wonder if she knows where Armenia is.

1267 days ago

Diane Chevalier    

Cool your jets Aram. Are you really naive enough to believe that the Kardashian machine did not give the magazine their approval (and was compensated)? Yes, one of "your own" actually may have sold themselves out.

I think that your anger and outrage are misdirected.

1267 days ago


THIS IS FOR ARAM HAMPARIA, and the Armenians elected you executive director of ANCA??? You cannot possibly respect your own nationality by stating to TMZ how Cosmo disrespected Kim Kardashian about its cover. Just WHAT WORLD have you been living in??? The entire educated world is aware of this woman's sordid reputation, brought upon by herself, yet you feel offended the magazine disrespected her. Exactly WHAT PART of her personal behavior commands, RESPECT??? NONE that I, and millions of others, can think of!!! Change your tune, Mr. H. You are way, way off base on this one!!! Hang your head in shame among decent Armenians, and, there are millions and millions who disagree with you!!! Think about it!!!

1267 days ago


Aram Hamparian should be slamming the Kardashian sisters for being disrepectful to all Armenians. They have done more to hurt the reputation of Armenians than all the Turks combined.

1267 days ago

justin case    

I wish the Turks would have been a little more successful. Then we would never have had to hear about this thing called Kim K. I live in little Armenia (Glendale CA) and these rude, ugly, hairy beasts have destroyed a great community. God love the Turks. Wave your flag proud on April 24th! I will!

1267 days ago


KK is the biggest media whore. Its thanks to Hilton that she even got attention. Oh and why is she famous again?
She totally said yes to the cover. All they crave is attention. I bet if you ask her anything about Armenians she won’t know. She probably didn’t even know what April 24 is. Until someone told her. Anyways she is a total dumb ass that needs to get some talent.

1266 days ago


KIM K is a BIG LIAR....She obviously ok's everything she puts her face on, or else her mom the dictator will sue their ass...i dont buy that she "didn't" know her face would be on turkeys APRIL issue of cosmo. She is a compulsive liar and its all a pr stunt for her. In my opinion its disrespectful for ANCA a credible lobbyist group to support a whore like her. she gives a bad name to armenians and is playing both sides only to get more fame and attention in parts of the world where she has not conquered.

1257 days ago


Why would anyone get upset about this? NEITHER one of her parents were born in Armenia, they are both American. So is Kim. Should people of Jewish descent be upset when German models are on the cover of magazines? Thats how much sense this makes. Oh and the people getting worked up about her having sex with black guys- dont forget her dad defended OJ Simpson. Get over your high horse prejudice issues hypocrites!

1224 days ago

Turks hate her    

It was the Turks who were enraged by this cover. Kimbo is trying so hard to be famous in Turkey. She has her media people working for her in Turkey. The more she's ignored, the more she's being shoved down Turks' throats.

p.s. There is no such thing as armenian genocide. It was the armenians who attempted genocide against Turks and lost. Look up the term "Orwellian". Manipulation of historical facts and past in order to get money, land from other countries is an old, political tactic. This is why Turks hate armenians. Poor, third world country armenia is using american politicians for their own gain. Armenians are trying to ruin the friendly relationship between the US and Turkey for their personal gain. Armenians are fraud and stole so much American tax payer money. Do some google search on armenian frauds in the states.

Educate and vaccinate yourself against kimbo. She's your typical armenian; she is a virus.

1223 days ago

Turks hate her    

The ones who say it happened 100 years ago and that armenians should move on already:

Here is why they won't move on:

- Let's assume that indeed a genocide was committed against armenians by Turks. Well, for the past 90+ years, Turks have been telling armenians to go to the international court to prove a genocide took place. The recent proposal was back in 2005 by Turkish Prime Minister but armenia refused again. Turkey said, "Ok, go to the international court; open up your archives; bring your facts, and if we lose the case, we WILL give you land, money, reparations and whatever else the court says we have to give you" YET armenia still doesn't go to the court. WHY? Because it is impossible to prove lie in a courtroom. Instead, armenians lobby countries, spend millions on politicians, propaganda, protected wiki page and other internet websites. On top of this all, armenia refuses to open up its archives while Turkey's archives are open to anyone to be studied so what is it that armenians are hiding?

The fact that it was them who committed genocide so if they go to the international court (the only place that decides whether a genocide took place or not), it will be proven it was the armenians who attempted genocide against Turks but failed, which would then put armenians in a legal position to give land, money and reparations to Turkey, and they cannot do that because armenia is a 3rd world country as is.

Here is an american history expert on this issue (you will learn a lot about how local politics and politics in general work):

1223 days ago

Turks hate her    

Don't believe the sappy story telling sad armenians who claim their ancestors died in genocide. When armenians attacked Turks, Turks retaliated to defend themselves and during these mutual massacres, people from both sides died. If anything, armenians should get mad at their own ancestors. They betrayed their own government as they used to be one of the ethnic groups living under Turkish Empire. Imagine: mexican-americans ally with your enemy and start killing innocent americans to get their own land within your borders, and when your people fight back, and when your government takes precautions to stop them, it means you committed genocide?

In addition, 40.000 ILLEGAL armenians escaped to Turkey recently. If we're such bad people and killed their ancestors, out of all the countries they could go to, why did they come to Turkey???

1223 days ago
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