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Pia Toscano & Mark Ballas -- Tongue Wrestlers!!!

4/11/2011 2:24 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Pia Toscano went on a radio show this morning and INSISTED she and Mark Ballas are "just friends" ... what she failed to mention is they TOTALLY MADE OUT WITH EACH OTHER FRIDAY NIGHT!!!

Mark Ballas
TMZ broke the story ... Mark and Pia went on a dinner date in L.A. ... and now we know what they had for dessert -- a big, fat mouthful of each other.

Trust us, it's true.  Suck on that.


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Another insider just posted that they are secretly tweeting and text messaging each back and forth. That Pia has a smile from ear to ear whenever Mark messages her back. Sounds like she is falling for the barracuda big time.

1253 days ago

Bobo Frog    

PIA_WTF...while Pia's actions towards her fiance are cold....22 is way too young to get married. And this Carlos fellah is 28 so he's had a bit more of an opportunity to sew his oats and live, so he may be ready to settle, but Pia is too young. And Pia's hotness surpasses his (if any), so Carlos may have swooped in and attempted to land himself a hot wife while Pia was still young and impressionable. Carlos needs to let the birdie free...and let her soar....

I know why the caged bird sings.

1253 days ago


You're all missing the most important thing. Mark Ballas isn't even a straight man.

1253 days ago


She says that she's 24 on friendster. So, that basically puts a big hole in your "caged bird"/"too young to marry" theory! Pffft, what dumb sh*t! And she's not hot at all. She looks like a $20 hooker.

1253 days ago


She is disgusting, so she gets voted out of AI after flirting with Steven Tyler now she is off to a DWTS dancer, maybe she can get on that show next year. Famewhore is right!

1253 days ago


They KISSED? That IS news. Someone call the press!

Oh wait, someone already did. Amazingly, no one cared.

1253 days ago

Bobo Frog    

Superman, she's 22. Now...I'm not sure why you're stalking her on Friendster...but perhaps you would be less angry if you had a girlfriend and weren't stalking young girls from American Idol. Put down the comic books and hit the gym, nerd.

1253 days ago


Pia, you're focking sexy,

1253 days ago


I thought he was dating that other dude, the blond dancer who is also gay. is he straight? maybe bi then...

1253 days ago


Good one Bobo Frog. This superman dude has some real anger issues when it comes to women. I'm sure he sits in his mom's basement with all of his comic books and TMZ on nearly all day. Although he does have a job at Crusty's corn cob shack buttering up the cobs, I'm not sure where he stuck those corn cobs first.

Note to everyone: Don't eat the brown corn.

1253 days ago


I am absolutely disgusted with Pia! She has a Fiance sitting home while she is out gallanting with the Celebs!? What a SLUT!! And boo on Mark Ballas for trying to tap a chick when she is at her MOST VULNERABLE MOMENT!!! You sure now how to hit a girl when she is down. Mark is sooo unnatractive, this is his only way to bang chicks. If i was Pia's FIANCE... i would ask for the damn ring BACK!!!

You can tell PIA was so upset In the video. She got caught out in public on a date and knows her FIANCE will hear about it. SOOOO BUSTED! How is she gunna talk her way out of this one.

Pia is such a poor role model for all those who believe in the s ascrimony of being engaged. BUT SHE DEFF KNOWS HOW TO ROLL NJ SHORE STYLE! SHE HAS SNOOKIE LOOKING LIKE GRADE SCHOOL...HAHAH!!!


To answer .56 ANGELA :
I don't know her. But i can read a face of guilt when i see it. When they are in the parking garage look at her face when Mark starts talking. She sooooooooo didn't want to be in that moment. She has been so pleasant in all interviews except this one...WHY?!?!!? Because she is AGAIN in her head....trying to figure out how she is going to SING the PERFECT NOTE to her get out of THIS PREDICAMENT!! She got busted and she knows it!

Her lil' analytical mind was racing again, with fear, wondering how she is going to explain this to her family, friends and CARLOS.

Carlos!! I will never cheat on you! I would call you and let you know i am putting my shoulder on a CELEBRITY, when i am at my most vulnerable and going out on a DINNER DATE! IN HIS CAR!! I wouldn't hurt YOU Carlos! MARRY ME!!!!

59. Grumpinmcpunkkin : She wouldn't make a good MODEL. Are you kidding me? She wouldn't even make a GOOD ROLE MODEL at the moment. She didn't even have her ring on in the picture. She is such a NY'er! A Player. Instead of making a record, she should be joining the Jersey Shore cast in Italy this month! That is Where her TALENT would be incredible! Date Mike and cheat on him with Ronny! The perfect love triangle. Then Sammy Sweetheart can beat the sheeet out of all of them!! HAHAHA!!

You missed your calling PIA!

PIA is so trashy cheating on her faince like that. DISGUSTING MANN!

1253 days ago


Bobo Frog, FU, you piece of sh*t! I only know about the friendster account (where she says she's 24!) because someone here posted it! And gathering from your comments, it's obvious that YOU are the one that is stalking these famewhore skanks with your lust over them. I am undoubtedly better looking and better in shape than your dumbass, toadish face & body! Put down your little wee-wee and internet porn, lowlife perv. Those girls in those pictures are not your real girlfriends.

1253 days ago


ditto to CCC, who is really Bobo Frog.

1253 days ago

Bobo Frog    

Wow, Superman, you're a stark raving lunatic. Maybe when you lose your virginity you'll mellow out a bit.

1253 days ago


Wow frog, that coming from somebody that sits all day whacking it to internet porn!

1253 days ago
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